Aaron and Shara Review – Legit Leaders or Scammers? This is the TRUTH.

Aaron and Shara The True Story (Scammer)

aaron and shara review


As of 2018, Aaron Andrews has pretty much screwed me over and stole all my bing ads and leads and put them in his list.

After making him over $400K in affiliate marketing, this is what I get…

Anyway, I personally do NOT recommend working with Aaron Andrew and stay CLEAR away from this guy.

Seems like he has used people in the past and just left them in the gutter.

Just terrible…

If you want to read the rest of the review, you can…

However, I thought he was a great person at the time, but found out he was just snake…

Just ignore the positive review below…

Helping You Change Your Mindset to a Winning One!

As long as you are willing to learn and put in some effort, Aaron and Shara can work with you to grow multiple streams of income online.  On their website, they state:

“We want to take a few minutes and just be real, raw, and authentic with you, as it is the ONLY way that we know how to be!”

They assist entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, network marketers, and people who are just sick of their jobs and want a new way to make money online, working from home.

They are a husband and wife team who are Internet Entrepreneurs, Mentors and Coaches.  Their ongoing role is to support ordinary, everyday people to create wealth, build a brand, and inspire others to achieve their visions.

Their network is large in the United States. And, they also have a very large international audience who they connect and work with on a daily basis.

They started to work from home and make money online in 1997

Soon after earning multiple streams of income on their own, they decided that they would like to mentor others on how to do the same. They say on their website:

Our motto is to be true to yourself and everyone that you encounter. Deliver value with no strings attached and attract like-minded leaders to grow with you and build value to help your industry as a whole.”

“We make it our business to lead, because so many people on the Internet need it so bad. We look to collaborate with those that are getting ahead and stay one-step ahead of the competition. Things change so fast online, and one must be focused to keep abreast of things.”

After spending many years in the workforce, Shara as a Nurse, and Aaron as a Chef and Computer Engineer, they discovered that the average everyday person is suffering in the work world in many ways.

They were attracted to the Internet and the reality that working from home is actually quite beneficial. Upon learning that you cannot trade hours for money, they also learned that you can work for somebody else and still achieve your dream.  This led them to their pay-it-back business, and they moved on to helping others achieve their dreams too.  Aaron and Shara seem to be the type of people who care and want to genuinely help.


In partnering with Aaron and Shara, you will be given a wide-ranging, step-by-step plan of action that will empower you to generate a truly valuable income lifestyle, and you will create multiple streams of income.

You will not only have access to their premier training platform, called “The Wealth Network”, but also their personal guidance, and access to other tools and systems that they personally use on a daily basis.

You will receive Aaron and Shara’s free mentorship, training, and support to help you get your internet home business off the ground.  Then, in addition, they will direct you even further to achieving superior results in your network marketing career.

The Verdict On Aaron And Shara

Did you know that the fastest way to make money online is by plugging into the systems and resources used by experts who are making money?  It’s true.

Aaron & Shara are the experts who have single-handedly learned to make money online while enjoying the comforts of their own home or even while working on the beach.  The advantage they now have is used to help average people work from home and be successful online. They continue to grow and keep up with the ever-changing industry through research and determination.  They have enhanced the way people do business online and the efficiency in which they can do it.

If you are honest with yourself, open-minded and 100% teachable, this is the program for you. Most of all, you must be dead serious about making an impact in your life and those that you love.  If this is true of you, this is a proven system.

We are all responsible for the direction that our life takes. Right now, you have the opportunity to connect with leaders who really care about your success.

Nowadays, it is easy to become the target of scammers. However, Aaron and Shara will show you the ways and means of starting a home business, so that you will not become a victim of these work from home scams.

The more you educate yourself about network marketing, the more likely you are to achieve massive success in attaining the multiple streams of income that you so desire.

It is Aaron and Shara’s goal to provide you with that education.

Aaron and Shara are 7 Figure Earners, and CAN HELP you get there too!

I hope you enjoyed this Aaron and Share review and if you have any questions or comments leave them below 🙂

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aaron and shara

-Jesse Singh

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  • Updated November 22, 2018
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