Ad Pack Pro Review – Legit Business or Big Scam? Find Out Here…

Welcome to my Ad Pack Pro Review!

With so much buzz circulating about this company lately, I decided I should do another one of my reviews!

My goal as a blogger is to provide my readers with as much information as possible so you can make the most informed decision.

My review will cover the company background, the products and the compensation plan.

So without further ado, let’s get to it!

Ad Pack Pro Review – The Company

Ad Pack Pro Review

I found some marketing material for the company that reveals that Ad Pack Pro was launched in mid 2015.

However, the Ad Pack Pro website domain was registered earlier this year in March as “adpackpro-international.com”.

The company website provides a corporate address in Switzerland, however a little more digging showed that there are a variety of businesses using the same address.

This usually means that the address is simply a rented virtual office space.

Ad Pack Pro lists Peter Müller as CEO and also names OneVision Holding as the parent company.

Ad Pack Pro Reviews – The Products

Ad Pack Pro does not offer any retail products or services.

Affiliates who join Ad Pack Pro can only market and sell the affiliate membership.

Once an affiliate is signed up, they can purchase €25 EUR “ad packs”.

These ad pack purchases come with ad credits, which can be used to advertise.

This advertising is aimed towards other Ad Pack Pro affiliates.

The Ad Pack Pro Compensation Plan

Affiliates who want to be part of the compensation plan must invest in €25 EUR ad packs with a €30 EUR ROI.

The amount of ad packs that an Ad Pack Pro affiliate can invest in depends on how much they pay in annual affiliate fees:

  • Affiliate (no cost) – Invest in up to ten ad packs
  • Basic (€39 EUR) – Invest in up to 50 ad packs
  • Pro (€69 EUR) – Invest in up to 100 ad packs
  • Premium (€99 EUR) – Invest in up to 250 ad packs
  • Exclusive (€199 EUR) – Invest in up to 500 ad packs
  • VIP (€699 EUR) – Invest in up to 2000 ad packs
  • Hero (€999 EUR) – Invest in up to 3000 ad packs

In order for an affiliate to qualify for a daily ROI payout, they are required to click 10 supplied ads a day that belong to other affiliates.

There are also referral commissions that are available on the money that is invested by down-line affiliates.

These commissions are paid through a uni-level structure down 3 levels of recruitment.

The amount of levels that an Ad Pack Pro affiliate can earn referral commissions on is depends on whether they have free or paid affiliate membership:

  • Affiliate – 11% on level 1 (Personally enrolled affiliates)
  • Basic or any other paid Ad Pack Pro paid membership – 11% on level 1 and 7% on level 2

Inner Circle Bonus

The qualification criteria for the inner circle bonus is as follows:

The first fifty Ad Pack Pro affiliates who

  1. Invest in 100 ad packs and
  2. Recruit at least ten affiliates who each invest in at least ten ad packs,

can earn a share in a 5% weekly bonus pool.

Cost To Join Ad Pack Pro

The cost to join Ad Pack Pro as an affiliate is either free or paid (€39 to €999 EUR a year).

The amount an Ad Pack Pro affiliate spends on membership is what determines their income earning potential.

The moment you have been waiting for in this Ad Pack Pro review

Verdict On Ad Pack Pro

The big problem with Ad Pack PRO is the way the ROI’s are generated…

I don’t see any external income streams coming into this company for those ROI’s, so there is really just one way…

Newly invested funds are paying off existing members which makes this pretty much a ponzi scheme…

Unless, they can prove other income sources coming in of course.

The whole Ad Credit stuff doesn’t cut it anymore specially in the USA where a big RevShare company called Traffic Monsoon got sued…

Anyway, I personally don’t recommend this unless they can prove that ROI’s are generated through other sources other than newly invested funds.

I hope you enjoyed my Ad pack Pro review and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below…

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