Affinity Business Network Review – Legit Company or Big Scam?

Welcome to my Affinity Business Network Review!

 There has been some loud buzz about this company recently, so it’s just about that time for another review!

Whenever I hear about a new company popping up, I always like to thoroughly do my research to see if it’s legit or not.

And I always will encourage you to do the same!

Learning anything and everything you can about a company you are interested in before signing up is the best way to ensure you are making the best choice!

In my review I’ll help you make that choice by going over the company history, the products and the compensation plan.

So if you’re hungry for knowledge…

Let’s dig in!

Affinity Business Network Review – The Company

Affinity Business Network review

Starting with their website, I noticed that they failed to publish who the owner of the company is or who is running the company.

I did a little more research and some digging revealed that on the 6th of June, the Affinity Business Network website domain, “” was registered online by “affinitybn”.

There is an address provided that is located in Gauteng, South Africa, this leaves me to believe that is probably where the company is operating from.

After some further digging, I found that founder of the company is Fred Andalaft, as is listed on his LinkedIn profile.

But this information was not very clearly presented on the company’s own website.

On Andalaft’s LinkedIn profile, there is just a marketing interview posted and there is not any public info available on his history before founding this company.

I could kind of put it together that this is probably Andalaft’s first venture as an executive of an MLM business.

Affinity Business Network Reviews –  The Products

The company conducts business within the insurance MLM niche.

A big claim is made by the company saying it’s the ‘fastest growing medical health insurance products in South Africa’.

From reading what’s posted online on the company’s website, they say that the company is

a distributor for the long established Affinity Enterprises and its affiliated partners.

Affinity Health is a leading provider of affordable medical and health insurance products to the South African market.

On the Affinity Health website, there is no detailed information for the health plans offered or the costs associated with these plans.

The Affinity Business Network Compensation Plan

Affiliates who want to participate in the company compensation plan are required to market the company’s health insurance plans and buy the affiliate membership.

The company affiliates are paid on the sales of the health insurance premiums paid.

Direct commissions are earned and paid out based on the cost of the premium.

Residual commissions earned by the affiliate are paid out through a unilevel compensation model.

MLM Commission Qualification

An affiliate can meet the qualifications for MLM commissions and continue to qualify for these commissions, by retailing new insurance policies regularly, at an expected 3 policies per month.

Retail and Recruitment Commissions

Company affiliates earn a percentage commission on insurance premiums paid by sponsored affiliates and retail clients.

  • 1% is paid if the premium costs up to R10,000 ZAR ($731 USD)
  • 2% is paid if the premium costs between R10,001 and R20,000 ZAR ($1462 USD)
  • 3% is paid if the premium costs between R20,001 and R30,000 ZAR ($2193 USD)
  • 4% is paid if the premium costs between R30,001 and R40,000 ZAR ($2924 USD)
  • 5% is paid on premiums costing in excess of R40,000 ZAR

Residual Commissions

The company pays affiliates Residual Commissions on the premiums sold by downline affiliate team members.

The Residual Commissions are paid down to 3 levels of sponsorship through a unilevel compensation model.

A unilevel compensation model puts an affiliate onto the top of a unilevel team, with personally sponsored new affiliates placed onto Level 1 directly beneath the original affiliate.

Level 1 affiliates who sponsor new affiliates then have those new members put onto Level 2 of the original affiliate’s downline team.

Level 2 affiliates who sponsor new affiliates then have those new members put onto Level 3, and on and on down a hypothetical never ending amount of levels.

A cap of Residual Commission is placed on the 3rd level down in the unilevel team:

  • Level 1 (premiums sold by personally sponsored affiliates) – 50% of the first premium payment and 2.5% thereafter
  • Level 2 – 1.5% of premiums sold
  • Level 3 – 1% of premiums sold

Team Bonuses

If an affiliate wishes to earn beyond the first 3 levels of the unilevel team levels, Team Bonuses will allow affiliates to do so.

An affiliate will qualify for Team Bonuses when he or she is qualified at ranks of 1 Star up to 5 Star:

  • 1 Star – Generate 2,000 team points a month for three consecutive months
  • 2 Star – Generate 4000 team points a month for three consecutive months
  • 3 Star – Generate 6000 team points a month for three consecutive months
  • 4 Star – Generate 8000 team points a month for three consecutive months
  • 5 Star – Generate 10,000 team points a month for three consecutive months

When first obtained by the affiliate, the rank qualification is then expected to be an annual requirement for that affiliate.

Team points defined by the company compensation plan is the affiliate’s personal referrals multiplied by premiums paid downline by referrals.

I have confidence that this is an affiliate’s own premium sales (his or her raw number of sold premiums monthly) multiplied by the sold premium volume by their downline team members.

Undisclosed by the company are the premium prices and the point values for the company’s premiums.

Cost To Join Affinity Business Network

The cost to join Affinity Business Network as an affiliate is the cost of a membership at R295 ZAR ($21.50 USD).

Verdict on Affinity Business Network

Only red flag I have is they weren’t really transparent on who actually runs the company and I had to do some digging.

The company has real products/services and reward affiliates to actually sell to retail customers.

Overall, Affinity Business Network isn’t a scam or anything, however< I would wait it out a little longer just to make sure it will last…

I hope you enjoyed my Affinity Business Network review and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below…

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