AIDP2PBTC Review – Legit Opportunity or Big Scam? Find Out Here…

Welcome to my AIDP2PBTC Review!

There has been some buzz about this company lately, so it’s time for another review!

When you are thinking about joining a new company, one of the most important things you want to know is if the company is legit or not.

Will your investment be safe?

Researching and learning everything you can about the company is one of the best ways to find out.

My review will go over the company, the products and the compensation plan.

Let’s get right to it!

AIDP2PBTC Review – The Company


So, I couldn’t find any information on the company website in regards to who owns or operates AIDP2PBTC.

I did, however, find out that the AIDP2PBTC website domain was registered privately as “” on the 5th of January.

A little more digging revealed that AIDP2PBTC affiliates list David Velasco as admin of the company.

Velasco seems to be based out of Spain and based on the fact that the majority of website traffic comes out of the same country, it seems that this is most likely the case.

AIDP2PBTC Reviews – The Products

AIDP2PBTC does not offer any retail products or services.

Affiliates who sign up with AIDP2PBTC are only able to market and sell the affiliate membership.

The AIDP2PBTC Compensation Plan

Affiliates who want to take part in the income opportunity with AIDP2PBTC must donate bitcoin to each other through a 2×8 matrix.

This type of matrix puts an affiliate at the top of a matrix that has 2 positions immediately under them.

These first 2 positions make up the first level of the matrix and the second level is made by adding another 2 positions under each of the first two, for a total of 4 positions.

Additional levels of the matrix are made the same way, on up to 8 levels, with each new level holding twice as many positions as the level above it.

Every matrix level works as an individual cash donating tier.

Once an affiliate joins, they start by donating 0.02 BTC to the affiliate who sponsored them.

This payment then qualifies the affiliate to get their own donation of 0.02 BTC from 2 affiliates sponsored into the first level of their matrix.

Each of the 8 levels of the matrix work the same way, with the only difference being the amounts that are donated between affiliates:

  • Level 1 – Donate 0.02 BTC to the affiliate who recruited you and receive 0.02 BTC from two subsequently recruited affiliates
  • Level 2 – Donate 0.03 BTC and receive 0.03 BTC from four affiliates
  • Level 3 – Donate 0.08 BTC and receive 0.08 BTC from eight affiliates
  • Level 4 – Donate 0.16 BTC and receive 0.16 BTC from sixteen affiliates
  • Level 5 – Donate 0.8 BTC and receive 0.8 BTC from thirty-two affiliates
  • Level 6 – Donate 2 BTC and receive 2 BTC from sixty-four affiliates
  • Level 7 – Donate 4 BTC and receive 4 BTC from one hundred and twenty-eight affiliates
  • Level 8 – Donate 8 BTC and receive 8 BTC from two hundred and fifty-six affiliates

Cost To Join AIDP2PBTC

The cost to join AIDP2PBTC as an affiliate is a donation of 0.02 BTC to the affiliate who sponsored you.

Verdict on AIDP2PBTC

It seems like there are endless bitcoin donation companies out there…

Because this company doesn’t have any retail products or services to sell to actual customers, the only thing affiliates can do in this company is recruit others so they can get their own donations…

There is literally no other incentive…

And as I always say, when there isn’t any real retail going on, the business doesn’t usually last too long.

If you do decide to join this company, by all means!

But don’t be surprised if after a few months you’re not getting paid anymore.

This happens a lot more often than you would think…

I hope you enjoyed my AIDP2PBTC review and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below…

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