Ascira Review – (2020) Legit Company or Big Scam?

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Ascira Review – The Company

Ascira review

Currently, if you were to visit Ascira’s website you will see a “coming soon” message.

Even though this company has held at least one “VIP event” and is actively marketing their opportunity, Ascira hasn’t actually launched online yet.

This review is based on presentation materials from an event in which International Brand Ambassador Steve Martin spoke, which took place on or around the 16th of February, 2019.

Leading Ascira is founder and CEO, John Sachtouras, who started out in Organo Gold.

John Sachtouras

After leaving Organo Gold, Sachtouras joined Jeunesse in July 2018, but had left and joined FutureNet corporate by April 2019.

Although FutureNet started as a simple matrix cycler, it jumped into the cryptocurrency niche by 2019.

After collapsing in June 2019, FutureNet announced a reboot, but as of today it doesn’t seem to have amounted to much.

This brings us to now and the apparent prelaunch stages of Ascira, with a launch date set on March 1st according to their website.

John Sachtouras introduced his team, made up of Steve Martin (FutureNet), Hans Joerg “Happy” Hartmann and Gerti Navisotschnig (FutureNet), Daniel Grenon (FXTV Global), and Andy Hansen (Aspire Worldwide).

 Ascira Reviews – The Products

Ascira currently has no retail products or services available to purchase or sell.

The company markets two products: Ascira Academy and Smart Travel.

Ascira Academy gives access to “on demand videos” from “the best professional, authors and successful leaders”.

Ascira education topics

Smart Travel is a discount travel portal which seems to provide discounts for hotels, airlines, car rental, “excursions” and luxury homes.

While access to both Ascira Academy and Smart Travel is provided through a monthly subscription, Ascira’s marketing material does not provide any retail pricing as of yet.

Smart Travel

There was a mention of $99 a month for accessbut for what or to what is not clear.

The Ascira Compensation Plan

The company compensation plan combines retail and sponsorship commissions.

While affiliates earn flat percentages initially, residuals are tracked through a 3×12 matrix.

There are also various performance-based bonuses available.

Ascira Affiliate Ranks

Ascira’s compensation plan features 15 affiliate ranks.

Each has its own respective qualification criteria, which are as follows:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Double Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Double Diamond
  • Triple Diamond
  • Blue Diamond
  • Black Diamond
  • Prime Ambassador
  • Master Ambassador
  • Global Ambassador
  • Crown Ambassador
  • Royal Ambassador

Aside from rank qualification being based on Group Volume (GV), rank qualification criteria specifics were not provided.

Retail Commissions

There is a 20% commission earned on Ascira Academy and Smart Travel sales to retail customers.

It’s not clear if this includes booked travel.

Sponsorship Commissions

Ascira affiliates earn a 15% commission when new affiliates are sponsored in.

Residual Commissions

Residual commissions are tracked and paid through a 3×12 matrix.

A 3×12 matrix puts an affiliate at the top of a matrix that has 3 positions right under them.

These 3 positions make up the first level of the of the matrix and the second level is created by dividing these first 3 positions into another 3 positions each.

Levels 3 to 12 of the matrix are created the same way, with every new level holding three times as many positions as the level before it.

Matrix positions are filled through direct and indirect sponsorship of Ascira affiliates.

A residual commission of “up to 35%” is earned on sales activity accumulated within an affiliate’s matrix.

If this includes retail sales activity or not isn’t clear.

Other than the 5% that is paid on the first level (3 positions), other matrix level percentages were not given.

Matching Bonus

A Matching Bonus is paid on commissions that are earned by downline affiliates.

The Matching Bonus is paid down 3 levels of sponsorship (unilevel):

  • Associates earn a 10% match on level 1 (personally sponsored affiliates)
  • Premiums earn a 20% match on level 1 and 10% on level 2
  • Superiors earn a 30% match on level 1, 10% on level 2 and 5% on level 3
  • Ultimates earn a 30% match on level 1 and 10% on levels 2 and 3

Rank Achievement Bonus

A Rank Achievement Bonus can be earned starting at the Bronze rank.

While specific rank amounts weren’t given, it was implied that qualifying from Bronze to Royal Ambassador pays out over $2 million dollars.

Lifestyle Bonus

Affiliates ranked at Silver and higher earn a monthly Lifestyle Bonus.

Lifestyle Bonus amounts are not given, but it was stated that the bonus caps out at $10,000 a month.

Global Diamond Bonus

The company takes 3% of company-wide sales volume and puts it into the Global Diamond Bonus pool.

Affiliates ranked at Diamond and higher get equal shares in the pool, which is paid quarterly.

According to Ascira’s marketing, it seems that higher ranked affiliates get more shares in the Global Diamond Bonus pool.

 Cost to Join Ascira

The cost to join Ascira as an affiliate is $499 for a Pro Pack or $4999 for the Founders Club.

Pro Pack membership comes with:

  • 3 months of Ascira Academy and Smart Travel
  • 1 convention ticket

Founders Club membership comes with:

  • 12 months of Ascira Academy and Smart Travel
  • 4 VIP convention tickets

These prices are valid until June 4th.

Verdict on Ascira

Okay, let’s get to the final verdict…

Overall the company is still in prelaunch and still needs some work…

I wouldn’t call this company a scam, but they should have more incentives in the compensation plan towards retail.

I do like the concept overall though…

Personally, I would hold off for 6 months and see where it goes…

If you just see a ton of recruiting and the product has no real value, then I would stay away.

If the product does have a ton of value and people are actually selling it at retail you should be fine…

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