Bing Breakthrough Review – Legit Chris Groves Course?

Welcome to my Bing Breakthrough Review!

Chances are you are thinking about purchasing this course that Chris Groves and Jason Harris put together but you just want to make sure if it’s worth it right?

There has been a lot of buzz about this course, so I decided to investigate what it was all about…

The good news is you are actually doing your research instead of blindly buying it.

Now before we get started here, just make sure you pay attention to this blog post and read it all the way to the end because I reveal some shocking information.

Bing Breakthrough Review

Bing Breakthrough Review – What is it?

Bing Breakthrough is a step by step Bing PPC training course that Chris Groves and Jason Harris launched to the market recently.

They are both very successful marketers and have launched many courses in the past.

According to their website, you get the following:

  • 100% Newbie Friendly
  • Full Bing Ads Platform Walk-through (Learn Things You Never Knew About Bing)
  • Advanced Strategies & Techniques
  • How to Properly Track & Scale Winning Keywords
  • Build a Massive Email List with Positive ROI on the Front-End.
  • Bonus Content with Chris & Jason
  • Resources & Offers We Personally Use in Bing
  • Copy Our Exact High Converting Funnel

Bing Breakthrough Reviews – The Breakdown

I am going to break down the modules so you know exactly what your getting here.

Overall, there are 13 modules in the course which consist of 3-10 minute videos depending on the topic.

Module 1: Intro To Bing

Learn the Basics of Bing (Great place for newbies to start and understand how Bing Works).

Module 2:  Bing Backoffice Overview

Learn the Full Features & Tools within Bing + How they can benefit you when doing your keyword/competition research.

Module 3:  Offer Setup & Tracking

Chris walks you through an example offer plus how to setup your keyword tracking with Bing PPC.

Module 4: Postbacking Pixel/Tracking Conversions

Learn how to properly setup your Postback Pixels or Track Conversions on your Thank You Page or Funnel.

Module 5:  Basic Landing Page and Email

Learn how to create a Basic Landing Page and setup your Email Autoresponder

Module 6:  Introduction to Self Liquidating Funnels

An introduction to the very funnel that allows us to generate hundreds of leads per day AND a positive ROI on the front end of your lead generation.. Essentially generating free leads AND extra income!

Module 7:  Funnel Walkthrough

A complete walk through of the exact funnel we use along with the exact offers we use.

Module 8:  Choosing One Time Offers

Discover various offers that we use to cover the cost of our traffic on the front end of our funnels.

Module 9:  Keyword Research

Learn the exact keywords we research and how we generate them.

Module 10:  Putting It All Together

Learn how we put it all together in a bing campaign along with the exact settings we use, keyword bids and match types.

Module 11:  Tracking & Optimizing Your Campaign

Track your keywords and optimize your campaign for maximum leverage and profitability.

Module 12:  Bonus Module Scaling

Scale your campaigns for that maximum amount of leads and profits.

Module 13: Bonus Module Emailing

What to do and what not to do when emailing your list. Also 4 magic subject lines that get us massive open rates.

he all offers additional bonuses like:

  • Done For You CPA Campaign By Chris Groves
  • Done For You Clickbank Campaign by Jason Harris
  • Bind Advertising Coupons

Now, I am going to reveal something very shocking so continue reading this blog post and pay close attention…

Bing Breakthrough Review – The Verdict

Overall, the course is well put together by Chris Groves and Jason Harris, but there is one major flaw…

Chris Groves isn’t teaching anything new here…

He has put out 4 courses in the last 12 months about BING PPC and keep recycling the training over and over again with a new twist…

So there is no real information if you purchased any of Chris Groves past courses like CPA Masters Academy, GetBing and Bing PPC Mastermind…

Guess what?

Except for CPA Masters Academy, they were all $97…

Jason Harris on the other hand does provide great value, but I am not sure if he knows Chris’s training hasn’t changed lol.

He probably doesn’t know it’s just rehashed older training’s under a new name…

So personally yeah sure the course might be good, I just don’t like the fact he just recycles his old stuff and puts a new Bow on it…

Why not just grow his existing member base with more value?

Why not just made some of his training’s a monthly subscription so he can constantly add new content?

Chris doesn’t because BING PPC hasn’t changed for the last 3 years and the strategies are the same…

There is only so much you can teach on this subject lol.

Now that you know the truth, I hope you enjoyed my Bing Breakthrough Review and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below…

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.

I am going to post a free webinar link here in the near future showing you what Bing is all about and you don’t have to keep buying these courses at $97 over and over again…


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Bing Breakthrough

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