Bitqyck Review – Legit Business Opportunity or Another Scam?

Welcome to my Bitqyck Review!

There has been some buzz about this company lately, so it’s time for another review!

One piece of advice that I always give is to thoroughly research any company you are thinking of joining.

Arming yourself with as much information as you can is the best way to ensure that your investment is a smart one.

This review will go over the company background, the products and the compensation plan.

So read on to learn everything you need to know about Bitqyck.

Bitqyck Review

Bitqyck Review – The Company

Bitqyck is a cryptocurrency company that operates out of Texas.

A visit to the Bitqy website reveals that Sam Mendez is listed as co-founder of Bitqyck.

There is no information currently available about the other Bitqyck co-founder(s).

Mendez first appeared on the MLM scene in 2011 as a co-founder of My Shopping Genie.

My Shopping Genie collapsed not too long after in 2012 when it stopped paying its affiliates.

Mendez returned in 2014 as the co-founder of 15 Winks, which was a subscription-based mobile dating app.

Following this, Mendez launched Calorchi in 2016, which was a cryptocurrency based e-commerce platform.

According to online stats, it seems that Calorchi began its decline in late 2016, which is likely why Bitqyck has been launched.

Bitqyck Reviews – The Products

Bitqyck does not offer any retail products or services.

Affiliates who join Bitqyck can only market and sell the affiliate membership.

Once an affiliate signs up, they must invest in Bitqy, which is an company-run cryptocurrency.

The company website also mentions an e-commerce platform, but as of right now, there isn’t any information available.

The Bitqyck Compensation Plan

Affiliates who want to take part in the Bitqyck compensation plan will get paid to sponsor new affiliates who invest in Bitqy.

There are also commissions available that are paid out on sales made on Bitqyck’s e-commerce platform.

Bitqy investments are currently available in one of three packages:

  • The $199 package buys $200 worth of bitqy coins
  • The $349 package buys $400 worth of bitqy coins
  • The $499 package buys $600 worth of bitqy coins

Bitqyck affiliates receive 80% of all commissions in cash, with the rest being paid out in bitqy.

Bitqyck Affiliate Ranks

The Bitqyck compensation plan currently features 3 affiliate ranks.

Each rank has its own qualification criteria, which is as follows:

  • Affiliate – Sign up as a Bitqyck affiliate and either personally invest or recruit someone who does
  • Gold – Sponsor at least 2 affiliates and maintain a total downline investment volume of at least $4000 every 60 days (no more than $2000 from any one unilevel leg)
  • Platinum – Sponsor at least 2 affiliates and maintain a total downline investment volume of at least $10,000 every 60 days (no more than $5000 from any one unilevel leg)

Bitqy Investment Commissions

When a personally sponsored affiliate joins Bitqyck and invests in the Bitqy cryptocurrency, the affiliate who sponsored them earns a 10% commission on the amount invested.

There is also a 10% match that is paid on Bitqy investment commissions, which is paid out to personally sponsored affiliates.

Residual Bitqy Investment Commissions

Affiliates who earn residual Bitqy investment commissions are paid through a unilevel compensation structure.

This type of compensation structure puts an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team that places every personally sponsored affiliate immediately under them on level 1.

When a level 1 affiliate sponsors new affiliates, they are put on level 2 of the original affiliate’s unilevel team.

When a level 2 affiliate sponsors new affiliates, they are put on level 3, etc.

Residual commissions on Bitqy investments are paid out as a 50% match on direct Bitqy investment commissions.

These commissions are paid to affiliates in the unilevel team.

  • Gold affiliates earn a 50% match on all unilevel team affiliates up until another Gold affiliate is found in each unilevel leg
  • Platinum affiliates earn a 50% match on all unilevel team affiliates up to and including two Platinum ranked affiliates in each unilevel leg

If a Platinum affiliate has sponsored a minimum of 2 Platinum affiliates, they qualify for a “Platinum Match”.

What this means is that these Platinum Match affiliates will earn an additional 50% of the residual commission that affiliates in their unilevel legs earn.

This happens until the first Platinum Match qualified affiliate is found in each unilevel leg.

Platinum Match bonuses are only paid out in Bitqy.

Global Sales Incentive Bonus

Another bonus offered within Bitqyck is the Global Sales Incentive Bonus.

This is a pool that is made up of 10% of Bitqyck’s company-wide investment volume.

So how do affiliates earn this bonus?

The Global Sales Incentive Bonus is based on points, which are accumulated 1:1 on affiliate dollar earnings in these categories:

  1. Personally sponsored affiliate investment volume
  2. Investment commissions paid out to personally sponsored affiliates
  3. Platinum Match earnings by personally sponsored affiliates

Every point an affiliate earns equals one share in the Global Sales Incentive Bonus pool.

This bonus is paid out monthly.

E-commerce Bitqy

When a purchase is made through the Bitqyck e-commerce platform there is a 50% equivalent of the commission on that sale that is paid out in Bitqy.

  • The affiliate who introduced the customer who made the e-commerce purchase receives 25% in bitqy
  • The affiliate who recruited the referring affiliate (their upline) receives 25% in bitqy
  • The e-commerce merchant receives 25% in bitqy
  • The customer receives the remaining 25% in bitqy

Cost To Join Bitqyck

The cost to join Bitqyck as an affiliate is free.

However, if you want to qualify for commissions, you are required to invest at least $199 or sponsor someone who does.

Verdict on Bitqyck

Wow, there is a lot going on here…

But if we break it down to the simplest form…

This is a cryptocurrency company that requires you to invest in their own cryptocurrency which has no value outside of the company…

This means that the “Bitqy” that you earn is virtually useless anywhere but within the company…

This company also relies heavily on recruitment….

But without any real products or services…

Well, there is nothing to attract retail customers who may not want to become affiliates…

So when affiliates stop finding more affiliates…

The company will start its decline…

So, if you do choose to join this company, do so at your own risk…

I hope you enjoyed my Bitqyck review, and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below…

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