Bitty Rain Review – Legit Company or Just Another Scam? Find Out Here…

Welcome to my Bitty Rain Review!

I’d have to say it seems like there are new MLM businesses exploding onto the online scene every single day….

So how can you possibly tell which one is the best one to join that is right for you and your lifestyle?

Research, research, and guess what…more research.

Read and learn everything you can about the company before jumping in!

My review will delve into the company background and tell you some of its history, the products they offer and the compensation plan you can expect.

So, without any delays…

Let’s get to it!

Bitty Rain Review – The Company

Bitty Rain Review

The company website offers no info pertaining to the owner or who’s running the day-to-day operations of the business.

A little research and some digging reveals that the Bitty Rain website domain was registered privately as “” on the 19th of October in 2017.

There are 3 administrators: Prasanta Kumar, Jane Smith and Helina Kebede listed on the official company Facebook group online.

These 3 people seem to be deeply involved in the MLM industry with many business opportunities advertised on each of their feeds on Facebook.

None of these 3 state ownership of the company, but affiliate promotions cite Jane Smith as the owner of Bitty Rain.

The are some business opportunities, which include: Double Your BTC, Mater Coin Plus and Waszupp Global, that Smith has advertised over the last few months.

There was also “an awesome program that helps children’s cancer research” that Smith was promoting last August.

Bitty Rain Reviews – The Products

Bitty Rain has no products or services for retail.

Those affiliates whom wish to sign up for Bitty rain will be only able to market the company affiliate membership itself.

Bitty Rain Compensation Plan

Affiliates who want to participate in the company compensation plan are required to sign up for a membership and buy one or more cycler positions.

By purchasing 0.003 BTC positions, affiliates can enter the 2×4 matrix cycler.

The 2×4 matrix cycler used by the company puts an affiliate at the top of a matrix with 2 positions directly beneath them.

These 2 positions now make up the 1st level of the matrix and the 2nd level of the matrix is created by dividing the first two positions from level one, into a further two positions each, creating 4 positions on this level.

Levels 3 and 4 of the 2×4 matrix cycler are made in the same manner as the second level, and will hold 8 positions on the 3rd and 16 positions on the 4th level.

When an affiliate signs up with the company, they are to purchase 1 or more 0.003 BTC cycler positions.

This will unlock the first level of the 2×4 matrix cycler, and it will be filled by position bought by directly or indirectly sponsored affiliates.

When both positions are filled on level 1, this generates a “cycle.”

A cycle will result in commission payouts (except level 1) and the position cycling into the next level above in the 2×4 matrix cycler.

  • Level 1 (positions cost 0.003 BTC) – Once full, position cycles into level 2
  • Level 2 – 0.006 BTC commission, cycles into level 2 and generates two new level 1 positions
  • Level 3 – 0.01 BTC commission, cycles into level 4 and generates five new level 1 positions
  • Level 4 – 1 BTC commission and generates seventy new level 1 positions

Cost To Join Bitty Rain

The cost to join Bitty Rain as an affiliate is free.

However, affiliates are required to buy 1 or more 0.003 BTC cycler positions to be able to fully participate in the business opportunity and the company compensation plan.

Verdict on Bitty Rain

So far Bitty Rain has no retail products or services…

They weren’t really transparent about the owners and I had to go digging to find them…

Plus you have to buy positions which is never a good thing to earn in the comp plan…

End of the day it’s your choice to join, but because I have reviewed so many companies like this, it won’t be long term.

Maybe you will make money for a few months and when it goes under jump on something else?

I personally like building something for years to come instead of hopping around because that really ruins your reputation.

Anyway having that said, I hope you enjoyed my Bitty Rain review and if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below…

Now if you want to build something long term that helped me make well over 7 figures…

Keep reading 🙂

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