BitWaves Review – Legit Business or Big Scam? Find Out Here…

Welcome to my BitWaves Review!

With the buzz I’ve been hearing about this company, I decided to check it out for myself.

Just last week, the company was pegged at 100 on Google Trends in the United States.

The company has gained a lot of popularity in a short amount of time.

Considering that there are a lot of MLM companies out there, it’s very important that you research them before signing up.

I’m so glad you came here to do some research and get informed about the company you are thinking of investing with.

In my review on BitWaves, I am going to tell you about the company’s history, the products offered, and their compensation plan, so you can make the best decision on whether to join or not…

Alright, let’s start the review!

BitWaves Review – The Company

BitWaves Review

When I went and visited the company’s website I couldn’t find some important details I was looking for, mainly no info was offered on the owner or the operator of the business.

The company says they are “a UK registered company” as stated on their website.

This matches with the UK incorporation made on the 3rd of October in 2017 under the name of BitWaves Financial Limited.

The company used a Bedfordshire, England address through which Morgan Stevenson is registered as the sole Director of the company.

The name Morgan Stevenson doesn’t seem to ring a bell, and he doesn’t seem to exist beyond the incorporation documents created for the company.

BitWaves Reviews – The Products

BitWaves has no services or products for affiliates to purchase or sell.

If affiliates wish to sign up with BitWaves, they are only able to market the company affiliate membership itself.

The BitWaves Compensation Plan

Affiliates who want to participate in the company compensation plan are required to sign up as a member and invest into the company.

The company affiliates invest capital (funds) with the agreement of a promoted ROI (return on investment):

  • Starter Plan – Invest $25 or more and receive a 4% daily ROI for 40 days (160%)
  • Perfect Plan – Invest $200 or more and receive a 0.3% hourly ROI for 450 hours (135% in 18.75 days)

The company offers referral commissions on the capital (funds) invested by sponsored affiliates, which is paid out down to level 3 of sponsorship of the unilevel team:

  • Level 1 (personally sponsored affiliates) – 6%
  • Level 2 – 2%
  • Level 3 – 1%

It’s got potential, but not compared to when I made $12K in a day.

Cost To Join BitWaves

The cost to join BitWaves as an affiliate with a membership is free, although affiliates with the free membership are only able to earn payouts with referral commissions.

If you wish to become a company affiliate and fully participate in the company’s business opportunity and their compensation plan, a $25 minimum investment will be asked of you.

Verdict on BitWaves

Not too sure this company is coming off as a legit company…

Seems like more of a company that would fall into the ‘scam’ category.

A lot of the actual business has to do with taking the money you have invested and then reinvesting that money into other markets, for instance cryptocurrency and forex trading, and this is what brings in that opportunity for their ROI rate offered.

Majority of the the [sic] profit earned is through trading in cryptocurrency market and forex trading markets.

None of this can be presented to you, nor could you take a look into their books and see any evidence of this happening either.

So, what’s really left that this company has to offer… is only sponsorship into the company.

If you gave them ‘real’ money to sign up, then you know when you sponsor affiliates, and when others sponsor affiliates as well, that money can be traced and proven that it went into the company.

That being said, if the company is taking that new money invested by new affiliates to pay off already invested affiliates that are now expecting compensation, then that is what is called a Ponzi scheme.

And with all scams, once you stop being able to sponsor people into the scam, the money rolling in will stop too and then the whole scam comes to a screeching halt.

This halt will cause the company to fail, and those whom had invested into the company with their hard-earned cash will see all that money ultimately lost forever.

So my opinion here is to think long and hard before signing up and handing over your cash….

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my BitWaves review and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below…

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