BTCxCanada Review – Legit Business Or Big Scam? Find Out Here…

Welcome to my BTCxCanada Review!

There has been some talk about this company lately, so I decided to check it out and do a review for all you of MLM-ers out there.

As with any business opportunity, it is always a good idea to research a company before joining.

So what is this company all about?

What do they offer?

In this review, I will go over the company itself and its products and compensation plan.

So read along to learn more!

BTCxCanada Review – The Company

btcxcanada review

After searching through the BTCxCanada website, I wasn’t able to find any information on who owns or runs the business.

The BTCxCanada website’s “about us” offers a small taste of the company’s outlook and ideology.

This is a community of ordinary people, selflessly helping each other, a kind of the Global Fund of mutual aid. This is the first sprout of something new in the modern soulless and ruthless world of greed and hard cash.

The goal here is not the money. The goal is to destroy the world’s unjust financial system. Financial Apocalypse!

Before you join, be sure to be acquainted with our IDEOLOGY!

Registered on July 13, 2016, the BTCxCanada website domain is set to private.

As I always say, if a company is not forthright about who is running the show, think twice before investing your hard earned money!

The BTCxCanada Product Line

Once again, this company offers no retailable products or services.

BTCxCanada affiliates can only market the affiliate membership itself.

The BTCxCanada Compensation Plan

With an investment between $20 and $10,000, BTCxCanada affiliates are promised a daily ROI of 10% to 20%.

Any personally sponsored affiliates result in a direct referral commission of 12% is paid on funds that are invested by these new affiliates.

Residual Commissions

Once a BTCxCanada affiliate sponsors three affiliates who invest money, he or she will then qualify for residual referral commissions.

These commissions are paid out through a uni-level compensation structure.

If you don’t know what a unilevel is, check this out:

  • You
  • Level 1:  Personally enrolled members
  • Level 2:  Level 1’s personally enrolled members
  • Level 3:  Level 2’s personally enrolled members

BTCxCanada pays 20 levels deep and look like this:


  • Level 1 (Personally enrolled affiliates) – 5%
  • Level 2 – 3%
  • Level 3 – 2%
  • Level 4 – 1%
  • Levels 5 to 10 – 0.5%
  • Levels 11 to 20 – 0.25%

Note that the 5% level 1 commission is paid in addition to the 12% direct referral commission.

Joining BTCxCanada

The cost to join BTCxCanada is anywhere between $20 and $10,000.

BTCxCanada Review – The Verdict

There are several things wrong with this company that raise a lot of red flags…

First, we don’t know who runs the show so if this company does go under, no one will take responsibility for it.

They will just start up another one and start the process over again…

Also, there is nothing being sold here, but a compensation plan…

This reminds me of a company called MMM Global that went under and a ton of people lost money in it.

It could be possible that affiliates from MMM Global started this company to target Canadians…

In other words everyone, I do NOT recommend this company at all…

There are so many legit companies you can join, don’t fall for scams like this.

I will go into what I am personally doing very soon…

I hope you enjoyed my BTCxCanada Review and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below…

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