Community Treasures Review – Legit Business Or Big Scam?

Welcome to my Community Treasures Review!

There has been some buzz about this company, so I decided to find out what this business opportunity was all about…

Some say it’s 100% legit while others have opposite views.

The good news is that I am going to put all the rumors to rest so you have the right information.

I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision.

Let’s dive in shall we?

Community Treasures Review

Community Treasures Review – The Company

There isn’t any information on the actual Community Treasures website on who actually runs the show around there…

I decided to dig deeper and checked the Community Treasures website domain “” and noticed it was first registered on 1st of August in 2014.

The owner of the domain is Otis Francis and has an address in Nevada, USA.

When I checked out the marketing videos on the Community Treasures website, I noticed it was hosted on Youtube with the name Izangel Francis.

I am not sure who this woman is in the video…

I didn’t stop there and went even further…

The email used to register the Community Treasures domain name was used to register “”.

On the “I Was Promised Donuts” website, a photo feed appeared that belongs to Mica Francis-Angel.

Again, the owner listed on that domain was Otis Francis but this time has a London UK address…

I couldn’t find any background history on Otis Francis, Izangel Francis or Mica Francis-Angel.

One thing they have in common is Francis… LOL.

Alright let’s keep going…

Community Treasures Reviews – The Products

It looks like Community Treasures has no retail products or services to customers, but only the ability to become an affiliate.

Once you do join, Community Treasures affiliates can purchase $40 positions in the compensation plan.

With each $40 position, you get advertising credits that you can use to display banner ads on their website.

Community Treasures Compensation Plan

In the Community Treasures compensation plan, you get paid commissions on members that buy the $40 position.

These are then paid through a five-tier matrix cycler.

I couldn’t find any information on the actual size of this matrix, but I do know that it takes around 15 to 32 days to get paid commissions…

Matrix Commission Payout

A $40 position by a Community Treasures member gets put in matrix 1 and get through the other matrices like this:

  • Matrix 1 (Positions cost $40) – No commission payout, cycles into Matrix 2
  • Matrix 2 – $150 commission and cycles into Matrix 3
  • Matrix 3 – $300 commission and cycles into Matrix 4
  • Matrix 4 – $600 commission and cycles into Matrix 5
  • Matrix 5 – $1200 commission

In order to get paid these commissions, you must watch at least 10 company supplied ads and take part in this social media promo’s daily.

Community Treasures positions are capped out at 50 active positions at at time…

Referral Commission Payout

Referral commissions are paid out when you personally enroll an affiliate that cycles out through the 5 matrices:

  • Personally recruited affiliate cycles out of Matrix 1 – $15 commission paid to recruiting affiliate
  • Personally recruited affiliate cycles out of Matrix 2 – $30 commission paid to recruiting affiliate
  • Personally recruited affiliate cycles out of Matrix 3 – $60 commission paid to recruiting affiliate
  • Personally recruited affiliate cycles out of Matrix 4 – $90 commission paid to recruiting affiliate
  • Personally recruited affiliate cycles out of Matrix 5 – $120 commission paid to recruiting affiliate

Cost To Join Community Treasures

The cost to join Community Treasures is at least $40 which puts you in the matrix.

Community Treasures Review – The Verdict

There are a few red flags with this company right off the bat…

After doing my investigation, we STILL don’t know for sure who runs the show…

There are three different names that pop up…

The second, take a look at what they say on their website:

If you want to make more money, you can simply buy more positions.

To make $10,000, buy ten positions. To make $20,000 buy twenty positions.

Making claims like that can get you shut down from the FTC…

Where is the income disclaimer?

Also with no real products, this is just a ponzi scheme…

There are no retail products either…


Just too many uncertainties and non compliance issues here…

I personally don’t recommend it…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Community Treasures Review and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below…

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Community Treasures

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