Crypto Cash Pool Review – Legit Biz Op or Big Scam? Find Out Here…

Welcome to my Crypto Cash Pool Review!

Recently here in cyberspace, I have heard some buzz about this business, so I was thinking that this was a good opportunity to examine the company for myself!

I always say that before of joining any business, it is always in your best interest to research it as much as possible.

Finding out as many facts that you can about a business will only benefit you in the long run to help you make better informed decisions.

In my review, I will provide you with needed info about the company, its products and the compensation plan.

Get set, because here we go!

Crypto Cash Pool Review – The Company

Crypto Cash Pool Review

As we get started here on my review I would like to point out that this company is lacking some important info on their company website, where it does not state who the owner is or who is running the business.

A little more research and with some digging online I was able to find out the Crypto Cash Pool website domain was registered privately online as “”, on the 6th of September 2017.

Wow there isn’t much to go on about here, so let’s move onto something else!

At Least USI-Tech which is a cryto-currency MLM is more transparent…

Crypto Cash Pool Reviews –  The Products

Crypto Cash Pool has no services or products available for retail purposes.

However, affiliates whom wish to sign up with Crypto Cash Pool can market the company affiliate membership itself.

The Crypto Cash Pool Compensation Plan

Affiliates who want to participate in the company compensation plan are required to sign up as a member with an attached investment donation.

The company affiliates are to donate bitcoin among each other through a 2×5 matrix.

In the company model of the 2×5 matrix, an affiliate is placed right at the top of a matrix, which continues with two company affiliates placed directly beneath them (on to level 1).

These 2 company affiliates start the structure of the 2×5 matrix at the 1st level.

The 2nd level of the 2×5 matrix model is made by dividing the first two positions on level 1 into another two positions each, which totals 4 positions on level 2.

Levels 3 to 5 of the 2×5 matrix model is created in the same way, where each new level holds twice as many positions as the level before it.

When a new company affiliate signs up, he or she then donates 0.001 BTC to an already existing company affiliate.

This action then allows that affiliate to receive 0.001 BTC from 2 affiliates sponsored into the 1st level of their 2×5 matrix.

Levels 2 to 5 operate the same way, and those donation amounts do increase at each level:

  • Level 1 – Donate 0.001 BTC to an existing Crypto Cash Pool affiliate and receive 0.001 BTC from two subsequently sponsored affiliates
  • Level 2 – Donate 0.002 BTC and receive 0.002 BTC from four affiliates
  • Level 3 – Donate 0.006 BTC and receive 0.006 BTC from eight affiliates
  • Level 4 – Donate 0.029 BTC and receive 0.029 BTC from sixteen affiliates
  • Level 5 – Donate 0.25 BTC and receive 0.25 BTC from thirty-two affiliates

Cost To Join Crypto Cash Pool

The cost to join Crypto Cash Pool as an affiliate is a donation of 0.001 BTC to an already existing affiliate member.

Crypto Cash Pool Video Summary

Verdict on Crypto Cash Pool

Another Crypto scam that makes people donate money and has no products/services to sell.

Not only that, the owners are no where to be found so when this company DOES go under there is no one to take responsbility and you will all lose out on a ton of money.

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