doTERRA Review – Legit Essential Oils MLM or Massive Scam 2019?

Welcome to my doTERRA Review!

There has been a lot of buzz about this MLM company over the years so I decided to check it out for myself…

Chances are someone approached you about the business opportunity and you landed here to make sure it’s legit…

The good news is I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision.

Let’s face it, there are a ton of Essential oils out there, so you have to make sure the product is up to standard and that the company is following the law.

Just pay close attention and read this to the end…

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DoTerra Review – What Is It?

doTERRA review

doTERRA specializes in wellness products made with essentials oils.

These products can range from single oils to toothpaste to supplements and are sold on the philosophy of natural living that speaks to millions of people in today’s world.

With an already strong presence in Latin America, Asia, Oceania, Europe and North America, the company continues to expand today because of how popular their product line really is the network marketing place.

Sure there are other mlm’s out there with essential oils, but most don’t even come close to the scale that doTERRA took it.

Founders of the company come from TWO worlds: healthcare and business.

As you can tell when you mesh the two together, you can come up with a company that will do amazing.

doTERRA formed back in 2008 and had the vision of offering the world a different path to health and wellness through the powers of essential oils.

With health leaders and hospitals on board, they have really taken wellness to the next level with essential oils.

Now you know about the company and what is doTERRA, let’s take a look at the products next…

DoTerra Reviews – Products

doterra products

This is the product that really propelled doTERRA to one of the top network marketing companies in the world.

If you don’t really know about therapeutic-grade essential oils, you should get to know them.

There has been nothing but positive reviews on what these essential oils are capable of for your health.

In the MLM space, there is only one other big guy which is Young Living.

Both of these network marketing companies are doing really well because they have no real competitions other themselves.

doTERRA timed their launch really well because people are hungry for natural wellness products and these are high quality, natural and safe.

Pros To doTERRA

  1. the scientific community is conducting more and more research every year, which supports natural wellness products like those made by doTERRA
  2. with more clinical research to back up what ancient cultures have known for centuries, the general public is more and more receptive to alternative paths to health
  3. all it takes is a dedicated independent consultant to educate…there are literally thousands of uses for essential oils in daily life
  4. support for consultants is amazing….video presentations on everything from how to sell to how to manage the robust admin panel are available for free online
  5. conferences for consultants are incredibly well run- this is a very professional organization
  6. website offers lots of ideas and opportunities for holding live events in local local areas…seminars, talks, meetings and workshops
  7. products lend themselves really well to all sorts of daily living applications, and from there the motivated consultant can hold a workshop on anything from making your own air freshener and other household products to staying healthy during flu season…just check out doTERRA’s calendar of events
  8. worldwide, untapped market
  9. product has zero socioeconomic boundaries
  10. ‘fast start bonus’ means consultants earn 20% on purchases and sales made by their new referrals in the first 60 days
  11. loyalty Rewards: earn free product
  12. ‘power of 4’ team bonus (paid monthly)…generous bonuses of $50, $250 and $1,500 each month for achieving enrollment and sales levels

Cons To doTERRA

  1. $35 registration fee
  2. Young Living has 12 more years in the game
  3. Young Living has more product variety
  4. their prez used to work for the competition, ensuing lawsuit
  5. do not have their own farms
  6. do not have their own exclusive oils
  7. do not distill their own oil (re-bottler?)

doTERRA Compensation Plan

doTERRA rewards affiliates for selling to retail customers and sponsor new business partners

Plus there are tons of performance based bonuses on top of everything.

  • Retail Sales Profit
  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Power Of 3 Bonus
  • Level 1 Bonus
  • Level 2 Bonus
  • Level 3 Bonus
  • Unilevel Commissions
  • Empowerment Bonus
  • Silver, Gold, Platinum Bonus
  • Diamond + Bonus

Now instead of me trying to explain it, I found a great video on the compensation plan done by a distributor.

Note:  Video will be biased so take it how it is…

Overall it’s a fair compensation plan which is a little different than the average network marketing company.

Cost To Join doTERRA

doTERRA will cost you $35 membership fee which gives you the ability to sell at wholesale.

Enrollment Kits

  • Family Essentials and Beadlets Kit:  $150.00
  • Aromatouch Diffused Kit:  $150.00
  • Emotional Aromatherapy Diffused Kit:  $195.00
  • Cleanse and Restore Kit:  $245.00
  • Home Essentials Kit:  $275.00
  • Natural Solutions Kit:  $550.00
  • Every Oil Kit:  $1950.00
  • Diamond Kit:  $2750.00

The main difference between the kits is the amount of products you get and different types as well.

With the cost of the product, you get a PV or personal volume on them as well.

The moment you have been waiting for inside of this doTERRA review…

Final Verdict

So does the doTERRA scam exist?

To be honest…

It’s FAR from a scam!

In fact, this network marketing company is doing so well that it overtook another essential oils company that is 12 years older.

Crazy right?

The best thing to do is try out the actual products yourself and see how you like them.

From there you can make a decision to join or not…

End of the day, it’s safe to join doTERRA…

I hope you enjoyed my doTERRA review and if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below…

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