Eagle Gates Group Review – Legit Business or Big Scam? Find Out Here…

Welcome to my Eagle Gates Group Review!

There are so many new MLM companies on the internet today and it can sometimes be hard to know which ones are legit and which ones aren’t.

Your best bet is to thoroughly research a company before jumping in and investing.

My review will go over the company background, the products and the compensation plan.

So let’s learn more about Eagle Gates Group together!

Eagle Gates Group Review – The Company


The first piece of information I found is that Eagle Gates Group lists Eddy McClough as the Founder and CEO of the company. McClough:

Has over 12 years of diversified financial services experience holding senior management roles spanning investment banking, private equity, investment management, and real estate in global financial services brands such as KPMG, Bank of America Securities and Merrill Lynch.

Distinguished speaker who has presented numerous keynote speeches globally ranging from macroeconomic issues, investment techniques and risk management at various international investment conference and summits.

As for the actual company, it was:

Founded on February 2005 in the United States, Eagle Gates Group is now one of the world’s leading index futures investment and asset management company.

First registered in 2005, a little digging showed that the content that was on the site was irrelevant to Eagle Gates Group up until earlier this year.

The company website seems to have gone live sometime after March, 2016.

There isn’t much information about Eddy McClough out there aside from what was recently published in connection with Eagle Gates Group.

McClough’s LinkedIn profile says he’s based in New York, which seems to coincide with an New York address that is provided on the Eagle Gates Group website.

A little more digging revealed that this address is likely a virtual office business center and that Eagle Gates Group’s presence in New Yorkis in name only.

Online traffic statistics reveals that 72.5% of traffic to the Eagle Gates Group website comes from Thailand, which likely means that Thailand is the operating base for Eagle Gates Group.

Eagle Gates Group Reviews – The Products

Eagle Gates Group does not offer any retail products or services.

Affiliates who join Eagle Gates Group can only market and sell the affiliate membership.

The Eagle Gates Group Compensation Plan

Affiliates who participate in the Eagle Gates Group compensation plan must invest up to $10,000 and in return are promised a monthly ROI.

Eagle Gates Group affiliates can also earn commissions when they sponsor new affiliates who invest.

Monthly ROIs

Eagle Gates Group offers three-stage monthly ROI payments, which look like this:

  • Stage 1 is the first 90 days after funds have been invested
  • Stage 2 is 91 to 180 after funds have been invested
  • Stage 3 is 181 days and onward

The amount invested by an affiliate determines what the monthly ROI payments will be:

  • $1000 package – 3% monthly ROI in Stage 1, 6% monthly ROI in Stage 2 and 9% monthly ROI in Stage 3
  • $5000 package – 4% monthly ROI in Stage 1, 8% monthly ROI in Stage 2 and 12% monthly ROI in Stage 3
  • $10,000 package – 5% monthly ROI in Stage 1, 10% monthly ROI in Stage 2 and 15% monthly ROI in Stage 3

Direct Referral Commissions

Affiliates who join Eagle Gates Group can also earn a 10% direct referral commission on the money that is invested by personally sponsored affiliates.

Residual Referral Commissions

Affiliates can also earn residual referral commissions that are paid out through a uni-level compensation structure.

How does a uni-level compensation structure work in Eagle Gates Group?

This structure puts an affiliate at the top of a uni-level team and has each personally sponsored affiliate put right underneath (this creates level 1).

When a level 1 affiliate brings in new affiliates, they are put on level 2 of the original affiliate’s uni-level team.

When a level 2 affiliate brings in new affiliates, they are put on level 3, etc.

Commissions that affiliates earn are paid out as a percentage of the money that is invested by a uni-level team:

  • Assistant Manager – receive a 4% residual referral commission when personally recruited affiliates invest $40,000
  • Manager – receive a 5% residual referral commission when personally recruited affiliates to invest $200,000
  • Senior Manager – receive a 6% residual referral commission when personally recruited affiliates to invest $400,000
  • Assistant Deputy Director – receive a 7% residual referral commission when personally recruited affiliates to invest $2,000,000
  • Deputy Director – receive an 8% residual referral commission when personally recruited affiliates to invest $4,000,000
  • Director – personally recruit two Deputy Director ranked affiliates and receive a 9% residual referral commission
  • Senior Director – personally recruit three Deputy Director ranked affiliates and receive a 10% residual referral commission

Cost To Join Eagle Gates Group

The cost to join Eagle Gates Group as an affiliate is associated with an investment in one of three offered packages:

  • $1000 package
  • $5000 package
  • $10,000 package

The main difference between these three packages is the amount of money to be made through the Eagle Gates Group compensation plan.

Eagle Gates Group Review – The Verdict

I couldn’t find any evidence that this company has been going since 2005…

The biggest red flag is what isn’t there any information on Eddy McClough if this company does date back that far?

I found a marketing video on Eagle Gates Group claiming they have over 8 billion USD in revenue generating investments…

Then in the same presentation, I found they claimed they have three years of trading record and 603 million dollars…


Which one is it, 8 years or 3 years LOL.

I think what really is happening is they are taking newly invested funds and paying off existing members making this a ponzi scheme.

Let’s recap…

They claim they have 8 years of experience and then in the same presentation they say 3 years of experience.

We have information on Eddy McClough…

I am sorry to say, but there are just TOO many red flags and because of that, I don’t recommend this company.

I am sure you see it too 🙂

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Eagle Gates Group review and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below…

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