Email Marketing Tips – Follow Up Series VS Broadcasts

When it comes to email marketing, it can be a pain in the back side to find out what kind of emails actually work…

People ask me all the time should you have a follow up series?

Or should you just send out broadcast emails daily?

Well, I am going to get to the bottom of this by showing you EXACTLY what I personally do which is responsible for 7 figures online…

Email Marketing Tips (PURE VALUE)

I just want to say that you PAY CLOSE attention to this video and watch it to the end…

I could have charged $300 for this training, but you get it for free.

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There you have it…

I am not going to reveal which is best here because you should watch the video.

When you do email marketing right, it will SKY rocket your sales…

In fact, it’s like having your very own ATM machine.

If you feel like making money that day, you just send a good email out to your list and you will see the commissions come in…

I will give you one really good tips here…

When you do email your prospects on your list, make sure you treat them like friends.

Be friendly with them and don’t always sell to them.

I would first give lot of free value then once in a while have some kind of product to sell.

The reason for this is simple…

You want to build TRUST with your list so you don’t look like some spammer.

Stand out in the marketplace by taking this approach and watch you bank account swell up.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and this video!

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email marketing tips

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