Emailconomy Review – Legit Company or Just Another Scam?

Welcome to my Emailconomy Review!

Has someone already talked to you about this company or is this the first time you’ve heard of it?

Whatever the case may be, you have found this blog because you want to know more about it, right?

It can be hard to know which businesses are legit and which ones aren’t and that’s what my job is.

In my review, I will help you make your decision by providing you with information about the company’s background, products, compensation plan, and cost to join.

Let’s jump in!

Emailconomy Review – The Company

Emailconomy review

The Emailconomy website lists Angel Michelangelo Lopez as the owner of the business.

Based out of Florida, the company provides a corporate address in Tampa.

Michelangelo Lopez appeared on the scene with Empower Network around 2014.

However, Empower Network was already in decline in 2014 and came to a complete end in 2017.

After Empower Network closed up shop, Lopez began offering his services as an internet marketing coach, while also promoting Valentus.

Emailconomy Reviews – The Products

Emailconomy products

Emailconomy does not have any retail products or services to affiliates to buy or sell.

Affiliates can only market the Emailconomy affiliate membership, which includes access to a variety of digital marketing materials.

The Emailconomy Compensation Plan

Once an Emailconomy affiliate signs up, they must pay fees and then they can earn commissions when they sponsor others who also pay the fees.

  • Inner Circle costs $500 and pays $200 per affiliate sponsored who also buys Inner Circle
  • Diamond costs $1000 and pays $400 per affiliate sponsored who also buys Diamond
  • Master costs $2500 and pays $1000 per affiliate sponsored who also buys Master

Residual commissions are called “team sales”, and seem to be commissions that are paid on purchases by affiliates sponsored by those you sponsor (your level 2).

  • Inner Circle team sales pay a $100 commission
  • Diamond team sales pay a $200 commission
  • Master team sales pay a $500 commission

Cost to Join Emailconomy

The cost to join Emailconomy as an affiliate is a $500 to $2500 payment.

The more an affiliate pays in membership fees, the more their income potential will be.

Verdict on Emailconomy

Does the Emaileconomy scam exist?

I won’t call it a full out scam, but it does need some work.

Emailconomy needs retail products/services that way it stays out of the pyramid scheme territory.

If they don’t change that part, company could have regulatory issues with the FTC once it gets big enough.

So I would hold off until that part is taken care of…

I hope you enjoyed my Emailconomy review and if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below…

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