Entrepreneur Unified Review- Legit Business or Big Scam?

Welcome to my Entrepreneur Unified Review!

There has been some buzz about this company so I decided to investigate what it was all about…

Chances are you were approached on social media about the business opportunity and now you want to make sure it’s actually legit…

Good news!

I am glad you are doing your research because so many people jump into business opportunities on hype alone and later find out it was a scam…

In this blog post, I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision.

Find out if it’s legit or a scam!

Entrepreneur Unified Review

Entrepreneur Unified Review – The Company

Entrepreneur Unified is the brain child of Shebin John who also goes by the name Remedcu who launched the company not too long ago.

The good news is they had information on his background:

He is a SEO expert, and has been working till the last april for MTV. He is also a php coder and designer. He designed the homepage himself using bootstrap template from online. Also the logo and banners where (sic) created by himself.

He has been with many online programs, and now has laid a sure shot plan to help everyone to earn online.

On social media it looks like he was involved with many Rev Shares and HYIP type companies.

Some of them include:

  • Passive Earner
  • Shareholder IC
  • My Traffic Value
  • Paidverts

Shebin John is located in Delhi, India…

That could mean that is where this coming is running from.

Let’s check out the products next…

Entrepreneur Unified Reviews – The Products

There website is vary vague on what they sell…

So I have NO clue what their products and services are…

This is off their website:

Entrepreneur Unified is a website with the sole aim to make new products, websites, apps, games, etc from the help of their generous members like you, yes you! And share the revenue with them.

We strive for perfection and we do our best to make the perfect use of the fund raised to be made into a revenue making machine forever.

What I do know is you can market the membership to earn a commission on it…

Entrepreneur Unified Compensation Plan

In Entrepreneur Unified you invest in Royalty Point Shares also know as RP.

You can get paid commissions when you sponsor members who buy into these RP packages.

This is what that looks like:

  • $5 RP Package = 50 RP shares
  • $50 RP Package = 550 shares
  • $100 RP Package = 1150 shares
  • $500 RP Package = 5850 shares
  • $1000 RP Package = 12,000 shares
  • $2000 RP Package = 25,000 shares
  • $3000 RP Package = 38,000 shares
  • $5000 RP Package = 65,000 shares

You also get a fixed ROI percentage on the weekly income.

This ROI amount has not been disclosed just yet.

Recruitment Commissions

When you sponsor members who invest in these RP packages, you can get a commission from their 2 tier Unilevel compensation plan structure.

This is what that looks like:

  • Level 1 (personally sponsored members) – 18%
  • Level 2 – 15%

Overall, the compensation plan isn’t very strong compared to other business opportunities out there.

Cost To Join Entrepreneur Unified

The actual membership is free, but if you want to get paid in their compensation plan you must invest anywhere between $5 to $5000.

Entrepreneur Unified Review – The Verdict

Entrepreneur Unified claims it has products, but what are those products?

Don’t you think you should show case these products before throwing the business opportunity on people?

There is also another red flag…

They are talking about ROI’s on the RP packages.

The amount you will get isn’t disclosed yet, but the problem is all the funds are coming from other affiliates.

There isn’t any other source of income coming to the company.

So once the recruitment stops, so will the ROI’s.

I keep seeing these kind of companies popping left, right and center.

Anyway, I personally don’t recommend businesses like this because they don’t last…

I hope you enjoyed my Entrepreneur Unified Review and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below…

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