Envy TV Review – Legit $49.97 MLM Streaming Service or Big Scam?

Welcome to my Envy TV Review!

There has been some buzz about this company so I wanted to see what it was all about.

Chances are you were approached you about their TV streaming service and you landed here to make sure it’s legit.

The good news is I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision.

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Envy TV Review – The Company

Envy TV review

Envy TV specializes in the streaming niche in the network marketing space.

They do provide an address, however it’s virtual and it’s in Nevada, USA.

The founders of the company are Clay Sampson and Eddie Freeman.

However, there isn’t any information beyond that…

I decided to go on social media to dig up some more history and found that Clay actually has a linkedIn profile, but doesn’t mention Envy TV on it.

He instead is pitching something called “TheClayCode” marketing company which:

partner(s) with industry-leading direct selling organizations to empower sales professionals with smart, automated technology marketing solutions that drive recruiting, product sales, and client engagement.

From 2002 to 2007, Clay was promoting World Leadership Group which was a mortgage based network marketing company.

In 2008, Word Leadership Group went under…

In 2018, Clay was promoting Nui.

However, he quit that after Texas for securities sued NUI for fraud in July.

In 2018, Eddie Freeman was promoting KZ1 which is a supplement based MLM company.

Before that October 2017, KZ1 was known as eXfuse.

Anyway, that’s all I got on the company, let’s look at the products next…

Envy TV Reviews – The Products

Envy TV products

Envy TV promotes something called a IPTV service for $49.95 per month.

You apparently get access to over 1000 channels, however, Envy TV doesn’t talk about who their provides is.

And more importantly, we don’t know if they have broadcast permission for the copyright content.

Envy TV Compensation Plan

To get commissions, Envy TV member must do one of the following:

  1. Sponsor and maintain six active affiliates; or
  2. Get started with an affiliate package.

Envy TV offers three different affiliate packages to choose from:

  • Basic Startup – $257
  • Field Affiliate Package – $497

There is a $997 Senior Affiliate Package available as well once they have six sponsored active affiliates under them.

To be active, you must pay the $49.95 per month fee.

Sponsoring Commissions

Envy TV pays affiliates to sponsor new members into the company.

The amount of commission you get will depend on how much your member spends during the sign up process:

  • Sponsor  a regular affiliate and receive a $10 commission
  • Sponsor  a Basic Startup affiliate and receive a $75 commission
  • Sponsor  a Field Affiliate and receive a $150 commission

If any personally sponsored member upgrades to the Senior affiliate tier, you can get $300 commission payout.

Residual Commissions

You can earn residual commissions through a unilevel compensation plan.

To qualify for these commissions, you must do sone of the following:

  1. Maintain at least 200 directly and indirectly sponsored downline active affiliates; or
  2. Purchase a Basic Startup or higher affiliate package.

Once that is in place, you can earn $2 residual commission on every downline member in the unilevel.

Certificate Bonus

Envy TV member packages are bundled with sponorment certificates.

When these are activated by sponsored member, you earn a 2% commisson payout.

Affiliate Bonus Program

Envy TV provides a volume bonus up to 50% on the $49.95 paid by downline members.

To qualify for this, you must personally sponsor and maintain at least six active affiliates.

Once you have done that, the Affiliate Bonus Program bonus rate will depend on how many members you have:

  • Have a downline of at least 200 active affiliates and receive a 10% bonus rate
  • Have a downline of at least 300 active affiliates and receive a 15% bonus rate
  • Have a downline of at least 600 active affiliates and receive a 20% bonus rate
  • Have a downline of at least 1000 active affiliates and receive a 25% bonus rate
  • Have a downline of at least 3000 active affiliates and receive a 30% bonus rate
  • Have a downline of at least 6000 active affiliates and receive a 35% bonus rate
  • Have a downline of at least 10,000 active affiliates and receive a 40% bonus rate
  • Have a downline of at least 15,000 active affiliates and receive a 45% bonus rate
  • Have a downline of at least 25,000 active affiliates and receive a 50% bonus rate

Cost To Join Envy TV

Envy TV membership is $49.95 per month.

You can get other packages below:

  • Basic Startup – $257
  • Field Affiliate Package – $497

There is a $997 Senior Affiliate Package available as well once they have six sponsored active affiliates under them.

Final Verdict

The biggest thing I would want to see is if they have streaming rights to broadcast these TV shows/movies.

If you take a look at their FAQ…

Is Envy TV legal?

This answer should be yes and that they have all licenses to broadcast the content they provide.

Or something along those lines.

But this is how they answer the question:

Currently under the US law it is not illegal to repackage or resell IPTV.

The FCC has held that the IPTV resales do not violate any franchise or exclusivity agreements with cable providers under federal law.

Also, if you are reselling broadcasts that are available online streaming on foreign servers as part of your IPTV packaging, courts have held this would not be a violation of the copyrights laws in the US.

That’s just saying “We are indeed broadcasting pirated content and hope now one comes to get us”.

In 2018, Dish Network sued TVizion for broadcasting unauthorized access to a UFC fight.

They clearly didn’t care if it was over a IPTV or where the servers were.

Final judgement of $5.9 million was grated.

To be honest, I would stay away from ANY streaming network marketing company, they are just as bad as the cryptocurrency ones.

I hope you enjoyed my Envy TV review and if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below.

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