Extra World Review – World Way Capital Reboot To Scam More People

Welcome to my Extra World Review!

So I did a review on a company called World Way Capital a month back and it already went under.

I did warn people that it was a scam and even the bank of canada sent out a fraud warning.

But looks like these scammers are back at it again with a different name, but same style website.

In fact, everything is the same…

Make sure you pay close attention to this blog post because I am going to reveal them to you…

Note that this isn’t a full blown review only because it’s exactly the same as before…

This is more of a warning thing for everything.

Extra World Review – World Way Capital Scammers

Extra World Review

So it hasn’t been 24 hours since World Way Capital took a dump and stop paying their members and already rebooted itself as Extra World.

Sergiu Valuta was the man behind World Way Capital.

Basically the company had affiliates invest in the company on a promise they will get a ROI in USD and ROI.

After a few 16 to 70 day return cycles, Sergiu Valuta pulled the plug on the company…

As of right now if you visit World Way Capital website, it shows a 404 not found error.

When the company took a shit, Alexa showed that World Way Capital website traffic was mostly from Iran (33%), US (11%) and Brazil (9%).

There was a ton of losses for World Way Capital investors…

Extra World Reviews – More Of The Same

Extra World Products

Regardless of that, Extra World launched and promises the same crap.

Extra World website domin “extraworld.pro” was registered on June 9th (Wasn’t that long ago).

This could be the fact that Sergiu knew that the company was going under already in May.

If you take a look at the default language on Extra World, it’s Russian but it faked themselves saying they were from Canada.

Right now Extra World is asking people for 50 to 50,000 rubles on a promise they will get a 150% ROI in 24 hours.


Ponzi scheme at it’s finest.

Also, you can earn a 10% referral fee on your personally sponsored members investments.

Final Verdict

Extra World scam is in full effect now…

Basically, this is another trap for people…

They are going to milk all those World Way Capital investors for more money.

Once Extra World gets enough money and recruitment starts to slow down, Extra World will go just as fast as World Way Capital did.

Ladies and gentlemen, please do not fall for this ponzi scam!

Do NOT join, run away from this as far as you can…

I hope you enjoyed my Extra World review which is a total scam, if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below…

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