Fund Your Success Review – Legit Company or Another Scam?

Welcome to my Fund Your Success Review!

There has been some buzz about this company lately, so I decided to check it out myself.

You’re probably here because you have either been approached by someone promoting this company, or you have seen the name around social media and you wan’t to check it out.

Good news is you’re on the right track!

Reading reviews and doing your due diligence before signing up for a new company is always a good idea!

My review will go over the company, the products and the compensation plan.

Let’s dig in!

Fund Your Success Review – The Company

Fund Your Success Review

The first thing I discovered is that I couldn’t find any real information on the company website about who owns or operates Fund Your Success.

I did learn that the Fund Your Success website domain, “” was first registered on the 19th of December, 2015 and then updated on the 21st of December, 2016.

The domain owners is listed as John Dierksmeier, who provides an address in Texas.

Dierksmeier (John Dierksmeier Quesada) first showed up in the MLM world in 2015 as the owner of a matrix cycler opportunity called 2×2 Wealth.

Dierksmeier has also promoted companies such as Only7Bucks, Cafe Nopal, Eco Plus Network, My Secret Fortune and EZAdsNet.

As of late 2016, it seems that Dierksmeier began promoting Amazing Living and even created an Amazing Pre Builder matrix cycler to feed into his downline.

According to online statistics, it seems that the Amazing Pre Builder didn’t take off, which is most likely why Dierksmeier launched Fund Your Success.

Fund Your Success Reviews – The Products

Fund Your Success does not offer any retail products or services.

Affiliates who sign up with Fund Your Success can only market and sell the affiliate membership.

Fund Your Success affiliates are also given access to on-site advertising, online marketing tools and PLR “internet marketing downloads”.

The Fund Your Success Compensation Plan

Affiliates who want to take part in the compensation plan must buy $10 positions in a three-tier 2×1, 2×2 and 2×3 matrix cycler.

What is a 2×1 matrix?

This type of matrix puts an affiliate at the top of a matrix with 2 positions directly underneath.

A 2×2 matrix?

This matrix expands on a 2×1 matrix by adding another level, for a total of 4 positions to fill.

A 2×3 matrix?

This matrix again expands with a third level of positions, for a total of 8 positions to fill.

Affiliates fill these matrix positions through direct and indirect sponsorship of new affiliates.

Once the matrix positions are filled, a “cycle” occurs and a cycle commission is paid out.

Affiliates can expect cycle commissions through the three matrix cycler tiers to look like this:

  • Phase 1 (2×1 matrix, positions cost $10) – no commission, cycles into Phase 2
  • Phase 2 (2×2 matrix) – $20 commission and cycles into Phase 3
  • Phase 3 (2×3 matrix) – $250 commission, generates a new position in Phases 1 and 2 and generates two new Phase 3 positions

Affiliates also earn a referral commission of $75 whenever a personally sponsored affiliate cycles out of Phase 3.

Cost To Join Fund Your Success

The cost to join Fund Your Success as an affiliate is free, but affiliates are required to buy a minimum of one $10 cycler position in order to participate in the attached income plan.

Verdict on Fund Your Success

One of the problems with these types of businesses, ones without real products or services, is that there is nothing to keep the affiliates in the company.

All that is happening is recruitment…

And once the recruitment pool dries up, the cycles will stop…

And once the cycles stop, the money stops…

See the problem?

If you do decide that this is the company for you, join at your own risk…

I hope you enjoyed my Fund Your Success review, and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below…

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