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I always advise people to research a new business as much as you can about before signing up, because it is one of the smartest moves you can make when it comes down to your money!

My review will give you details about the company’s short history, the products offered and the compensation plan used.

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FundsPay Review – The Company

FundsPay review

When you take a look at the company website, you will notice that there is not much posted about the owner of the company or who any of the administrators are.

After a little digging around online, I was able to find that the FundsPay website domain was registered privately as “” on the 15th of March in 2018.

FundsPay Reviews – The Products

FundsPay doesn’t have any services or products for affiliates to purchase or sell.

But anyone wanting to sign up as an affiliate with FundsPay can market the company affiliate membership.

The FundsPay Compensation Plan

Affiliates looking to take part in the company compensation plan are required to sign up and invest into the company.

Company affiliates are to invest capital (funds) with the agreement of a promoted ROI:

  • Plan 1 – 140% ROI after 24 hours
  • Plan 2 – 11% ROI per hour for 12 hours
  • Plan 3 – 200% ROI after 24 hours
  • Plan 4 – 400% ROI after 48 hours

When looking at the investment amounts required, there doesn’t seem to be a minimum or maximum amount.

The company uses a unilevel compensation model to pay out referral commissions to its affiliates.

The unilevel compensation model puts an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team that places any personally sponsored affiliate on level 1 right underneath the original affiliate.

When a level 1 affiliate sponsors new affiliates, they are then put onto level 2 of the original affiliate’s unilevel team.

When a level 2 affiliate sponsors new affiliates, they are then placed onto level 3, and levels continue to be created like this down a hypothetical never ending amount of levels.

Payable unilevel levels are capped at Level 5, where commissions that are paid out will be done so as a percentage of capital (funds) invested among those 5 levels:

  • Level 1 (personally sponsored affiliates) – 12%
  • Level 2 – 2%
  • Levels 3 to 5 – 1%

Cost To Join FundsPay

The cost to join FundsPay as an affiliate is free, although those affiliates with the free membership can only earn commissions on referrals.

If affiliates would like to fully participate in the company and income opportunity, they must invest, however there is no minimum investment amount specified by the company.

Verdict of FundsPay

Great news, you’ve reached the end of the nitty gritty, and now it’s time for the good stuff…

And now I can tell you some last bits of information on this company along with my last bit of advice.

I do not think this company is 100% legit, and here’s why I think that…

The company starts off with mentioning that they use, Forex market trading Stock market trading, Cryptocurrency market trading and investing in various funds and activities,” to earn external revenue to pay out affiliates their earned and owed ROI promised.

However, there is no proof of any external revenues ‘activities’ occurring, which makes me even more skeptical about the company’s ability to payout affiliates their owed and expected ROI at the rates and timelines promised.

In the end, this leaves new investment from new affiliates signing up as the only real source of revenue coming into the company…and that is not a good sign from a real business that’s supposed to be operating soundly and ethically.

When a company uses newly invested money to payout prior members their ROI owed, this makes the company a total 100% Ponzi scam.

So, as sponsorship of new affiliates starts to slow down, so will the new investments that enter the company…this will go hand in hand with the company’s failure, as this will starve the company of money and inevitably cause the company to get to a point of no return…lol literally no ROIs will be able to be paid out at a certain point.

My advice? Be careful with this company as you are likely to lose your investment…

I hope you enjoyed my FundsPay review and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below…

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