GetMyAds Review – Legit Business Opportunity or Scam?

Welcome to my GetMyAds review!

There has been a lot of buzz lately about this company and I decided to investigate what it was all about…

Just take a look at Google Trends below:

It’s been pegged at 100 this month…

Chances are you were approached by someone on social media or even in person and you want to make sure this is actually legit right?

First of all congratulations on actually doing your research!

So many people jump into business opportunities on hype and than find out it was a scam all along.

In this blog post, I will walk you through the company, the products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision.

GetMyAds Review

GetMyAds Review – The Company

GetMyAds is the brain child of Frank Hanson who is also the CEO.

According to this website, he has been very successful in the past and GetMyAds is partnered up with 75 traffic networks world wide.

Only thing that stuck out like a sore thumb was this statement:

Their exhibit caught the eye of a visionary billionaire who soon funded their proposed enterprise with just a meager capital to jump-start their fledgling business and transformed it into what it is today, one of the giants in the highly-competitive online ads industry.

The domain name was registered December 2015, but it’s all of a sudden one of the giants in this industry?

I highly doubt that…

Anyway, even though the company has been out for several months, there still isn’t a lot of information about it…

GetMyAds Reviews – The Products

GetMyAds is a advertising website where you can buy tokens to advertise on their website.

According to their website:

Your Ads will appear in more than 20 Categories in over 75 Traffic Networks with over 24.000 websites in up to 12 different languages with realtime Tracking.
With over 1,000 branded sites, reaching over 300 Million monthly users, we can get your message in front of all your best prospects.

Each token costs about $50 and you can buy up to 1000 of them.

You can also market the actual membership to earn commissions on referrals.

We will get into that next…

GetMyAds Compensation Plan

GetMyAds Compensation plan is a unilevel that pays 2 levels deep…

If you don’t know what that is, it looks like this:

  • You
  • Level 1: Personally enrolled members
  • Level 2: Level 1’s personally enrolled members

Whenever you sponsor a member that invests $50 in tokens, you can earn a commission on it..

You can earn 12% commissions on other affiliates and customers.

There is also a Mentor Bonus which there isn’t any details about…

Also, there are bonus levels where you can go up a rank by buying more tokens…

Bonus Levels

  • Starter:  20 Tokens
  • Business Builder:  50 Tokens
  • Success Builder: 200 Tokens
  • Business Expansion Team:  500 Tokens
  • 1K Diamond Team:  1,000 Tokens
  • 5K Diamond Team: 5,000 Tokens
  • President Team:  10,000 Tokens
  • President 1 Star:  20,000 Tokens
  • President 2 Star: 50,000 Tokens
  • President 3 Star:  100,000 Tokens

There isn’t much information on what you actually get other than this:

Bonus Levels are measured by the amount of tokens that’s purchased by your team. Of course you will earn more commission when you reach higher levels but you will also get more Services in GetMyAds. The higher your Level is, the more you will get access to leadership training’s, insider meetings, Incentives and special seminars.

Cost To Join GetMyAds

To join Get My Ads, you must invest in $50 to be part of the compensation plan.

Affiliates can also join for free, but you can’t get paid commissions.

GetMyAds Review – The Verdict

The problem with this company is it promises some kind of ROI.

They might not say it direct,y but their Payback Pool is their ROI fund…

40% of the value of a token goes into our PayBack pool where every customer will benefit from.

The PayBack Pool is dynamic but since we’ve founded GetMyAds it has always been approximately 1% or more per day that we have paid for every Token.

The size of the Pool depends on the amount of Tokens we’ve sold recently.

The problem is this company is heavy depended on recruiting other people because the money generated is from the actual token investments made by affiliates.

There is no outside source of income…

Because of this, I would proceed with caution…

I don’t want to come out and say it’s a scam just yet…

I will revisit this company in several months to see if it’s still operational.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my GetMyAds Review and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below…

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