GiftoBit Review – Legit Business Or Cash Gifting Scam?

Welcome to my GiftoBit review!

This is the latest business opportunity to turn up so I decided to investigate what it was all about…

Chances are you were approached by someone on social media or was emailed information on this company and now you want to make sure it’s actually legit right?

The good news is your doing your research…

The better news is that I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision…

giftobit review

Giftobit Review – The Company

After checking out the Giftobit website and our good friend Google, there is no information on who actually runs the show in this company.

Even after doing a quick domain registration check on “giftobit.com”, it was set to private, but I do know it was bought on June 2oth of 2016.

Any company that keeps themselves secret you should really think twice about…

So far not off to a good start…

GiftoBit Reviews – The Products

It looks like GiftoBit has no retail products or services, but only gives affiliates the ability to promote the actual membership.

When you do sign up as an affiliate, you can then buy 0.05 BTC matrix positions to part of the compensation plan.

There is some kind of “Online Education Program” bundled with that matrix position that teaches you about BitCoin and other crytocurriencies…

GiftoBit Compensation Plan

In the GiftoBit compensation plan, you get paid when affiliates buy at least one 0.05 BTC position.

This then is paid out in a two tier 5×3 matrix cycler.

In total, a 5×3 matrix has 155 positions and can be filled directly and indirectly by sponsoring members.

Commissions are paid when the matrix positions are filled in both tiers:

Plan A Matrix (tier 1)

  • Level 1 (Positions cost 0.05 BTC) – Receive 0.05 BTC from five affiliates
  • Level 2 (0.1 BTC fee) – Receive 0.1 BTC from twenty-five affiliates and receive six new level 1 positions
  • Level 3 (0.2 BTC fee) – Receive 0.2 BTC from one hundred and twenty-five affiliates

Plan B (tier 2)

  • Level 1 (1 BTC fee) – Receive 0.5 BTC from five affiliates
  • Level 2 (1.5 BTC fee) – Receive 1 BTC from twenty-five affiliates and receive two new level 1 positions
  • Level 3 (3 BTC fee) – Receive 2 BTC from one hundred and twenty-five affiliates and ten new level 1 positions

There is a catch…

25% of all the commissions paid out are kept by GiftoBit…

Cost To Join GiftoBit

The cost to join GiftoBit is free, but if you want to be involved in the business opportunity, you must purchase 0.05 BTC.

GiftoBit Review – The Verdict

So in this company you buy in at 0.05 BTC and sponsor affiliates that do the same…

Then GiftoBit keeps 25% of your money which is massive if you ask me…

So should you join?

First, the company owners are no where to be found and are hiding behind the scenes…

This is probably done so when GiftoBit goes under, they can just start up another company.

Second, the company has no retail products or services, just the ability to become an affiliate…

Third, the matrix’s will get harder and harder to fill up and eventually stall.

This is when this company goes under and the owners run away with the money…

In other words, I don’t recommend this at all…

Save your money for a legit business opportunity.

I hope you enjoyed my GiftoBit review and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below…

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