iMouvin Review – Legit Business Opportunity Or Forex Scam?

Welcome to my iMouvin Review!

There has been a lot of buzz about this company lately, just take a look at Google Trends:

As you can see it’s trending hard right now…

However, this can change anytime because it’s a live graph, so come back to see how it’s going.

Chances are someone approached you about the business opportunity and now you landed on this blog to make sure it’s actually legit…

The good news is I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision.

So PAY close attention and read this to the end to avoid any kind of disappointment…

iMouvin Review – The Company

iMouvin Review

When I checked out their website, I noticed there was no information on the actual site on who runs the business…

On top of that, iMouvin claims it has offices in Europe and the Unites States…

I did find an address in Appleton, Wisconsin on the iMouvin website, but after doing some more research I discovered it’s just a virtual address.

It looks like it’s in the USA by name only with no actual offices…

There is nothing said about the European market on their website.

The owners registered the iMouvin domain “” back in April 25th, 2016 and was updated on March 14th, 2017 but the domain registration was set to private.

I did find a corporate marketing video on YouTube that showed that Jim Adam is the actual CEO of iMouvin.

Why this information wasn’t on the website baffles my mind because when I want to personally join a company I always check out the leadership.

iMouvin Reviews – The Products

For some reason iMouvin doesn’t offer any retail products or services, but you can become an affiliate and promote their affiliate membership.

According to their website, they offer the following in their membership:

  • Forex Training
  • Binary Options Training
  • Bitcoin Trading
  • eCommerce

Now you know a little bit about the products/services, let’s find out what the compensation plan is all about…

iMouvin Compensation Plan

You can invest $379 to $1000 on a promise that you will get a daily ROI for 120 days inside of this company…

  • New – invest $379 and receive up to $7.50 a day ($900 total ROI)
  • Pro – invest $629 and receive up to $12.50 a day ($1500 total ROI)
  • Max – invest $1000 and receive up to $20 a day ($2400 total ROI)

You can also get a 10% referral commission on funds invested by your personally sponsored members.

Recruitment Commissions

When you sponsor a iMouvin affiliate that pays $30 per month, you can earn commissions in their 3×6 Matrix compensation plan.

The positions can be filled up directly or indirectly by your upline and downline members.

Note that commissions are paid out based on what level of the matrix is filled up:

  • Level 1 – $1 per position filled (3 positions to fill)
  • Level 2 – $2 per position filled (9 positions to fill)
  • Level 3 – $3 per position filled (27 positions to fill)
  • Level 4 – $4 per position filled (81 positions to fill)
  • Level 5 – $5 per position filled (243 positions to fill)
  • Level 6 – $5 per position filled (729 positions to fill)

These are paid as long as the affiliate is paying their $30 per month fee.

Residual Commissions

Did you know that every iMouvin affiliate package generates a number of points?

Well if you didn’t, now you know:

  • Express – 10 points
  • New – 50 points
  • Pro – 75 points
  • Max – 100 points

These points are used to pay you residual commissions in their binary compensation plan.

Binary compensation plan just means you have a left and right leg and can be filled directly or indirectly by you upline and downline members.

Binary commissions are paid out using a 2:1 ratio of 1000 points and 500 points.

Once this happens, you get paid the following according to what you invested:

  • Express – $50
  • New – $250
  • Pro – $375
  • Max – $500

Cost To Join iMouvin

iMouvin affiliate membership is $30 per month plus you have to invest in one of the packages below:

  • Express – $100 (Referral and residual commissions only)
  • New – $379
  • Pro – $629
  • Max – $1000

Only difference between the packages is the amount you can earn in the iMouvin compensation plan.

The moment you have been waiting for in this iMouvin review…

Verdict on iMouvin

The biggest problem in iMouvin is their 120 day ROI claim and pretty much guaranteeing this…

They do claim it’s from Forex trading but there isn’t an proof…

Other big flag is it’s not registered with the SEC because it’s technically in the USA which is a big no no…

Let’s think about this logically…

If they can legitimately generate 240% ROI every 120 days, why would they need investments from affiliates?

They could just take a out a bank loan and crush it in a few years…

Because I have been reviewing so many businesses like this, what really is happening is this…

Newly invested funds are used to pay off existing members making this a Ponzi scheme.

Unless iMouvin can prove it’s indeed generating their ROI through trading, my verdict stays this way…

I personally do not recommend to join right now until more information by this company is provided…

I hope you enjoyed my iMouvin review and if you have any questions leave them in the comments below.

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