INFINii Review – Great Business Model or Scam?

Hey everyone, welcome to my INFINii Review

I have been hearing a lot of buzz about this latest eCommerce company with a network marketing compensation plan.

You might have questions like:

  • Does INFINii actually work?
  • Can you make money with it?
  • Is the training easy to follow?

Well, I am here to put some rumors to rest and give you the truth behind this company…

I will be going through the company, the products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision.

Let’s dig in shall we?

INFINii Review – The Company History

INFINii Review

The company is the brain child of Hitesh Juneja (CEO), Kevin Hokoana (COO) and Jason Rose (CFO).

In the past, they have created another company called DS Domination which was a training platform with tools to sell on eBay and Amazon.

It looks like with INFINii, they are taking that concept to the next level with more tools/softwares and new training.

I personally know that eCommerce does work so that’s a good sign so far…

Right now it looks like they are on their soft launch.

Alright, next let’s take a look at the actual products…

INFINii Reviews – The Product Line

There are two classifications when it comes to products…

One is physical products and the other is digital products.

INFINii went the digital product route.

There are three levels you can join at and each one has different trainings and tools.

You only need one level at a time.

For example, Surge level will have Prime in it.  Excel will have Surge and Prime.

PRIME ($49.95 a Month)

This level comes with basic and advanced eBay training that will get you started to drop ship products.

Drop shipping just means once a customer buys your eBay item, you go on the supplier site, place the order and send it to your customer direct.

So you don’t actually need any inventory yourself.

So risk is very minimal.

You also get:

Advanced eBay Listing Tool – You simply put the URL of the supplier site and this tool will populate all the data like description and images etc.

Not to mention you can list an item in under 1 minute.

Bonanza Training – This is another marketplace like eBay but with less restrictions.  For example, eBay gives you a limit when you first get started and might hold your Paypal funds until you deliver the product.

With Bonanza, there are no such limits and no holds.  I would say it’s more newbie friendly.

Also, Bonanza put your products in the Google Search engines for maximum exposure.

Shopping Party Training – You know how most network marketing companies have home parties to display the products?

Well, with INFINii they went a different route.

They call them shopping parties and I will explain why.

In this training, you sell on Amazon by scanning products in other retail stores through an app.

From there, the app will tell you if the product is profitable or not.

If it is profitable, you simply purchase the products and then send them into Amazon Fulfillment Centers.

Now the training actually goes through everything step by step.

So now that your products are in Amazon, they will take care of all shipments, returns and customer service.

I think that’s a pretty neat idea and probably very fun to do lol.

SURGE ($149.95 a Month)

At this level, you get PRIME and the much much more.

Here you will get a special analytic tool for eBay and Amazon that tells you what products are trending and what you should list.

It also goes through your eBay and Amazon items and see what products are your top sellers and what need work.

Shopify Training – You will get step by step training on how to start your shopify store.  This has been a very popular platform lately.

WooCommerce Training – This is kind of like Shopify but you can use this plugin to turn your WordPress site into a store.

Again, you will get step by step training on how to set it up and learn how you can rank products on Google etc.

Boost Sales – This is where you will learn advanced traffic techniques where you will learn how to use Amazon PPC, eBay Social Signals, Customer Service Follow up and eBay SEO.

Excel ($399.95 a Month)

At this level, you get everything in PRIME and SURGE and more…

You know those very expensive Amazon courses that cost anywhere between $1500 to $5000?

At this level, you will learn ALL of that and more.

You will learn how to create your own products and brand them.

You will learn how to use advanced SEO to rank your products on Amazon so you are on the first page.

You will learn how to leverage other Amazon sellers to make you money.

Amazon Buy Box Repricer – Buy box is when Amazon gives you the “Add to Cart” button so you get most of the sales.

With this repricer, it will price your product in a way where you will get the buy box most of the time.

And it’s not the cheapest item that gets it either, there is an algorithm for it.

Third party tools like this cost $100 per month plus 1% of your sales normally.


INFINii Digital – This will be like JVZOO where you can create products/trainings and sell them in this marketplace.

You can even set your commissions as well.

INFINii will take 5%.

INFINii Marketplace – This is where you can use INFINii products to drop ship on your eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Bonanza stores.

This products will have special discounts not found anywhere else.

INFINii – Compensation Plan

INFINii does have one of the best comp plans out there with the highest payout I have personally seen overall.

Here is a great video that explains it all:

INFINii Review – The Conclusion

So if you were paying attention, I put up some common questions in the beginning of this blog post…

  1. Does INFINii actually work?
  2. Can you make money with it?
  3. Is the training easy to follow?

For me to answer them, I had to actually join the company and take it for a rest run…

So this is what I found personally…

Question 1)  INFINii does work, in fact, the top eCommerce sellers have been using these strategies for decades…

Matter of fact, I made money on eBay from the get go…

That was enough evidence for me 🙂

Question 2)  The first product I sold made me a $40 profit…  It took me 2 minutes to list that product…

So YES, you can make money with it.

Question 3)  The training is actually very easy to follow and anyone can implement it.  I am personally not very tech savy and I got through it just fine.

There is one more question that I forgot to post…

Can you make money with INFINii if you don’t want to recruit?

The answer is absolutely YES.

These eCommerce platforms can make you a lot of money if you just take action on them.

You have so many routes you can take and the only way you won’t make money is if you don’t do anything.

Now for the people who love the compensation plan…

I have personally reviewed a ton of companies in the past and I personally never seen anything like this.

This has to be the highest paying compensation plan out there period.

So if you are a builder, I would definitely get into this company.

You will make double what you do anywhere else.

So if you are ready to give this a real shot…

Click Here to Get Started

This company gets my full endorsement and I will be working with my members very closely…

In fact, since this review, I have already enrolled 500+ people in it and have a total team of over 20,000 members.

In other words, we are the fastest growing team in INFINii 🙂

Plus, the biggest benefit you will get is spill overs in the compensation plan…

This is very beneficial for anyone that can sponsor just two people so they are qualified in the comp plan.

So if you are looking for the ultimate opportunity to change your life…

Just look what it did for all of these members….

INFINii Members

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I will be sending you my welcome email with exclusive training bonuses not found anywhere else and also my Facebook support group…

I hope you enjoyed my INFINii review and let’s take this to the next level 🙂

Got questions?  Leave them in the comments below

See you at the top,


-Jesse Singh

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