KZ1 Review – eXfuze Rebrands For Better Products or Scam?

Welcome to my KZ1 Review!

This network marketing company just popped up on my desk and I decided to investigate and see what it was all about.

Chances are someone approached you about the business opportunity and you landed here to make sure it’s legit.

The good news is I am going to walk you through the company, the KZ1 products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision.

Just make sure you PAY close attention and read this to the end…

KZ1 Review – The Company

KZ1 Review

KZ1 began life as eXfuze which was  a nutritional supplement based network marketing company founded back in 2008.

Back in 2008, the company was run by co-founder and CEO, Rick Cotton.

Later, his brother Don took over as the CEO and had that position until December 2016.

However, Don had to step down due to health issues.

Later, there was a join decision between Rick and the eXfuse Board of Directors and put Robert Kelly in charge as the CEO.

October 2017 rolled around and eXfuze changed it’s name to KZ1.

Also their website goes by “Team KZ1” “”

Not sure why the name change.

Maybe it’s easier to read and understand?

Anyway, that’s all I got on the company, let’s look into the products next…

KZ1 Reviews – The Products

KZ1 has three flagship products to choose from:  Seven+ Classic, Impaqt Reset ALX and Impaqt Edge.

Seven+ Classic was originally in eXfuze and seems it hasn’t been changed:

SEVEN+ Classic’s prebiotic whole food extracts and phytonutrients provide vital fiber and polyphenol “food” for the growth of powerful probiotic bacteria such as bifida and Akkermansia.

These microbiota greatly improve the filtering and barrier functions of the gut.

A tight, clean gut, in turn keeps toxins and pathogens from escaping into the bloodstream and helps reverse the tide of modern chronic autoimmune malfunction – with benefits on many, many levels.

This product retails for $106 for a 25 oz bottle which is 740 ML.

Impaqt Reset ALX apparently supports the immune system and helps with allergen management.

This product retails for $132 for a bottle of 60 capsules which will last 2 months.

Impaqt Edge supplement is apparently the most revolutionary “multi-benefit smart drink” health supplement to hit the market.

Impaqt Edge

Now that’s according to KZ1 of course.

Edge is comprised of key nutrients that operate on a cellular level throughout the entire body, especially in the brain.

The magic in Edge lies in a team of key ingredients: curcumin, a vegetable-based DHA (Omega 3 oil), Inositol, Zinc and Beet Extract.

Together, they make an incredible IMPAQT on a myriad of functions in the brain and body.

This product will run you $106 for a box of 30 single-serve sachets.

KZ1 Compensation Plan

KZ1 pays retail commissions every time an affiliate sells products to customers.

This is the different between retail and wholesale pricing.

Also if you have a preferred customer, you can earn a flat 20% cashback.

Preferred customer is a retail KZ1 customer who basically goes on a monthly membership for a 25% discount.

Sponsoring Commissions

KZ1 affiliates are paid when new members sign up with a Bronze, Silver or Gold Pack.

Commission rates are not disclosed here.

Residual Commissions

All residuals are paid through a binary compensation plan.

This just means there is a left and right leg under your position and you can build two teams.

This can be filled directly or indirectly by team members.

You can earn 10% residual commissions on the sales volume on the weaker binary leg.

Any left over volume on the stronger leg is carried over.

Not sure if this is daily, weekly or monthly.

There was no information on that.

Director Check Match Bonus

KZ1 pays a matching bonus on residual commissions earn by downline members.

This is tracked through a unilevel compensation plan structure.

Within the unilevel team, generations are when there is a director or higher ranked member found in a unilevel leg.

So if there are two directors in the same leg, that’s two generations.

However, KZ1 fails to disclose rates and qualifications.

Cost To Join KZ1

KZ1 affiliate  membership is $49.

However, there are optional product packs you can purchase:

  • Bronze Combo Enrollment Pack – $250
  • Silver Combo Enrollment Pack – $550
  • Gold Combo Enrollment Pack – $1050

Main different is the amount of products you can get.

Final Verdict.

So does the KZ1 scam exist?


The name itself might be strange, but according to the website:

“KZ1” is pronounced “crazy one”.

Which doesn’t sound as boring.

However, it wasn’t so obvious lol.

I was just calling it “K”, “Z”, “1”.

Originally, eXfuze sold the Seven+ Classic for $42.97 and now they are charging $106.

What’s up with the price jump?

I couldn’t find anything different about the product?

End of the day, none of these products are FDA approved.

However, I did find some crazy claims online where Seven+ Classc can be used to  treat strokes, gout, diabetes, hair loss, bacterial infections, skin disorders, gastric ulcers, bone fractures, motor sensory neuropathy, thyroid conditions.

If you have ANY of those issues, I would go to the doctor and never rely on a network marketing product.

Overall, the company isn’t a scam, but the products are VERY expensive.

And I can’t see retail customers buying these up like hotcakes…

What could happen is affiliates will be buying them up.

And that’s a  big no no…

If there isn’t any retail happening, company could be considered a pyramid scheme.

I would just approach with caution with this one…

I hope you enjoyed my KZ1 Review and if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below…

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