Lion Streams Review – Legit Business Or Another Scam?

Welcome to my Lion Streams Review!

There has been some talk lately about this MLM opportunity, so I think it’s time for me to do a review!

As always, I recommend researching an MLM before diving in, so thanks for joining me!

I will share information about the company, its products and its compensation plan in this review.

So let’s get right to it!

Lion Streams Review – The Company

lion streams review

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information about who runs or owns the business on the Lion Streams website.

Registered on November 13, 2015, the Lion Streams website domain registration, “”, is set to private.

It is currently estimated that 95% of traffic to the Lion Stream website comes from outside the US.

To me, that means that it is likely that whoever is running Lion Streams is also based out of the US.

When a company isn’t upfront about who is running it, I always say proceed with caution!

So now let’s get into the products!

Lion Streams Reviews – The Products

Again, as with many companies I review, Lion Streams does not offer any retail products or services.

Affiliates who sign up for Lion Streams can only market the affiliate membership itself.

Once an affiliate signs up, Lion Streams requires an investment of $20 to $160 in order to participate in the associated MLM opportunity.

You will then find that these investments are bundled with marketing courses and an Amlogic S905 stream box.

The Lion Streams Compensation Plan

The compensation plan of the Lion Streams opportunity pays affiliates to sponsor new affiliates.

The affiliates can also choose to invest $20 to $160 with a promise of advertised ROIs.

Recruitment Commission Payout

In order to be part of the company, affiliates must pay a monthly fee of $49.95.

The monthly fee is then used to pay monthly recruitment commissions that goes down three levels of recruitment (uni-level):

  • Level 1 (Personally Enrolled members) – $15 per affiliate recruited
  • Level 2 – $10 per affiliate recruited
  • Level 3 – $5 per affiliate recruited

ROI Commission Payout

There are a few different investment queues that Lion Streams affiliates can invest in, each with an advertised ROI:

  • Lion Cub Starter Package – Invest $20 and earn $380 over four cycles
  • Lion Success Marketing Package – Invest $60 and earn $900 over four cycles
  • Lion Streams Media TV Streaming Box – Invest $160 and earn $1825 over four cycles

Once an affiliate invests, they are then placed at the bottom of a queue.

When ten new investments have been made, a cycle is started in the Lion Cub queue.

The other two packages, Lion Streams and Lion Success, have queues that need five new investments in order to trigger a cycle.

Once a cycle is triggered, the top position of the queue will receive a payout and then is put to the bottom of the queue.

As the process continues and repeats, each position moves up one place in the queue.

A Lion Streams affiliate will receive the maximum ROI payable after 4 cycles in their invested package level.

If an affiliate wants to continue earning, they must re-invest in a new position.

Cost To Join Lion Streams

In order to join, affiliates must pay the $49.95 monthly membership fee.

To participate fully, the Lion Streams MLM opportunity requires affiliates to make an additional investment of between $20 and $160.

To invest in all three package levels, it will cost $240.

Lion Streams Review – The Verdict

The fact is Lion Streams doesn’t want you to know who actually runs the show and they have no retail products or services…

If there was an option to buy the Amlogic S905 stream box without becoming an affiliate, then it would have been a little better…

But that’s not the case here…

Also, I noticed the Amlogic S905 stream box is $30 on eBay most of the time…

So overall, there is no reason even getting into Lion Streams if you can get the box on eBay for $30…

I would personally pass on this one and look for something that is legit…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Lion Streams review and if you have any questions, leave them below…

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