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Mama Captain Review – The Company

Mama Captain Review

Mama Captain was launched in October of 2015 and operates in the cryptocurrency area of the MLM world.

When I checked out the website, I saw an “about us” page, but I couldn’t find any information about who owns or operates the company.

The Mama Captain website domain was registered privately as “” on the 14th of October, 2014.

According to online traffic estimates, the two highest sources of traffic to the Mama Captain domain is Malaysia and China.

I also came across an incorporation document for “Mama Captain Gold Enterprise” from the Companies Commission of Malaysia, which identified Chong Cia Yong as the sole proprietor of the company.

Yong is listed as a citizen of Malaysian with a residential address in Penang, Malaysia.

Mama Captain Reviews – The Products

Mama Captain does not have any retail products or services.

Affiliates who sign up with Mama Captain can only market the affiliate membership.

Mama Captain affiliates invest in Barrel Coin, which are points that the company assigns a value to.

  • Every $813,000 invested in Barrel Coins raises the value of Barrel Coin by 0.001
  • Every $2,000,000 of Barrel Coin transaction raises the value of Barrel Coin by 0.003

The company website does not currently provide what this value is.

Barrel Coins can be used at corresponding merchants and on the Mama Harbour e-commerce platform.

The Mama Captain Compensation Plan

Mama Captain affiliates are required to invest between $100 to $10,000 in Mama Share Points:

  • Student – Invest $100 and receive 100 Mama Share Points
  • Uni-Student – Invest $200 and receive 200 Mama Share Points
  • Worker – Invest $500 and receive 500 Mama Share Points
  • Self-Employed – Invest $2000 and receive 2000 Mama Share Points
  • Boss – Invest $5000 and receive 5000 Mama Share Points
  • Entrepreneur – Invest $10,000 and receive 10,000 Mama Share Points

These Mama Share Points are converted into Barrel Coins, which Mama Captain then assigns a value to.

Affiliates can utilize an internal exchange to cash out these Barrel Coins.

If an affiliate signs up for a Self-Employed package for $2000, they must maintain a minimum $4000 balance in Mama Captain if they want to withdraw commissions.

This includes selling Barrel Coins.

Affiliate who withdrawal commissions receive them in percentages, like this:

  • 50% commission withdrawal
  • 20% in Barrel Reward Points (must be spent on merchant products)
  • 20% of withdrawal must be reinvested
  • 10% admin fee

An affiliate can increase their withdrawal amount by up to 50%, but they must meet the affiliate rank qualification criteria below:

  • 1 Star (Sponsor at least two affiliates and have a total downline of at least fifty affiliates) – 10% withdrawal bonus
  • 2 Star (Two personally sponsored affiliates qualify at 1 Star) – 20% withdrawal bonus
  • 3 Star (Two personally sponsored affiliates qualify at 2 Star) – 30% withdrawal bonus
  • 4 Star (Two personally sponsored affiliates qualify at 3 Star) – 40% withdrawal bonus
  • 5 Star (Two personally sponsored affiliates qualify at 4 Star) – 50% withdrawal bonus

Recruitment Commissions

Mama Captain affiliates can also earn income to sponsor new affiliates who invest.

The amount of commission that an affiliates earns depends on which investment package they sign up with:

  • Student and Uni-Student – 12%
  • Worker – 14%
  • Self-Employed – 16%
  • Boss – 18%
  • Entrepreneur – 20%

Residual Commissions

Residual commissions are tracked and paid through a binary compensation structure.

This type of compensation structure puts an affiliate at the top of a binary team that splits into a left and right side.

Level 1 of the binary team holds two positions and level 2 is created by adding another 2 positions under each of the first two, for a total of 4 positions.

Additional binary team levels are created as needed, with every new level holding twice as many positions as the level above it.

Binary team positions are filled by direct and indirect sponsorship of affiliates.

Currently, there is no limit as to how deep the binary team can grow.

Every affiliate investment package has point value assigned to it:

  • Student – 40 points
  • Uni-Student – 80 points
  • Worker – 225 points
  • Self-Employed – 1000 points
  • Boss – 2750 points
  • Entrepreneur – 6000 points

The company counts up new investment volume on both sides of the binary team at the end of every day.

An affiliate earns 10% of matched points on both sides of the binary team.

Daily earnings are capped at the following amounts:

  • Student – $100
  • Uni-Student – $200
  • Worker – $500
  • Self-Employed – $2000
  • Boss – $4000
  • Entrepreneur – $8000

Any volume that is leftover on the stronger binary team side is carried over to the next day.

Matching Bonus

There is also a Matching Bonus that affiliates can earn that is tracked and paid using a unilevel compensation structure.

A Mama Captain unilevel compensation structure puts an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team that places each personally sponsored affiliate right under them on level 1.

When a level 1 affiliate brings in new affiliates, they are put on the second level of the original affiliate’s unilevel team.

When a level 2 affiliate brings in new affiliates, they are put on the third level, and this continues on down as many levels as are needed.

Payable unilevel levels are capped by the Mama Captain company at 10.

The Matching Bonus is a percentage match of the residual binary commissions that are earned by affiliates across these 10 levels.

The amount of unilevel levels that the Matching Bonus is paid out on depends on how much the affiliate has invested:

  • Student and Uni-Student – 6% on levels 1 and 2
  • Worker – 6% on levels 1 to 4
  • Self-Employed – 6% on levels 1 to 6
  • Boss – 6% on levels 1 to 8
  • Entrepreneur – 6% on levels 1 to 10

Haha Points

Haha Points are earned and paid using a 1:1 ratio when a new affiliate joins and invests, like so:

  • Student – Invest $100 and receive 100 Haha Points
  • Uni-Student – Invest $200 and receive 200 Haha Points
  • Worker – Invest $500 and receive 500 Haha Points
  • Self-Employed – Invest $2000 and receive 2000 Haha Points
  • Boss – Invest $5000 and receive 5000 Haha Points
  • Entrepreneur – Invest $10,000 and receive 10,000 Haha Points

Current Mama Captain affiliates earn Haha Points when they sponsor new affiliates who invest.

Haha Points that are associated with affiliate sponsorship are paid at a rate of 40% of binary team points that are earned through new investment.

Haha Points can used for purchases through the company’s Mama Harbour platform.

Cost To Join Mama Captain

The cost to join Mama Captain as an affiliate is an investment in 1 of 6 offered packages:

  • Student – $100
  • Uni-Student – $200
  • Worker – $500
  • Self-Employed – $2000
  • Boss – $5000
  • Entrepreneur – $10,000

The main difference between the above packages is how much an affiliate can potentially earn through the Mama Captain compensation plan.

Verdict on Mama Captain

Although this company does have an e-commerce side where affiliates can purchase items through a online platform, it is not clear who these merchants are exactly…

Also, it seems that the e-commerce side of the business is pretty much glossed over…

The focus of the company is the recruitment of new affiliates in order to drive up the value of the “Barrel Coin”…

The fact that the value is set by the company and is virtually useless outside of the company is a red flag…

The company also doesn’t disclose what this value is…

It is assumed that the value of these “coins” is driven up by new recruitment bringing in new investment….

There are too many aspects that are unclear here…

So my advice is to think carefully before joining this company…

I hope you enjoyed my Mama Captain review and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below…

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