Matrix King Review – Legit Opportunity or Another Scam?

Welcome to my Matrix King Review!

Whether you have been involved in the MLM world for years or you are brand new, researching any new company before signing up is a crucial step.

You want to make sure your investment is in good hands, and what better way is there than learning everything you can about the company before joining it?

And that’s exactly why I write these reviews!

To help you make an informed decision.

My review will cover the company, the products and the compensation plan.

So let’s dig in!

Matrix King Review – The Company

Matrx King review

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any concrete information on the company website in regards to who owns or operates Matrix King.

I did discover that the Matrix King website domain was registered as “matrix-king.com” on the 26th of December 2016.

I also found out that Mohammad Monsuri of Netafraz Hosting is credited as the owner.

I wasn’t able to determine whether Mansuri is running Matrix King or if he is simply an employee of the company who hosts the Matrix King website.

Matrix King Reviews – The Products

Matrix King does not offer any retail products or services.

Affiliates who sign up with Matrix King are only able to market and sell the affiliate membership.

Each Matrix King affiliate membership includes access to a:

personal success product ‘1 YEARS MLM POWER’ for personal and financial empowerment.

The information contained within this learning center and its materials is strictly for personal growth and coaching and educational purposes.

The author of this product is not listed.

The Matrix King Compensation Plan

Affiliates who wish to participate in the Matrix King compensation plan are required to sponsor new affiliates through a 2×4 matrix.

This type of matrix puts an affiliate at the top of a matrix that has 2 positions immediately under them.

These first 2 positions make up the first level of the matrix and the second level is made by adding another 2 positions under each of the first two, for a total of 4 positions.

The third and fourth level of the matrix are made the same way, holding 8 and 16 positions.

Affiliates earn commissions as positions in the matrix are filled through direct and indirect sponsorship of new affiliates.

Affiliates earn $5 for every position they fill in their matrix, and receive an additional $150 bonus once their matrix is full.

Cost To Join Matrix King

The cost to join Matrix King as an affiliate is a $10 matrix position purchase.

The moment you have been waiting for in this Matrix King review…

Conclusion on Matrix King

If there educational products were sold at the retail level, then this would have been legit…

However, they don’t sell any products at the retail level and you have to be an affiliate…

Because of that, this becomes a typical pyramid scheme…

I know some of you didn’t want to hear that, but I am just stating the facts and end of the day you can join whatever you want.

I noticed companies with matrix compensation plans with no retail products never do well past 6 months.

That’s just the truth…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Matrix King review and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below…

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