Mirror Trading International Review – Legit Crypto Trade or Scam?

Welcome to my Mirror Trading International Review!

Are you thinking about joining this crypto trading network marketing company?

Do NOT join before you read this review all the way to the end because I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan.

This way you can make the right decision to join or not.

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Mirror Trading International Review – The Company

Mirror Trading International review

Mirror Trading International specializes in the Forex Trading MLM niche.

Company is incorporated and is based out of South Africa.

The man behind the company is Johann Steynberg who is the CEO and founder of Mirror Trading International.

Before this company, Steynberg heavily promoted a company called Synek Global.

According to Steynberg’s twitter account, it looks like he loves the idea of cryptocurrency.

Another thing he advertised was a post that said “learn how to turn $25 into $75 over and over”:

Johann Steynberg

I guess that didn’t get too far…

Anyway, let’s keep going in this Mirror Trading International review…

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Mirror Trading International Reviews – The Products

Mirror Trading International service

This company has no retail products or services, but you can promote the affiliate membership.

Now their website does get into what is bundled with their affiliate membership.

They mention how they do same day trading and how your money will compound.

Apparently they pay within 48 hours as well…

Mirror Trading International Compensation Plan

Members invest $100 or more on a promise of a trading return.

How long is the investment period?

The investment period is continuous and you will continue to earn profits as long as you keep the minimum balance of 0.01 BTC in your trading account.

Sponsoring Commissions

You can earn 10% commissions on the funds invested by your personally sponsored members.

Residual Commissions

Mirror Trading International pays residual commissions through a binary compensation plan structure.

Binary compensation plan has two legs under your position, left and a right.

binary compensation plan

These positions under you can be filled directly or indirectly by you and your team members.

The amount of levels you get paid will depend on how much you invested to start with:

  • Invest $200 to $999 and earn residual commissions down ten binary team levels
  • Invest $1000 to $4999 and earn residual commissions down twenty binary team levels
  • Invest $5000 to $9999 and earn residual commissions down thirty binary team levels
  • Invest $10,000 or more and earn on your full binary team (unlimited depth)

Residual commissions are paid out weekly and pays you 20% of company wide generated returns.

It’s pretty much on the investment volume…


Cost To Join Mirror Trading International

Cost to joining this company will run you at least $100 investment.

To be part of the compensation plan, you must put in $200.

All funds are received and paid in bitcoin.

Mirror Trading Forex Review Video

Final Verdict

So does the Mirror Trading International scam exist?

Well, because they are promising a return it’s considered securities.

South Africa is regulated by Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) and it looks like Mirror Trading International or Johann Steynberg isn’t registered with the FSCA.[1]

This means they are offering illegal securities in South Africa.

Every country Mirror Trading International operates in requires them to register with their securities division.

Anyway, because there is no proof of trading or external income other than recruitment, this is nothing but a ponzi scheme. [2]

Meaning newly invested funds are paying existing members and that’s it…

Because of that, I do NOT recommend this company in my humble opinion.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Mirror Trading International review and if you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment section below.

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