Modern Money Team Review – Legit Business or Another Scam?

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Whether you’re a first timer to the MLM world or have been in the marketing niche for a long time, it is always a good idea to do extensive research about any new company before jumping in.

Maybe you have come across an opportunity in your web searches or someone has approached you, but either way, I’m glad you’re here to learn more!

In this blog, you’ll learn all the necessary information you need to know about the company, the products and compensation plan.

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Modern Money Team Review – The Company

Moderen Money Team review

This company provides little to no information on their website about who owns or operates the business.

A little research revealed that the company’s website domain “” was registered privately on the 25th day of May, 2017.

More research revealed that the businesses affiliates name Dan Putnam as the CEO of the business.

I’m not sure why this information isn’t provided on the company’s website.

Back in 2012, Dan Putnam first appeared on the MLM scene as an owner of EPX Body, and in 2014 he launched another company called One80.

One80 was a transition to online marketing tools for Putnam, whereas EPX Body was a legit MLM business opportunity with retail products.

One80 collapsed just one year later and was then followed up with the launch of Let Us Close, which was a sponsorship business opportunity that lasted for a just a few short months.

After a few months of the launch, Let Us Close was followed by The Elite Networker, which was also a monthly-fee sponsorship opportunity.

Shortly after The Elite Networker launched, it was was found to be unsuccessful and was deserted.

Putnam came back with a reboot of One80 in mid 2016 that was marked as an adcredit business opportunity.

In January 2017, online traffic estimates showed a sharp decline in interest.

The failure of the One80 reboot is likely why Putnam launched Modern Money Team.

Interesting so far?  Continue to read for the complete review of this MLM business opportunity!

Modern Money Team Review – The Products

Modern Money Team does not offer any retail products or services.

The compensation plan of Modern Money Team includes a “customer” class that cannot earn commissions.

There is a marketing video on the company’s website suggesting that the business will offer investment in a mining pool, along with profits through cryptocurrency trading.

When you join Modern Money Team, you’ll begin learning all the ins and outs of trading and mining cryptocurrency.

This video also focuses on a system that requires affiliates to pay twenty dollars followed by “finding 2” who do the same.

There is nothing in this video mentioning any retail customers, products, or services offered.

The Modern Money Team Compensation Plan

Once an affiliate joins, they must invest between $50 and $3000 or more for a passive ROI over a set amount of time.

According to the company, an investment of $3000 is referred to as renting a “mining machine”.

A $50 or $300 investment is referred to as a “share” of the mining machines.

An affiliate’s $3000 mining machine investment will yield 75% of the value of the machine’s mining actions for the life of that machine.

A smaller investment of $50 or $300 will yield 1% or 10% of accumulated mining revenue (1% or 7.5%).

Modern Money Team Affiliate Ranks

The company’s compensation plan has 6 affiliate ranks.

Together with the qualification criteria they are as follows:

  • Promoter – Invest in a mining machine or share and convince at least one retail customer or personally sponsored affiliate to do so the same
  • Qualified Promoter – Maintain a mining machine or share investment and convince at least two retail customer and/or personally recruited affiliates to do so the same (one placed on either side of the binary team)
  • Manager – Maintain a mining machine or share investment and generate at least $1000 in weaker binary side volume a week
  • Regional Manager – Maintain a mining machine or share investment and generate at least $2500 in weaker binary side volume a week
  • Vice President – Maintain a mining machine or share investment and generate at least $5000 in weaker binary side volume a week
  • Global Vice President – Maintain a mining machine or share investment and generate at least $7500 in weaker binary side volume a week

The Modern Money Team compensation plan does not state anything, however it is likely that every affiliate will have to pay twenty dollars every month to maintain their mining machine and/or share investments “active”.

Direct Commissions

These commissions are paid on mining machine & share purchases by sponsored affiliates and retail customers.

  • A $3000 mining machine investment generates a $200 commission
  • A $300 share investment generates a $20 commission
  • A $50 share investment generates a $3.33 commission (this is assumed, not clear in the company’s compensation plan)

Residual Commissions

The company pays out residual commissions through a binary compensation structure.

This binary compensation structure puts an affiliate at the very top of a binary team that divides into 2 sides (left & right).

The 1st level of the binary team holds 2 positions and the 2nd level is created by dividing the first 2 positions into a further 2 positions each (4 positions).

Additional levels are created as needed, with every new level holding two times as many positions as the level before it.

Binary team positions are filled through a direct and indirect sponsorship of affiliates.

Keep in mind that there are no limitations on how far this binary team can grow.

The monthly fees, share investment and new mining machine generates volume on each side of the binary team:

  • $20 monthly fee payments through retail customers & affiliates gives $20
  • A $3000 mining machine investment gives $100
  • A $300 share investment gives $10
  • A $50 share investment gives $1.66 (this is assumed, not clear in the company’s compensation plan)
  • 10% of accumulated mining earnings is put towards binary volume

The business tallies up new volume on each sides of the binary team at the end of every week.

An affiliate is compensated up to 20% of the volume accumulated on their weaker binary side.

Remember that the company’s affiliate must be qualified as a Qualified Promotor or higher in order to receive residual commissions.

Matching Bonus

The affiliates of Modern Money Team will get a 50% match on residual commissions that are earned by personally sponsored affiliates.

Generational Bonus

The company’s affiliates can also earn a Generational Bonus on not more than 5 generations of affiliates, payable through a unilevel compensation structure.

This type of compensation structure puts an affiliate at the very top of a unilevel team that places each personally sponsored affiliate directly beneath them (level 1).

When a level 1 affiliate sponsors new affiliates, they are put on the second level of the original affiliate’s unilevel team.

When a level 2 affiliate sponsors new affiliates, they are put on the third level, and this continues on down as many levels as are needed.

A generation within the modern money team compensation plan is identified when a Manager or higher ranked affiliate is found in a unilevel leg.

This Manager affiliate ends the 1st generation of that leg and the 2nd generation starts right after, going down until the next Manager or higher ranked affiliate is found.

If there is no appropriately ranked affiliate found, then the 2nd generation of the unilevel leg will go down the complete length of the leg.

If there is an appropriately ranked affiliate discovered, then the 2nd generation will end and the 3rd will begin.

Applying this generation model, Managers & higher ranked company affiliates can get the Generational Bonus on no more than 5 generations for each individual unilevel leg.

  • Manager ranked affiliates get a 10% Generational Bonus on up to two generations per unilevel leg
  • Regional Manager affiliates get a 10% Generational Bonus on up to three generations per unilevel leg
  • Vice President affiliates get a 10% Generational Bonus on up to four generations per unilevel leg
  • Global Vice President affiliates get a 10% Generational Bonus on up to five generations per unilevel leg

Cost to Join Modern Money Team

The cost to join Modern Money Team as an affiliates is presently free.

In order to be qualified for commissions, an affiliate has to invest a minimum of $300 or $3000 in a mining machine rental or share.

Although it’s not clear because there is no information available regarding this, it seems that a $20 a month fee is collected to keep an affiliate’s investment status as “active”.

Verdict on Modern Money Team

Although it seems like a retail side to this business is possible, it is probably unlikely due to the sheer lack of evidence that any mining is actually taking place….

Another problem with this company is that they are offering cryptocurrency securities, which requires registration with the SEC…

However, a little research showed that there is no company by the name of Modern Money Team or any derivative that is registered with the SEC…

This means that they are offering unregistered securities, which is a clear violation of the US Securities and Exchange Act…

Just these two facts alone should be enough to cause alarm bells to go off…

So, if you are thinking of investing in this company, please keep this in mind…

I hope you enjoyed my Modern Money Team review and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below…

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