MX RevShare Review – Legit Business Opportunity or Scam?

Welcome to my MX Revshare review!

There has been ton of buzz about this company lately, so I decided to investigate what it was all about.

It’s completely pegged to 100 in Google Trends Below:

Either someone approached you in person or on social media and now you want to make sure this company is actually legit right?

First, congratulations on actually doing your research, so many people just jump into business opportunities without knowing the facts.

Then they realized they joined a scam.

Don’t be that person!

Well, you can’t because you are reading this blog post 🙂

In this review, I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision to join.

Find out if this is legit or a scam!

MX Revshare Review

MX Revshare Review – The Company

MX Revshare is the brain child of James Lee Valentine who is the founder.

The MX Revshare domain name was purchased on September 25th of 2015.

According to the domain registration the address is Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, but Valentine is lives in the Philippines.

In the past, James has promoted and launched:

  • Supreme Wealth Alliance
  • MX Fast Money

Both of them don’t exist today and are on the scammy side if you ask me…

Maybe MX Revshare is different, you will find out soon enough…

MX Revshare Reviews – The Products

MX Revshare doesn’t have any retail products or services for sale for customers.

Instead you can become an affiliate and promote the actual membership.

Once you join, MX Revshare members invest in “Ad Packs” to become part of the business opportunity.

When you buy an Ad Pack, you get advertising credits which can be used to promote your banner ads on their website.

Alright, now you know about the products…

Let’s take a look at the compensation plan next…

MX Revshare Compensation Plan

In the MX Revshare compensation plan, you can paid with ROI’s and sponsoring people in the business.

Ad Pack ROI

When MX Revshare members invest $5 to $50, they get a promise of an advertised 110% ROI.

It looks like this:

  • Invest $5 and receive $5.50 (capped at $550)
  • Invest $25 and receive $27.50 (capped at $13,750)
  • Invest $50 and receive $55

If you take a look at the caps, that is the maximum you can earn at that investment level.

Another thing you must do to qualify for an ROI is to click on ten company supplied ads per day.

Referral Commission Payout

Referral commissions are paid out through the MX Revshare unilevel structure.

If you don’t know what that looks like, check this out:

  • You
  • Level 1:  Personally enrolled members
  • Level 2:  Level 1’s personally enrolled members
  • Level 3:  Level 2’s personally enrolled members

Now in this compensation plan, there are 3 tiers and commissions are paid out on investments:

  • Level 1 (Personally recruited affiliates) – 10%
  • Levels 2 and 3 – 5%

There is one catch, you have to reinvest 5% on level 1, 2.5% on levels 2 and 3.

Cost To Join MX Revshare

The actual affiliate membership is free.

If you want to get paid in the compensation plan, you must invest at least $5 to get started.

MX Revshare Review – The Verdict

The major issue with most of these Revshare programs is that the ROI’s come from newly invested funds to pay existing members.

There is no other source of income coming into the company.

This just means once the recruitment slows down, so will the ROI payment until it completely stalls.

The Revshares that have other sources of income coming in do well and those are very rare…

This was the big give away that newly invested funds are paid to existing members:

If I choose to quit using your services after I’ve made a purchase, can I get a refund?

ANSWER: No refunds, because all revenues are already shared with all active members and commissions paid to your referring sponsor.

No refunds…

I personally don’t recommend companies like this…

It’s for the lottery mentality people and they get burned.

If you want to really start an online business, you have to start thinking like an entrepreneur not an employee.

I will show you guys what I have been doing shortly, but first…

I hope you enjoyed my MX Revshare review and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.

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