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NetQube Review – The Company

Netqube review

Located in the state of Louisiana in the USA, the company runs its operations inside the MLM niche of social networking.

As I am writing this blog, I noticed the company website is showing some malfunctions when trying to click on the “Out Time” section.

I was, however, able to find out that Dan Wolfanger is the acting CEO of the company.

Wolfanger has a prior career in MLM industry, with his history detailing his participation in Divvee.

Seeing that the NetQube’s website domain was registered in September of 2017, it seems likely that Wolfanger left Divvee sometime after last summer. 

NetQube Reviews – The Products

netqube compensation plan

At the time of writing this, NetQube doesn’t have any products or services for affiliates to purchase or sell.

But anyone wanting to sign up as an affiliate with NetQube can market retail sales by using a social space for company affiliates called NQsocial.

Those who visit the NQsocial website will see a marketing video and not much else,  as visitors will be met with a message saying “You are not authorized,” so its definitely for affiliates only.

The NetQube Compensation Plan

Affiliates looking to take part in the company compensation plan are required to sign up and invest into the company.

The company compensation plan uses a 3×10 matrix model to pay its affiliates their combined sponsorship and residual commissions.

Recruitment Commissions

Company affiliates earn $25 for each personally sponsored affiliate.

Sponsorship bonuses are earned and paid out by the company to affiliates according to the following qualifications:

  • Sponsor 4 affiliates within 30 days = $50 bonus
  • Sponsor 6 affiliates within 60 days = $50 bonus
  • Sponsor 15 affiliates within 120 days = $500 bonus
  • Sponsor 25 affiliates within 180 days = $1000 bonus
  • Sponsor 50 affiliates within 12 months = $3000 bonus

Company affiliates that personally sponsor 6 new affiliates within 60 days of first signing up will earn an extra $50 bonus for an additional 4 affiliates sponsored.

NOTE: if affiliates meet the qualifications as shown above, the bonuses are considered sequential and will stack up.

Qube Commissions

There is a commission for a set volume amount achieved by an affiliate’s personal purchase of products and their retail customers sales, referred to as a “Qube.”

The company compensation plan does not specify the exact amount it takes to “fill” a Qube, but it does imply that the amount may vary.

There is a $10 commission that will be earned by an affiliate when he or she fills a Qube.

A company affiliate must fill 15 Qubes monthly to meet the requirements for the Qube commission (therefore, a minimum of $150 in commissions will be earned), but the company gives an exception for the affiliate’s 1st month.

Residual Commissions

The company affiliates earn residual commissions through a 3×10 matrix model.

The 3×10 matrix puts an affiliate onto the top of the matrix, where 3 positions are right underneath the top affiliate.

These 3 positions now create the first level of the matrix and the second level of the matrix is made by dividing each position on the first level into another 3 positions each (where the second level will hold 9 positions total).

In the 3×10 matrix model, the third to tenth levels of the matrix are created in the same respect, and every new level will hold 3X the amount of matrix positions as the level before it.

The amount of matrix levels a company affiliate can earn on is centered on his or her sponsorship of affiliates:

  • Sponsor 1 affiliate and earn on 5 matrix levels
  • Sponsor 2 affiliates and earn on 6 matrix levels
  • Sponsor 3 affiliates and earn on 7 matrix levels
  • Sponsor 4 affiliates and earn on 8 matrix levels
  • Sponsor 5 affiliates and earn on 9 matrix levels
  • Sponsor 6 affiliates and earn on 10 matrix levels

There is a 100% match payout for residual commissions achieved on Qube payments by affiliates in the matrix model.

This match payout of 100% will also pay the $10 per filled Qube through the matrix model.


Through an affiliate and their downline team, the Q-Bonuses are centered on the Qube volume filled monthly.

  • Generate 500 filled Qubes in a month and qualify for a Q1 Bonus
  • Generate 3000 filled Qubes in a month and qualify for a Q2 Bonus
  • Generate 10,000 filled Qubes in a month and personally sponsor and maintain at least three Q1 affiliates and qualify for a Q3 Bonus
  • Generate 50,000 filled Qubes in a month and personally sponsor and maintain at least three Q2 affiliates and qualify for a Q4 Bonus
  • Generate 250,000 filled Qubes in a month and personally sponsor and maintain at least three Q3 affiliates and qualify for a one-time $50,000 Q-Bonus
  • Generate 1,700,000 filled Qubes in a month and personally sponsor and maintain at least three Q4 affiliates and qualify for a one-time $100,000 Q-Bonus and “brand new Tesla” car
  • Generate 5,000,000 filled Qubes in a month and personally sponsor and maintain at least three Q5 affiliates and qualify for a one-time $500,000 Q-Bonus
  • Generate 10,000,000 filled Qubes in a month and personally sponsor and maintain at least three Q6 affiliates and qualify for a one-time $1,000,000 Q-Bonus

NOTE: The Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 Bonuses earned will vary on a monthly basis.

The amounts for the Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 Bonuses are not stated in the company compensation plan.

Cost To Join NetQube

The cost to join NetQube as an affiliate is a $199.95 membership.

Verdict of NetQube

Great news, you’ve made it to the end of my review, and here is where I can now tell you that I do not think that this company is 100% legit…

The company basically comes down to its affiliates being able to achieve sales in retail by using the company’s social network, NQsocial; and if this is possible the company and its affiliates can keep on going.

To put this into terms we can all make sense of, imagine the last time you bought something online because you saw it advertised on social media or just mentioned on social media.

Now, if you add commissions earned to the mix, it will be very easy to see why poeple sign up and start using the company’s social media to start spamming.

The platform of this company is similar to the owner’s last venture:

Earn reward point by simply taking a few minutes a day to share their opinions and thoughts on some of the hottest new technologies and mobile apps just being released to the public.”

The company marketing presentation shows that they will grow the concept of using apps like other comparable companies.

But let’s be realistic…

Getting a new social media platform going these days is virtually impossible with giants like Facebook and Instagram out there…

And the last business venture like NetQube, namely Divvee, tried to do the exact same thing, but failed to grow beyond the affiliates who joined and tried to promote it to others.

So, with the social media portion of this company not being viable, all that is left is the recruitment aspect.

And that means that commissions earned are coming from recruiting new affiliates into the company…

And as we have seen before, once recruitment dies down, so will income coming into the company.

Leaving affiliates high and dry without their investments…

My advice? Be careful with this company as you are likely to lose your investment…

I hope you enjoyed my NetQube review and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below…

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