NHT Global Review – Legit Company or Just Another Scam? Find Out…

Welcome to my NHT Global Review!

Recently here in cyberspace, I have heard some whispers about this business opportunity, so I figured it was time to take a look and examine the company’s proposal for new members and share a breakdown with you!

I always say it’s in your best interest to research any potential company investment before you sign up!

Finding out the important details about a business before you sign up will only benefit you, as well as better prepare you to make informed decisions if investing with a company becomes something you want to pursue.

In my review, I will provide you with vital information about the company, its products and the compensation plan offered to members.

Get ready, because here we go!

NHT Global Reviews – The Company

NHT Global Review

The founder of the company is identified as Terry LaCore, who first launched the company in 2001 under the name Lexxus International, which is now NHT Global.

The company runs its business in the MLM niche of health, nutrition and personal care and it a subsidiary of National Health Trends Corp.

These companies are centered from the USA, in the state of California.

The current President of the company is Chris Sharng, whose corporate biography states:

Mr. Sharng was appointed President of NHTC in February 2007.

He previously served as Executive Vice President and CFO of NHTC from August 2004 to February 2007, and during that time he also performed functions of the principal executive officer.

Prior to NHTC, Mr. Sharng held management positions at NorthPole Limited as CFO, Ultrak Inc. as Senior Vice President and CFO, and Mattel, Inc. as Vice President of International Finance.

As far as I can tell, this company is the first MLM venture for Sharng.

The rebranding of the company to NHT Global came about in 2006.

Just as some background information, there have been some legal issues over the years with this company, but everything has been resolved since their last case in 2016.

NHT Global Reviews – The Products

NHT Global products

The company offers a wide-range of goods within the wellness, lifestyle, herbal and beauty niches.

Personal Care

BioCell SC – “A powerful multi-tasking facial mask infused with an ultra-moisturizing essence that instantly rejuvenates the appearance of tired and aging skin”, retails at $76.93 for a box of seven 25 ml pouches

  • Botanical Hand Protector – “An ultra-buttery hand cream that instantly nourishes and hydrates”, retails at $28.57 for a 2 oz tube
  • Complete Renewal 8 Age Defying Hair Mask – “An intensive treatment that targets 8 major signs of aging hair”, retails at $34.29 for a 150 ml tub
  • Skindulgence Time Restore – A “powerful 2-step system comprised of an all-over daily skin moisturizing essence and a powerful eye cream”, retails at $125.11 a set
  • Skindulgence BioCell Mask – “A patented bio cellulose facial mask that hydrates, moisturizes and softens skin”, retails at $89.29 for a box of seven 45 g pouches
  • Skindulgence Facelift – “Look years younger with the Skindulgence® 30-Minute Non-Surgical Facelift System”, retails at $89.29 a set

Not mentioned on the company’s online retail store, but featured on the product page, is a “SkinDulgence BioCell Mask” item sold by the company in their personal care line.


  • LivaPro – “Help protect the liver against free radicals, support healthy liver function, promote the detoxification of unwanted substances, help improve our overall mood, and provide other uplifting benefits”, retails at $110 for a bottle of 90 capsules
  • Purus – “Help you maintain a healthy circulatory system, improve blood flow and circulation, and support cardiovascular function”, retails at $114.29 for a bottle of 90 capsules
  • Cordyceps Mycelia CS-4 – “Help maintain kidney health and improve occasional sleeplessness to promote deeper, more restful sleep”, retails at $120 for a bottle of 90 capsules


  • Alura Lux – An “Innovative topical vasodilator is clinically proven to improve vaginal lubrication”, retails at $54.29 for a 17 ml bottle
  • LaVie – “Promote cardiovascular health, help maintain healthy circulatory function, and help by neutralizing free radicals associated with LDL oxidation”, retails at $42.86 for a 32 oz. bottle


  • CurcuMore – “Designed to help you live your best life possible from age 20 to 100”, retails at $87.14 for a bottle of 60 capsules
  • Enhanced Essential Probiotics – “Helps support the health of our digestive system, protecting our immune system and safeguarding our intestinal tract from “bad bacteria.””, retails at $60.71 for a box of thirty 3 g single-serve sticks
  • OcuFocus – “The world’s most eye-friendly nutrients in a single formula”, retails at $100 for a bottle of 60 capsules
  • StemRenu – “An advanced renewal complex that harnesses the power of signal molecule technology to rejuvenate the body”, retails at $100 for a bottle of 60 capsules ($328 for five bottles)
  • Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids – “Extracted from high quality fish and made in the USA”, retails at $61.43 for a bottle of 60 capsules
  • ReStor Vital – “Energizes you throughout the day”, retails at $88.71 for a 2 oz. bottle
  • Premium Noni Juice – “Naturally provides vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and bioflavonoids, and works at a cellular level in the body to support the natural function of the immune system”, retails at $63.57 for a 32 oz. bottle or $91.43 for a box of twenty 2 fl. oz. pouches
  • ReStor Silver – “The first nutritional supplement specifically formulated to target Ca2+Atpase”, retails at $81.50 for a 2 oz. bottle
  • Cluster X2 – “Created to benefit the body with increased and more efficient cell hydration”, retails at $80.71 for a 4 fl. oz. bottle
  • Triotein – “A high-quality, 99% lactose-free whey protein powder that provides that amino acid substrates needed to stimulate the body’s production of intracellular glutathione peroxidase (GSH)”, retails at $120 for a 13.5 oz canister or $62.86 for a box of fifteen single-serve sachets
  • Trifusion Max – “Combining some of the world’s most exotic superfruits including acai berry, mangosteen, goji berry, and lychee, this remarkable fusion creates a phytonutrient explosion to provide the body what it needs to help function at its prime”, retails at $39.44 for a 16.9 fl. oz. bottle
  • Glucosamine 2200 – “Creates building blocks to promote joint health and cartilage production”, retails at $49.29 for a bottle of 90 capsules
  • FibeRich – “Contains 1 billion compound high-density probiotics protecting your digestive tract and helping your body to absorb vitamins, minerals and nutrients”, retails at $44.29 for a 6.9 oz. tub
  • Energin – “Helps to promote a healthy physical as well as mental lifestyle”, retails at $60.79 for a bottle of 90 capsule

Also, not listed on the company’s online retail store is the product “BeautyGlo” which is featured on the wellness products page.

The NHT Global Compensation Plan

Affiliates looking to take part in the company compensation plan need to sign up and invest into the company.

The proposed company compensation plan put forth by the company is a 3-tier unilevel and a residual binary plan.

Commissions earned by affiliates are achieved only by retail consumer purchases and personal orders.

NHT Global Affiliate Ranks

The company compensation plan has 4 rankings for affiliates.

Here are the 4 ranks with their criteria to qualify:

  • Bronze – Generate 90 PV in a single-order (can be self-purchased)
  • Silver – Sign up with a Business Builder’s Package and purchase 250 PV of product, or generate either 500 accumulated PV or 1500 accumulated GV (min 250 PV)
  • Gold – Sign up with a Business Builder’s Package and purchase 1000 PV of product, or generate either 1250 accumulated PV or 3000 accumulated GV (min 250 PV, max 1000 PV)
  • Platinum – Sign up with a Business Builder’s Package and purchase 1250 PV of product, or purchase 1250 PV of product in a single-order at any time

PV (Personal Volume) is the achieved sales volume through sales to retail consumers and personal orders.

GV (Group Volume) is the tally of the total PV achieved through an affiliate’s orders and their entire downline team.

Commission Qualification

A 90 PV monthly minimum must be met by an affiliate in order to be qualified for the MLM commission earnings.

Retail Commissions

The company allows affiliates to earn commissions when products are sold to retail consumers.

The retail commission rates are earned on the amount of the retail cost of the ordered products minus the wholesale cost of the product.

Residual Commissions (unilevel)

The company uses a unilevel compensation model to pay out residual commissions to its affiliates.

The unilevel compensation model puts an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team that places any personally sponsored affiliate on level 1 right underneath the original affiliate.

When a level 1 affiliate sponsors new affiliates, they are then put onto level 2 of the original affiliate’s unilevel team.

When a level 2 affiliate sponsors new affiliates, they are then placed onto level 3, and levels continue to be created like this down as many levels as are needed.

Payable unilevel levels are capped at Level 3, where commissions that are paid out will be done so as a percentage of sales volume achieved among those 3 levels:

  • Bronze affiliates earn 3% on level 1 (personally sponsored affiliates)
  • Silver affiliates earn 5% on level 1 and 3% on level 2
  • Platinum and Gold affiliates earn 10% on level 1, 5% on level 2 and 3% on level 3

Residual Commissions (binary)

The company uses a binary compensation model to pay residual commissions to its affiliates.

The binary compensation model puts an affiliate onto the top of a binary team, where the next level is divided into a left and right side.

The 1st level of a binary team will hold two positions and the 2nd level of the binary team is made by dividing the first two positions into a further two positions each, creating 4 positions in total on level 2.

Any future levels of the binary team are made as needed, and each new level will hold 2X as many positions as the level before it.

The binary team positions are filled through direct and indirect sponsorship of new affiliates.

NOTE:  The company does not limit the growth of how deep a binary team may grow to.

Through personal and retail orders, affiliates will accumulate sales volume throughout the whole binary team.

The ending of every week is when the company will add up the total of the new sales volume on both the left and right side of the binary team model.

Every 3750 GV achieved in the binary team model will earn affiliates commissions on a 1/3 to 2/3 ratio.

Meaning that 2500 GV can be matched with 1250 GV on the other side of the binary team model.

Either side can have the 2500 GV, with the other side would need the 1250 GV.

When a cycle occurs at the 1/3 to 2/3 ratio, a commission will be earned by affiliates.

  • Bronze affiliates earn $62.50 per cycle
  • Silver affiliates earn $125 per cycle
  • Gold and Platinum affiliates earn $250 per cycle

Any unmatched volume will be carried over to the following week, once the weekly calculation for cycles have been done,

NOTE: The company caps residual binary commissions earned by affiliates at $50,000.

Matching Bonus

Affiliates can earn on their residual binary commissions with the company’s payout as a Matching Bonus.

Payable unilevel levels are capped at Level 3, where commissions that are paid out will be done so as a percentage of residual binary commissions achieved among those 3 levels:

  • Bronze affiliates are paid a 3% match on level 1 (personally sponsored affiliates)
  • Silver affiliates are paid a 5% match on level 1 and 3% on level 2
  • Gold and Platinum affiliates are paid a 10% match on level 1, 5% on level 2 and 3% on level 3

Cost To Join NHT Global

The cost to join NHT Global as an affiliate will include a $75 membership.

There will be a $9.95 fee every month after a 60-day period following sign up.

The company offers new affiliates the option to wave the signup fee when new affiliates purchase a Business Builder’s Package:

  • StemRenu Bronze Package – $180
  • Personal Wellness Gold Package – $948
  • Alura Lux and Skindulgence Gold Package – $849
  • Skindulgence Platinum Package – $2188
  • StemRenu Platinum Package – $2188
  • Platinum Wellness Package – $2288

Affiliates that purchase a Business Builder’s Package have their first 12 months monthly fee waived by the company.

Affiliate’s ranked at the Platinum level are exempt from monthly fees altogether.

Also, affiliates ranked at the Platinum level enjoy a 6 month exemption from the required qualifications for the MLM commission.

Verdict of NHT Global

Marvellous, you’ve made it to the end of my review, and now I will tell you why I don’t think this company is 100% legit…

Since the company opened, they managed to widen their range of products, which is great since affiliates widen their consumer demographic and possibly make more money.

The pricing of their products also reflects on the costs needed when starting up with this business opportunity.

The company’s focus is having affiliates sign up as a Gold or Platinum affiliate and then have them sponsor new members that also sign up as Gold or Platinum affiliates.

The rest of the company’s intention is to have affiliates sign up and pay, however this is against regulations to have a “pay to play” business opportunity.

The affiliates ranking at Bronze, Silver or Gold memberships will have their rank directly impact their earning potential.

The company should be flat rate with the fees, however waived fees from higher ranks is not the most ideal practice, and offering greater wholesale discounts to those higher ranks is also not ideal…

If the company wants to be more legitimate they need to offer a flat rate across all of the ranks, with no exceptions.

The last part of the signing up process is the residual commissions affiliates can earn from the company…

The company says it has a “direct bonus payment for sponsoring new members,” well sponsorship commissions called by any other name would sound just as sweet, wouldn’t it?

Well in this case, retail volume does have a payout as well, so I can’t call it that outright.

But if there are not enough retail sales going on among all 3 levels of the team, you could really see sponsorship commissions pretty much present on initial orders and then become present on all affiliate orders there on out.

In the MLM world, we kind of expect autoship to be part of the deal (the compensation plan), and here the company vaguely suggests that:

“While there is no product purchase required, your business will probably grow and flourish more quickly if you are a satisfied product user and have product on hand to share with others.

We recommend that you choose the NHT Global Product Package that best suits the goals and needs for your business.”

Reading between the lines of this courtesy message for new affiliates, we can see that the company would expect affiliates to order product without retail sales coming first…and that my friends is autoship and the trouble with autoship…but it is an “entirely optional” option.

The company discloses their 2017 Income and in that Disclosure Statement, 31% of active company affiliates made less than $1000 each…

Basically, the company is saying affiliates are buying most for personal use; and here is why most affiliates are only claiming up to $500 or less:

“In order to maintain ongoing activation, an RBC must have a minimum of 35 BV points of PV through Autoship in each activation period until the RBC has earned a total accumulation of $500 in team bonus commission income and then must have a minimum of 70 points of PV in each activation period thereafter whether or not the RBC is on Autoship.

If the RBC is not on Autoship prior to earning $500 of accumulated commission, the minimum requirement will be 70 BV points of PV per activation period.”

Why pay or commit to more than you can or want to? …

So, the mandatory 35 BV autoship every month for any affiliate who hasn’t managed to make $500 does exist, and there is no mandatory purchase every 12 months to stay active, that’s definitely a rumour that started somewhere.

This is pretty odd to have the company state affiliates are just members, because they want the product at a discounted rate…

Honestly if you want offer discounts that’s what a preferred customer policy or membership is for, and don’t forget about that option as a business owner.

This is a horrid excuse to get affiliates to sign up at a higher cost just for some discounts or perks…

The company needs to help guarantee affiliates are making money if they put up that kind of money and then expect those affiliates to purchase more stock on top of the money they put in when signing up.

Before signing up, what potential affiliates need to do is ask the person trying to sponsor him or her into the biz how they’re meeting their PV required qualification on a monthly basis.

See if the sponsoring affiliate is making that by an autoship order only, because they should also be making 90 PV monthly in retail sales (otherwise its personal use and you have no time to be sponsored into a company where you pay to join and then pay to get products continuously simply to stay “active” and qualify for commissions).

My advice? I would test out the products first and see how you like them…

If they are good, then you can be an affiliate that actually makes retail sales and you will be fine 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my NHT Global review and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below…

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