Nine University Review – (2020) Legit Amazon FBA Course or Scam?

Welcome to my third party unbiased Nine University Review!

There has been a lot of buzz about this course specially on Facebook and I decided to do a quick review just to see what it was all about.

Chances are you have seen their Facebook Ad which is put together pretty well and I like their style.

No Lamborghini’s or flashy materialistic stuff.

Just two dudes and a white board lol.

So before you decided to purchase this course, make sure you read this to the end…(I am not an affiliate).

What Is Nine University

Nine University is a 7 week course that was created by Tayler Hiott and Kale Abrahamson that go through setting up an Amazon FBA business quickly and start making some profit.

Initial impressions is they are doing pretty well with a good following and positive reviews so far about their product.

However, you never know if they are true so keep reading to find out more…

Taylor Hiott and Kale Abrahamson History

Taylor Hiott and Kale Abrahamson are pretty good friends who met at Church and started their Amazon FBA business as a side hustle while working their 9 to 5.

When they started to make more money, they started to quit their jobs and dive in this Amazon FBA business full time.

So what you have to do is find good products to sell in bulk and sending your inventory to Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

That just means Amazon will actually handle all customer service, shipping and returns on your behalf for a small fee of course.

This is actually a pretty good business model, but I noticed a lot of people are jumping on this bandwagon so competition is going to increase.

The good news is not many people actually follow through…

Cost To Get Started With Nine University

Nine University does provide an excellent amount of value to build an Amazon FBA business the right way with a great reputation to back them up.

The course will run you $1,997 one-time, but if you can’t afford that there is a $599 option with four installments.

According to Taylor Hiott and Kale Abrahamson, they are giving away over $15,400 worth of value.

Nine University – Does this Amazon FBA Course Work?

Unlike some Nine University reviews out there I am just going to tell you how it is…

This course does work and is 100% legit as long as you actually go throguh it and take action.

Taylor Hiott and Kale Abrahamson put together a great value packed course and their reputation doesn’t lie…

They have raving reviews online and they provide free online webinars which is always a good thing.

Nine University Pros and Cons

To be honest, there isn’t any PERFECT course out there and even the legit ones will have both pro’s and con’s.

Let’s go over the pros first…


  • Information is complete even though it’s only 7 weeks.
  • The goal for this course is to get you up and running in 7 weeks.
  • Support and mentorship is excellent.
  • Facebook group is very helpful.
  • Great teaching style by Taylor Hiott and Kale Abrahamson.


  • Amazon FBA is competitive so it takes a lot of work even though the course makes it sound easy.
  • Even though the cost of the course isn’t crazy at $1,997, there will be costs to buying inventory and advertising those products.
  • Nine University affiliate program is pushed a lot which is good to make money, but will bring in even more competition on Amazon.

Like ANY business, it will require time, effort, patience and money to finally start seeing the big bucks.

Heck it took me several months of trial and error to make my first profit online so I know what it’s like.

But the good news is if you are serious and actually take action and do it for the long haul, you will do just fine.

Just never give up…

Final Verdict

So does the Nine University Scam exist?

Of course NOT!

Nine University is well put together and Taylor Hiott and Kale Abrahamson are amazing teachers.

This is probably one of the best Amazon FBA courses out there right now.

Even though the course won’t cost a crazy amount at $1,997 (If you think that is too much, then business isn’t for you).

The costs of the products and advertising will add up so make sure you have a credit card on hand for that.

If you take massive action in the 7 weeks and take it seriously, you could find yourself with a great profitable Amazon FBA business.

I hope you enjoyed my Nine University Review and if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below…

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