Pangea Review – Legit Travel MLM or Big Scam? Find Out Here…

Welcome to my Pangea Review!

There has been some buzz about this company so I decided to investigate what it was all about.

Some say it’s a legit travel MLM company while others say it’s a big scam…

Now the good news is that I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan to put some rumors to rest…

So pay close attention to the words on this blog post and read this to the end if you want to know the truth…

Pangea Review – The Company

Pangea Review

Pangea is the brain child of two co-founders of the company, James Wards (CEO) and Sam Fuentes (COO) who launched this company not that long ago.

James Ward has been in the network marketing industry for awhile and launched company called LGN Prosperity and was acting CEO.

The company had some issues and affiliates weren’t getting paid and in 2011 LGN Prosperity became LGN International.

When the name was changed, the company brought in the travel MLM aspect to the table where you can book travels services through LGN.

In the later months of 2013, LGN International went under and James Ward launched another company called iBizWave as the CEO and co-founder in 2014.

Not sure what happened to that company, but in 2015 James launched another company called 2SL Start Living which was again a travel MLM based business.

Sam Fuentes was the Vice President of Global Sales in 2SL Start Living…

I am not 100% sure if 2SL Start Living went under, but Alexa is showing their traffic has dropped by a lot.

This could be the reason why Pangea launched…

Alright, let’s keep going in this Pangea review!

Pangea Reviews – The Products

When I checked out the Pangea website I noticed they don’t offer and retail products or services, but you can promote the affiliate membership and earn commissions on it.

When you do become an affiliate, you get a 7 night and 8 day accommodation stay plus access to a travel booking discount portal.

Very interesting…

Alright, comp plan next!

Pangea Compensation Plan

Pangea Compensation pays you when you sponsor members that pay $299 and then $30 per month.

You earn commissions on both of these amounts…

Pangea Affiliate Ranks Explained

In  Pangea, there are 11 affiliate ranks in total and you have to hit certain qualifications to hit those ranks.

I explain that below here:

  • Associate – Sponsor and maintain 2 affiliates
  • 1 Star – Sponsor and maintain at least 2 affiliates and have a total downline of at least 10 affiliates
  • 2 Star – Sponsor and maintain at least 3 affiliates and have a total downline of at least 60 affiliates
  • 3 Star – Sponsor and maintain at least 4 affiliates and have a total downline of at least 120 affiliates
  • 4 Star – Sponsor and maintain at least 5 affiliates and have a total downline of at least 200 affiliates
  • Regional Star – Sponsor and maintain at least 6 affiliates and have a total downline of at least 400 affiliates
  • National Star – Sponsor and maintain at least 7 affiliates and have a total downline of at least 1000 affiliates
  • Global Star – Sponsor and maintain at least 8 affiliates and have a total downline of at least 2000 affiliates
  • Universal Star – recruit and maintain at least 9 affiliates and have a total downline of at least 4000 affiliates
  • Super Star – Sponsor and maintain at least two 10 and have a total downline of at least 6000 affiliates
  • Infinity Star – Sponsor and maintain at least 12 affiliates and have a total downline of at least 8000 affiliates

Direct Recruitment Commission Payout

Depending how many people you sponsor, you can get paid directly and based on your downline size:

  • Qualify at the 3 Star rank = $120
  • Qualify at the 4 Star rank = $250
  • Qualify at the Regional Star rank = $500
  • Qualify at the National Star rank = $1000
  • Qualify at the Global Star rank = $5000
  • Qualify at the Universal Star rank = $10,000
  • Qualify at the Super Star rank = $25,000
  • Qualify at the Infinity Star rank = $50,000

There is a cap here of $10,000 per month until the entire amount is paid.

For example, if you qualify for $50,000, it will be paid over 5 months.

Residual Recruitment Commission Through Matrix

Residuals are paid through two compensation plan structures, but let’s talk about the matrix one first.

This is a 2×2 matrix compensation plan where there are 6 positions in total and can be filled directly or indirectly by your upline, you or your downline.

Once you fill up all 6 spots, you cycle out and you get paid $777 and you cycle into a new 2×2 matrix compensation plan.

This process repeats itself over and over again…

Residual Recruitment Commissions Through Unilevel

This is the second residual compensation plan which is a unilevel structure.

If you don’t know what a unilevel is, it looks like this:

  • You
  • Level 1: Personally enrolled members
  • Level 2: Level 1’s personally enrolled members
  • Level 3: Level 2’s personally enrolled members

Pangea pays through 11 levels deep and you get a percentage of the $30 per month fee.

Your rank in Pangea will determine how many levels you get paid through…

  • Associate – 5% on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) and 1% on levels 2 to 8
  • 1 Star – 5% on levels 1 and 2 and 1% on levels 3 to 8
  • 2 Star – 5% on levels 1 to 3 and 1% on levels 4 to 8
  • 3 Star – 5% on levels 1 to 4 and 1% on levels 5 to 8
  • 4 Star – 5% on levels 1 to 5 and 1% on levels 6 to 8
  • Regional Star – 5% on levels 1 to 6 and 1% on levels 7 and 8
  • National Star – 5% on levels 1 to 7 and 1% on levels 8 to 11
  • Global Star – 5% on levels 1 to 8 and 1% on levels 9 to 11
  • Universal Star – 5% on levels 1 to 9 and 1% on levels 10 and 11
  • Super Star – 5% on levels 1 to 9 and 1% on level 11
  • Infinity Star – 5% on levels 1 to 11

There is a 10% matching bonus for 4 Star and higher ranked affiliates on personally enrolled members.

Car Bonus Payout

When you hit 4 Star or higher in Pangea, you can get a monthly car bonus between $200 and $1500:

  • 4 Star – $300 a month
  • Regional and National Star – $600 a month
  • Global and Universal Star – $800 a month
  • Super Star – $1000 a month
  • Infinity Star – $1500 a month

If you don’t want the car, you can get 75% monthly cash value instead…

Cost To Join Pangea

The cost to join Pangea is $299 one-time and then $30 per month.

The moment you have been waiting for in this Pangea review…

The Verdict On Pangea

Pangea overall seems to be legit, but I would proceed with caution because for some reason travel MLM companies don’t generally do well.

As you can see 2SL Start Living and LGN International both took a nose dive and both of them had the same 2×2 matrix compensation plan with a cycler…

Best thing to do is see what kind of discounts you get compared to the general marketplace and if it’s good, then great!

If it’s overpriced, then this is nothing more than a recruitment scheme…

Let’s hope James learned his lesson from his past ventures…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this Pangea review and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below…

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