Pay Diamond Review – Legit Investment Business or Scam? Learn Here…

Welcome to my Pay Diamond Review!

There actually has been a lot of buzz about this company lately so I decided to check it out for myself to see what the fuzz was about…

Chances are someone on social media or even in person approached you about this investment business opportunity and now you landed here to make sure it’s actually legit right?

First, great decision on doing your research because I have seen a lot of people that jump with both feet in a business opportunity then finding out it was a scam.

You don’t want that right?

Good, so PAY close attention because I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation so YOU can make the right decision.

Got it?  Awesome! Let’s jump in…

Pay Diamond Review – The Company

Pay Diamond Review

Pay Diamond for some reason has NO information on who actually runs the show around there…

I guess they are going to make me work the hard way to find this info…

Alright, so I checked out the Pay Diamond website “paydiamond.com” domain registration and found out it was bought December 26th of 2014.


The domain registration was updated on November 27th, 2015 and has listed “PayDiamond Marketing & Sales Limited” as the owner with a virtual office in Hong Kong.

I checked out my good friend Alexa and discovered that 12% of the traffic comes from Japan while the rest is mostly from South America.

Which makes sense because the Pay Diamond website is hosted in Brazil and the default language is set to Portuguese.

Having that said, not sure why they are running in Hong Kong…

Alright, let’s take a look at the products next…

Pay Diamond Reviews – The Products

With any good business opportunity, the products and services have to be great in order for a company to do well.

That applies to ANY business really…

Having that said, Pay Diamond doesn’t offer any retail products or services, but gives the ability for affiliates to promote their membership.

However, I did find something about Diamonds and some kind of investment opportunity around that.

Now what I don’t know is if they actually sell Diamonds, but doesn’t look like it…

Pay Diamond Compensation Plan

In Pay Diamond, affiliates invest funds in the company on a promise that you will get an 50-week ROI.

This is what that looks like:

  • Joy – Invest $200 and receive a $10 weekly ROI
  • Light – Invest $400 and receive a $20 weekly ROI
  • Plus – Invest $1200 and receive a $60 weekly ROI
  • Master – Invest $3600 and receive a $180 weekly ROI
  • Premium – Invest $36,000 and receive a $1800 weekly ROI

Sponsoring Commissions

When you sponsor new members inside Pay Diamond, you can earn a commission them depending on how much they invested:

  • Sponsor a Joy affiliate and receive $5
  • Sponsor a Light affiliate and receive $10
  • Sponsor a Plus affiliate and receive $30
  • Sponsor a Master affiliate and receive $100
  • Sponsor a Premium affiliate and receive $1000

Residual Commissions

There are two compensation plan you get paid through…

One is their matrix compensation plan and the other in a binary compensation plan which I will get into detail next…

Matrix Compensation Plan

In the matrix compensation plan, Pay Diamond members are paid through a 3×10 configuration.

This can be filled directly or indirectly by your upline, you and your downline.

Every member placed in this matrix is worth 50 cent commissions…

Binary Compensation Plan

Binary compensation plan has two legs (left and a right) which you can build down to infinity…

These positions can be filled by your upline, you and your downline and goes by a point system.

Each investment plan has a point value attached to it like this:

  • Joy – 50 points
  • Light – 100 points
  • Plus – 300 points
  • Master – 1000 points
  • Premium – 10,000 points

At the end of each day Pay Diamond adds up all the points generated by new investment volume on both legs and pays you 50% commissions on the weaker leg.

Any extra volume gets carried over the next day.

There is only one requirement to get paid in the binary compensation which is sponsor two members.

Cost To Join Pay Diamond

The cost to join Pay Diamond is monthly, but they don’t disclose this information for some reason, however, with that monthly fee you have the choice of 5 investment plans:

  • Joy – $200
  • Light – $400
  • Plus – $1200
  • Master – $3600
  • Premium – $36,000

Verdict On Pay Diamond

There some red flags that pop up when I was reviewing Pay Diamond…

First of all, WHERE is this investment going?

I know they talk about Diamonds, but are they REALLY investing in Diamonds can they prove this?

That is the real question…

Second of all, there is a 50 week maturity period which means it’s REALLY high risk in case the company goes under by then…

As of right now, what I see is newly invested funds by affiliates are paying off existing members to get this 5% weekly ROI.

All this means is once investments slow down, so will the ROI and because it’s a 50 week maturity people can lose a lot of money.

Now this won’t be a problem if they PROVE that external income sources are coming in the company.

Another red flag is we don’t know who runs this company and personally I never join anything unless I know what the leadership is like.

Anyway, I would be very cautious about this…

I hope you enjoyed my Pay Diamond review and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below…

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