Power On Network Review – Legit Business or Big Scam? Check it Out…

Welcome to my Power On Network Review!

There has always been buzz on this company specially on Google Trends:

Now, I am not 100% sure if that’s because of this company or just this keyword is very popular.

Chances are you have been approached by someone on social media or in person and now you want to make sure it’s actually legit right?

The good news is you are doing you research and this blog post I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision…

Find out of this is for you or not…

Power On Network Review – The Company

power on network review

The website doesn’t show you who runs the show behind Power On Network, but I did find a webinar hosted by Nigel Allan…

In that webinar, he says he is involved with Power On Network, but he doesn’t disclose any specific information on how he is involved.

He does talk about how Power On Network is based in Singapore and owned by a company called “Global Power PTE”.

I decided to check out the domain registration on “poweronnetwork.com” and found out it was purchased on August 29th, 2016, but the domain registration was set to private.

Nigel Allan launched co-founded a company called Brilliant Carbon back in 2013.

That company didn’t go anywhere…

Then in 2014, Allan was the co-founder and president of OneCoin (Which still runs today).

Depending on the source he either left or was fired from OneCoin shortly after it launched.

Then he became a master distributor of Crypto888 Club.

That company went under early 2016 and was rebooted at Octa Partners.

After a few months, that company went under and Nano Club was born…

Now, I still don’t know who runs the show in Power On Network, but let’s just keep going…

Power On Network Review – The Products

Power On Network doesn’t look like it has any retail products or services on sale, but gives members to buy the affiliate membership and promote it.

Once you join, Power On Network members now can invest in XeCoins.

These XeCoins are not worth anything outside of this company…

They also have a power grid and the future power distribution…

This is the external income source to boost the value of Xecoins…

Power On Network Compensation Plan

Power On Network compensation plan had affiliates invest in their XeCoins.

You can also get paid to sponsor other people in the business as well…

XeCoin Investment Costs

  • PowerPlan 1 (€199 EUR) – 1000 XeCoins
  • PowerPlan 2 (€599 EUR) – 3500 XeCoins
  • PowerPlan 3 (€1099 EUR) – 8000 XeCoins
  • PowerPlan 4 (€3099 EUR) – 26,000 XeCoins
  • PowerPlan 5 (€5099 EUR) – 50,000 XeCoins
  • PowerPlan 6 (€20,099 EUR) – 220,000 XeCoins
  • PowerPlan 7 (€100,099 EUR) – not disclosed

Power On Network has the value set for XeCoins and can only be traded after 30 days.

If the affiliates don’t sell off their XeCoins, they can get a 5% to 12% bonus on their XeCoin Balance.

Again, XeCoins are not publicly traded and Power On Network determines the exchange rate.

40% of all the Power On Network commission payouts must be put back into new XeCoin packages.

Recruit Commission Payout

When you sponsor someone in the business that invest in XeCoins, you earn commissions on that…

These are paid through a unilevel compensation plan:

  • Level 1 (Personally sponsored affiliates) – 5%
  • Level 2 (Must have generated 6000 PV) – 3%
  • Level 3 (Must have generated 10,000 PV) – 2%

If you don’t know what PV is, that’s Personal Volume which is sales volume generated by you and your downline.

This is the PV you get when you buy any of the PowerPlan packages:

  • PowerPlan 1 – 100 PV
  • PowerPlan 2 – 350 PV
  • PowerPlan 3 – 800 PV
  • PowerPlan 4 – 2600 PV
  • PowerPlan 5 – 5000 PV
  • PowerPlan 6 – 40,000 PV
  • PowerPlan 7 – not disclosed

Infinity Bonus Payout

Power On Network gives people an extra 1% commission on funds invested by their downline from 4th level on and onwards.

To qualify for this, you must generate at least 50,000 PV.

Residual Income Payout

Residuals in Power On Network is paid through a binary compensation plan structure.

This is where you have two teams, left and right.

The PV volume is tracked on both legs every day and then you get paid on the lesser leg.

Any extra volume is then rolled over to the next day.

This is what that looks like:

  • Generate 0 to 2000 PV = 6% binary commission rate
  • Generate 2001 to 4999 PV = 8% binary commission rate
  • Generate 5001 to 24,999 PV = 10% binary commission rate
  • Generate 25,000 PV or more = 12% binary commission rate

And these are the commission caps depending on what package you invest in:

  • Invest in PowerPlan 1 (€199 EUR) and earn a maximum of €1000 EUR in binary commissions a day
  • Invest in PowerPlan 2 (€599 EUR) and earn a maximum of €3000 EUR in binary commissions a day
  • Invest in PowerPlan 3 (€1099 EUR) and earn a maximum of €5000 EUR in binary commissions a day
  • Invest in PowerPlan 4 (€3099 EUR) and earn a maximum of €20,000 EUR in binary commissions a day
  • Invest in PowerPlan 5 (€5099 EUR) and earn a maximum of €30,000 EUR in binary commissions a day
  • Invest in PowerPlan 6 (€20,099 EUR) and earn a maximum of €40,000 EUR in binary commissions a day
  • Daily binary cap for PowerPlan 7 (€100,099 EUR) is not disclosed

Infinite Matching Bonus Payout

The Infinite Matching Bonus matches the binary commissions earned by their downline.

This is paid through a unilevel structure.

This is paid through generations…

One generation is when the system finds another member at your PowerPlan level.

  • Generations 1 to 4 – 5% matching bonus
  • Generation 5 to infinity (Must generate at least 100,000 PV) – 5%

Cost To Join Power On Network

The cost to join Power On Network costs anywhere between €199 to €100,099 EUR:

  • PowerPlan 1 – €199 EUR
  • PowerPlan 2 – €599 EUR
  • PowerPlan 3 – €1099 EUR
  • PowerPlan 4 – €3099 EUR
  • PowerPlan 5 – €5099 EUR
  • PowerPlan 6 – €20,099 EUR
  • PowerPlan 7 – €100,099 EUR

The difference between these are the income potentials as the higher PowerPlans have higher daily caps.

Power On Network Review – The Verdict

When you join Power On Network, you apparently become your own power grid mostly due to the fact there is an agreement with Exergonix.


Exergonix is apparently their technology partner:

set to be an unparalleled enterprise in the development of renewable energy projects around the world, strategically expanding its business with a diversified portfolio of technologies and business accruements in the “Green” market.

How that is relevant to XeCoins isn’t very clear…

Maybe that use that power to mine them?

Who knows…

This seems to look like Crypto888 all over again selling Coins that are worthless outside of the company.

Right now, it looks like the value of the XeCoins is mainly due to the fact that affiliates are investing in them.

If they can prove some kind of external income source coming into boost the value of Xecoins that would be good.

If they can’t…

This is exactly the same as Crypto888 which went under…

Let’s just hope they get their act together this time around…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Power On Network Review and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below…

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