Powerhouse Feeder Review – Should You Join or Big Scam?

Welcome to my Powerhouse Feeder review!

There has been buzz about this company so I decided to check out what it was all about.

There are some people calling it a scam while others claim it’s legit.

There is only one way to find out…

I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make your own decision.

Remember to pay close attention and read it to the end to get the most out of this review.

Let’s dig in…

Company Overview

powerhouse feeder review

Powerhouse Feeder is the brain child of Darren Bradbury, Eddie Harrison and Eldon Conceicao that recently just launched this company.

According to Darren Bradbury’s Powerhouse Feeder bio, “he’s been living the laptop lifestyle and earning multiple 6 figure incomes for 6 years”.

Eddie Harrison’s bio claims “he’s been in network marketing and internet marketing for 3+ years‘. Conceicao has purportedly ‘been in the web/software development industry for over 15 year”.

Which is fine and dandy if you ask me…

Darren Bradbury has promoted the following MLM businesses on his YouTube channel in the past which includes My 24 Hour Income, Leased Ad Space, GiftoBit, ZarFund, Stiforp, My Ad Story.

Eddie Harrison has a similar history promoting My 24 Hour Income, ZarFund, Stiforp, My Ad Story and Freedom5.

Edlon Conceicao on the other hand has no network marketing experience in the past and considers himself as a freelance website developer based out of Massachusetts.

Now you know a little bit about the company…

Let’s dive into the products next in this Powerhouse Feeder review!

Powerhouse Feeder Products

Like all good business opportunities or MLM companies, the product must be good enough so people come back for more.

Powerhouse Feeder for some reason has no retail products or services, but you can promote the Powerhouse Feeder affiliate membership.

Once you do join, Powerhouse Feeder members can buy matrix cycler positions which are bundled with ad credits that can be used to display ads on their website.

Unlike all the other Powerhouse Feeder reviews out there, I am going to do my best to be as neutral as possible.

Compensation Plan

Powerhouse Feeder compensation plan has affiliates pay $7 positions in their eight tier 3×2 matrix cycler.

Just so you know a 3×2 matrx has 9 positions and once these are filled up, you cycle out and get paid a commission.

This goes on eight times and looks like this:

  • Matrix 1 (positions cost $7) – $15 commission, generates three new Matrix 1 positions and cycles into Matrix 2
  • Matrix 2 – $30 commission, generates six new Matrix 1 positions and cycles into Matrix 3
  • Matrix 3 – $60 commission, generates twelve new Matrix 1 positions and cycles into Matrix 4
  • Matrix 4 – $120 commission, generates twenty-four new Matrix 1 positions and cycles into Matrix 5
  • Matrix 5 – $240 commission, generates forty-eight new Matrix 1 positions and cycles into Matrix 6
  • Matrix 6 – $480 commission, generates ninety-six new Matrix 1 positions and cycles into Matrix 7
  • Matrix 8 – $2560 commission and generates five hundred and twelve Matrix 1 positions

Cost To Join Powerhouse Feeder

Powerhouse Feeder affiliate membership costs nothing, but if you want to get paid you must purchase one or more $7 matrix cycler positions.

Powerhouse Feeder ONLY accepts Bitcoin…


After carefully investigating Powerhouse Feeder, it’s something that I wouldn’t personally do.

It has no retail products or services and ad credits doesn’t cut it these days…

You can tell the focus is mainly on the matix cycler where you put in $7 and make $3505 ROI after cycling through eight tiers…

Once people stop sponsoring people in this compensation plan, the cycling will stop and this company will go under…

I am trying not to be negative about it, but really think about this for a moment…

Make your own conclusion with the data out there and tell me where you land…

I hope you enjoyed my Powerhouse Feeder review and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below…

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Powerhouse Feeder

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