Profit Venture Review – Legit Business Model or Ponzi Scam?

Welcome to my Profit Venture Review!

There has been some buzz about this company so I decided to investigate what it was all about…

Some say it’s a totally legit company and it’s safe to join…

Others say it’s a big ponzi scam and you should avoid it at all costs…

Well, I am going to put the rumors to rest and tell you how it is…

In this blog post, I will walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision.

Find out if Profit Venture is legit or a scam!

Profit Venture Review

Profit Venture Review – The Company

When I checked out their website, there is no information at all on who the owner or leadership is in this company…

I decided to dig deeper and did a quick domain registration search on “” and it was purchased on August 22nd of 2016, but the data was all set to private.

Well, I didn’t stop there…

I took a look on Facebook and found the official Profit Venture group and listed one admin…

That name….

Mark Sanchez.

I thought I finally found the owner, but when I looked into his profile, it showed that he opened his Facebook Account on April 10th of 2016.

In other words…

It’s probably a fake name LOL!

Sorry I had to laugh…

Why is this company trying so desperately to keep the owner(s) identity private.

What is there to hide?

Well, not a good start so far…

You still with me, pay attention now.

Profit Venture Reviews – The Products

Profit Venture doesn’t have any retail products or services that can be sold to customers.

You can only become an affiliate and sponsor other affiliates…

Once you are signed up, you can purchase either a revshare or matrix cycler position.

With this, you get advertising credits you can use to promote your banners on their website…

Let’s look into the comp plan next…

Profit Venture Compensation Plan

The Profit Venture compensation plan has two structures…

One is a 4 Tier revshare scheme and the other is a 3 tier matrix cycler.

Revenue Sharing Payout

Profit Venture promises an ROI once affiliates invest anywhere between $1 to $25:

  • Invest $1 and receive a 110% ROI after 20 days
  • Invest $5 and receive a 120% ROI after 30 days
  • Invest $10 and receive a 125% ROI after 42 days
  • Invest 25 and receive a 130% ROI after 52 days

When you sponsor someone in this business, you can get paid 10% on the revshare position purchased by your personally enrolled members.

Matrix Cycler Payout

Profit Venture also has  a 3 Tier matrix cycler and uses the following matrices:

  • 3×1 matrix requiring three positions to be filled
  • A 4×1 matrix requiring four positions to be filled and
  • A 5×1 matrix requiring five positions to be filled

Commissions then are paid out like the following:

  • 3×1 matrix (positions cost $10) – no commission and cycles into a 4×1 matrix
  • 4×1 matrix – $20 commission and cycles into a 5×1 matrix
  • 5×1 matrix – $130 commission and cycles into a new 3×1 matrix

You also get a $20 matching bonus when your personally enrolled member cycles out of a 5×1 matrix.

You also get a 10% commission on your personally enrolled members who purchase a matrix cycler position.

Cost To Join Profit Venture

The actual affiliate membership in Profit Venture is free, but you must buy at least a revshare or matrix cycler position to get paid in the compensation plan.

Profit Venture Review – The Veridict

So what do you guys think?

Is this company legit or a scam?

Let’s look at the facts shall we…

First, they are not transparent on who runs the show or who the leadership is which is VERY important on making a decision to join a company.

Let’s face it…

If the company owner or leaders suck, the company isn’t going anywhere.

Second, they have no retail products or services but only allows affiliates to sponsor other affiliates…

This is a big no no in the MLM world by the way…

Thirdly, they promise an ROI on investments which is made up with what affiliates actually invest in the company.

There is no other income source coming into the company.

This just means newly recruited members who invest pay off the previous investments made by members.

That is how they promise that ROI…

However, there is a big problem.

Once recruitment stops, so will the ROI.

And this company will take a dump.

To promise any kind of ROI, they must be registered with the SEC.

Anyway, I personally don’t recommend them at all!

I will list what I recommend below, but first…

I hope you enjoyed my Profit Venture review and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments  below…

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