Real Points Review – Legit Business or Big Scam? Find Out…

Welcome to my Real Points Review!

I have been hearing a lot of online buzz about this company lately, so it’s time for another review!

Whether you are here because you have already heard about this business opportunity or you just came across it in your searches, you want to know more, right?

You work hard for your money and you want to make sure that this is a legit business.

Researching and reading reviews are the best ways to make an informed decision!

My review will provide you with the information you want about the company, the products and the compensation plan.

Read on to learn more about Real Points!

Real Points Review – The Company

Real Points Review

Firstly, I couldn’t find any concrete information on the company website in regards to who owns or operates Real Points.

A quick look through the Real Points Terms and Conditions on the website revealed that the company is ‘owned and operated by Real Points Academy Ltd, a limited liability company registered in the British Virgin Islands‘.

I also discovered that the Real Points website domain was registered as “” on the 16th of April, 2016.

The domain registration lists “Real Points” as the owner and provides a residential address in Lemesos, Cyprus.

A little more digging revealed that company affiliates list Alanki Murali as the founder and CEO of the company.

Murali is also identified as the CEO of Award Group Asia and Real-FX Group.

I tried to find out more about these companies, but was unable to learn anything more.

Murali is credited as the sole director of RealPoints LTD, as registered with the UK Companies House on the 22nd of September, 2016.

However, the address that was used to incorporate RealPoints LTD in reality belongs to British Monomarks.

I visited the British Monomarks website where I read that they offer Post Box services and virtual office services.

All of this points to the fact that Real Points has no real physical presence in the UK.

Murali lists Cyprus as his country of residence on the UK Companies House website.

Aside from some Real Points marketing material, I couldn’t find any other information on Murali.

Real Points Reviews – The Products

Real Points does not offer any retail products or services.

Affiliates who sign up with Real Points can only market and sell the affiliate membership.

Each Real Points affiliate membership comes with:

educational packages on Finance, Banking, Crypto Currency, exchange of digital currency, E-wallet system and High Profit trading Strategies.

“Real Academy” is listed as the distributor of these packages.

Another search through the Real Points Terms and Conditions uncovered that Real Academy is

not accredited nor recognised by any private or public authority.

We are not a licenced nor regulated university, college or other form of educational institution.

The Real Points Compensation Plan

Affiliates who want to participate in the Real Points compensation plan are required to invest in points, which affiliates can use to convert into the RealCoin cryptocurrency.

  • Beginner (€100 EUR) – 1000 points
  • Regular (€300 EUR) – 3000 points
  • Power (€500 EUR) – 5000 points
  • Professional (€1000 EUR) – 10,000 points
  • Expert (€3000 EUR) – 33,000 points
  • Elite (€5000 EUR) – 60,000 points
  • Ultimate (€10,000 EUR) – 125,000 points

The points are converted into RealCoins at a rate that is set by Real Points.

RealCoin cannot be traded publicly and its value is randomly determined by Real Points.

Aside from ROI payouts, affiliates also earn a 10% commission when they sponsor new affiliates who also invest.

This commission is increased to 20% in an affiliate’s first month.

Residual Commissions

Affiliates earn residual commissions through a binary compensation structure.

A Real Points binary compensation structure puts an affiliate at the top of a binary team that splits into a right and left side.

Level One of the binary team holds 2 positions and Level Two is made by adding another two positions under each of the first two, for a total of 4 positions.

Additional levels of the binary team are made the same way, with each new level holding twice as many positions as the level above it.

Binary team positions are filled with direct and indirect sponsorship of new affiliates.

Currently, there are no limits as to how deep the binary team can grow.

Every affiliate investment package correlates to a fixed investment volume amount (BV):

  • Beginner – 100 BV
  • Regular – 300 BV
  • Power – 500 BV
  • Professional – 1000 BV
  • Expert – 3000 BV
  • Elite – 5500 BV
  • Ultimate – 12,000 BV

Real Points counts up new investment volume on each of the binary team every week.

Affiliates earn 10% of volume matched against the weaker side of their binary team.

Any volume that is left over from the stronger side of the binary is carried over to the next week.

Cost To Join Real Points

The cost to join Real Points as an affiliate is €25 EUR, as well as investment in one of the following seven packages:

  • Beginner – €100 EUR
  • Regular – €300 EUR
  • Power – €500 EUR
  • Professional – €1000 EUR
  • Expert – €3000 EUR
  • Elite – €5000 EUR
  • Ultimate – €10,000 EUR

There is also a free Rookie account available, however the account must be upgraded within 30 days to one of the above packages or it will be deleted.

Verdict on Real Points

Real Points bases its business model of cryptocurrency and recruitment…

The problem with cryptocurrency, especially one that cannot be publicly traded, is that it has absolutely NO value outside of the company and the rates are completely controlled by the business heads…

Another problem with this company is that it is heavily recruitment based…

In the beginning, affiliates may see some great returns…

But when recruitment slows down (which is inevitable when there are no real products or services to offer), return on investment will also slow down…

If you decide that you do want to join this company, please keep all of this in mind…

I hope you enjoyed my Real Points review, and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below…

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