Silverstar Live Review – Does It Have A Legit Forex Trading Bot?

Welcome to my Silverstar Live Review!

This is probably the most popular forex trading network marketing company since iMarketLive.

Chances are someone approached you about the business opportunity and you landed here to make sure it’s legit.

The good news is I am going to walk you through everything so you can make an informative decision.

Find out if this is legit or a scam…

SilverStar Live Company

Silverstar Live review

SilverStar Live is the brain child of David Myer, Candace Ross-Mahmoud and Hassan Mahmoud.

According to David’s bio:

a career expert trader with 18 years experience.

For 16 consecutive years he has tripled his private trading account in the futures and Nadex market.

Candace Ross has been a top tier Marketing Strategist & Consultant in the network and affiliate marketing space for the last 6 years.

She is a self-taught internet marketer who has created multiple 7 figure sales systems and is frequently sought out to assist in the growth of corporate businesses.

Hassan Mahmoud is an international Omnipreneur & Keynote Speaker who is highly sought out by the millennial community to work with and to work on passion projects all over the world.

He has done over 250 million in sales over the past 4 years while helping multiple business owners grow their names and brands.

Which is pretty impressive.

In the past, both Candace Ross and Hassan Mahmoud promoted Enagic which was an alkaline water machine based network marketing company.

SilverStar Live Products

silverstar live trading bot

Silverstar Live promotes an auto trading bot in forex.

We have software which specializes in automated Forex trading.

Our software does the work for you so that you can spend your time doing whatever you want.

Our software relies on algorithms with a proven track record of realizing gains based on performance to date.

The website itself doesn’t have any retail pricing, but I did find something in the compensation plan where they mention it will run you $199 one-time and then $145 per month.

That’s about what most of these forex network marketing companies are charging anyway.

SilverStar Live Compensation Plan

SilverStar Live pays you to sell to retail customers and sponsor new reps into the company.

Just so you know, 55% of the monthly volume in this company has to come from retail customers.

Which is a good sign for the retail side of things.

SilverStar Live has the following performance based bonuses:

  • Affiliate Ranks
  • Retail Commissions
  • Residual Commissions
  • Generational Bonus
  • Weekly Guaranteed Commissions

Now to see this compensation plan in action, watch the video below all the way through to learn more:

Overall the compensation plan is powerful and awards both retail and affiliate sales which is always great.

Keeps it from being a pyramid scheme.

Cost To Join SilverStar Live

Silverstar Live will run you $199 one-time and then $145 per month.

The moment you have been waiting for inside of this SilverStar Live review…


Does the SilverStar Live scam actually exists?

Unlike the other Silverstar Live reviews out there this one is completely unbiased…

After doing a full investigation, this company is NOT a scam…

They are giving you a Forex Bot that helps you trade on YOUR OWN trading account.

The company itself isn’t promising any kind of ROI’s.

This is where there is a lot of confusion.

If SilverStar Live was doing the trading for you with their trading account and giving you a guaranteed ROI, then that would make this company have major issues with the SEC due to being unregistered securities.

However, because you are doing the trading with your own account and they are not promising you crap.

This keeps it safe in my opinion.

What affiliates need to watch out for is income claims with the bot…

I can only see the SEC or FTC step in if affiliates are promising returns.

Now obviously I am not a lawyer or anything and this is just my opinion, just do your own research regarding this.

As a company standpoint, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Silverstar Live review and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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