Talk Fusion Review – Legit Company or Scam?

Welcome to my Talk Fusion Review!

Chances are someone has approached you about this business opportunity or maybe you stumbled on it online somewhere right?

Now you have questions like…

  • Is this company legit?
  • Can you make money with this?
  • Can a newbie do it?

I am here to put some rumors to rest and go through the company, the products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision.

Because making the wrong decision sucks LOL.

So pay close attention…

First, let’s find out what the company is about…

Talk Fusion Review – The Company

Talk Fusion Review

Website:  talkfusion.com

Talk Fusion Products

The company is the brain child of a man named Bob Reina who has been in the network marketing industry for the last 20 years.

When I dug deeper into his history, all I can find is good things…

He has been recognized on television, news papers for his charity donations.

Talk Fusion is an online system that can help you promote anything really like business opportunities…

Alright, now we know what the company is about…

Next, the products!

Talk Fusion Reviews – The Products

Talk Fusion has variety of products that can help promote anything online really…

When the first launched, they were mainly a video email marketing system…

Since 2014, they have expanded in many other areas.

Video Email:

To stand out from the crowd, video email can come a long way.  Apparently there is nothing to download any everything can be done from the back office.

What you do is choose a theme, upload or record your video and then click send.

Fusion On The Go:

This is just a mobile app for the video email where you can do video messaging from any mobile device which includes Android phone, Tablet, iPhone and iPad.

Video News Letter:

This is straight forward, you can send custom video news letter to your subscribers.

E-Subscription and Video Auto Responders:

You can make custom capture pages and when they opt-in, they will go into your video auto-responder where it holds your leads.  You can send follow up video emails after your lead opts in.

Fusion Wall:

You can post your video’s on their video wall which apparently helps you rank videos (So far I haven’t seen anything in the search engines using this service).

Video Blog:

You can use their Video blogging platform to blog about anything you wish.

Video Share:

This let’s you share your videos to more than 200 social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This eliminates you manually trying to share these videos.


This is where you can host webinars and depending on the package, you can have up to 500 people attending.

so what is the price of all this stuff?

You can actually choose different packages ranging from $125 to $1499 one-time fee then it’s $20-$35 per month depending on the package.

Here is a chart from their website:

Talk Fusion Reviews

Talk Fusion – The Compensation Plan

When you refer people in this business, you get paid commissions for product sales…

Instead of me trying to explain the compensation plan…

I found a video where Talk Fusion walks you through it 🙂

Note:  I do NOT endorse this video and it’s for educational purposes only!

Overall the compensation plan is fair, but it isn’t as good as companies like Digital Altitude for example.

Talk Fusion Review – The Conclusion

Overall the company isn’t a scam…

It has been operating successfully for years now.

Let’s just get back to our original questions…

  • Is this company legit?
  • Can you make money with this?
  • Can a newbie do it?

First question, I already answered 🙂

Second question, yes you can make money with this because you will have to learn how to recruit…

Third question, this isn’t quite newbie friendly because of the recruitment aspect of this business…

Now if you do want to learn how you can sponsor a butt load of people monthly…

If you hate recruiting and want someone to walk you through a business where you will make commissions by following simple instructions…

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You will get your PERSONAL one on one coach to guide you through this business and help you hit your income goals.

Whether it’s $200 per month or $20,000 per month it’s VERY possible with this system.

I hope you enjoyed my Talk Fusion Review and if you have any questions about anything, please leave them in the comments below.

See you at the top!

Talk Fusion

-Jesse Singh

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