TelexBit Review – Legit Business or Big Ponzi Scam? Find Out Here.

Welcome to my TelexBit Review!

There has been a lot of buzz about this company lately, so I decided to investigate what it was all about.

Just check out Google Trends:

It’s pegged at 100!

That just means it’s very popular right now…

Chances are you have been approached by someone on social media and now you are here to make sure if this company is legit right?

Good news!

I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision.

Find out if it’s legit or a scam!

TelexBit Review

TelexBit Review – The Company

There isn’t a ton of information on this company, but I did find out that TelexBit is connected with TelexFree:

It was founded in 2016 by a group of entrepreneurs who believed in the project of a renowned marketing company which was founded and directed by James Merrill, which injustice had their operations suspended, even without any irregularities.

Using a similar system, but combining the work the renowned encrypted currency Bitcoin, appears as a giant of Multilevel Marketing with consolidated plan and sales services lead customers save with national and international connections.

It looks like TelexBit is registered in Nassau, Bahamas and actually provided a British Virgin Island corporate registration number:  1805406.

It looks like they don’t have a physical address there, but just there virtually.

I did find out that Gary R Harrison is the founder of TelexBit, but I couldn’t find any information on him…

The website “” was registered on August 3rd 2016, but domain registration is set to private…

I couldn’t find any more on the company…

Let’s take a look at the product line…

TelexBit Reviews – The Products

TelexBit specializes and markets VOIP service called “99Telexbit”.

The cost of 99Telexbit is $49.90 per month and give customers the following:

  • Can call anywhere in the world and save on your calls
  • Are guaranteed full coverage in national and international calls
  • Have the ability to integrate VOIP into workstations, voice and data anywhere and
  • Receive access to a virtual Office to manage your calls

That’s it on the products…

Let’s take a look at the comp plan next…

TelexBit Compensation Plan

In the TelexBit Compensation plan, you can get rewarded by selling the 99TelexBit VOIP services to retail customers…

Also, you can get commissions on other affiliates you sponsor…

Retail Commission Payout

TelexBit members can receive 10% commissions ($4.90 per month) on the 99Telexbit VOIP plans.

These commissions are paid through their Unilevel structure…

If you don’t know what that looks like, take a look at this:

  • You
  • Level 1:  Personally enrolled members
  • Level 2:  Level 1’s personally enrolled members
  • Level 3:  Level 2’s personally enrolled members

TelexBit pays 5 levels in their unilevel plan…

They are paid 2% for each level…

AdCentral ROI Payout

TelexBit members can invest in AdCentral positions which cost $289 each or you can buy a bundle for the family group of 5 positions for $1375.

If TelexBit affiliates post content provided by TelexBit daily, the company provides them with a 99TelexBit account.

This account can be sold back to TelexBit for $20.

To maintain an AdCentral position more than 12 months, you must reinvest 20% of the ROI paid out back into that position.

AdCentral Position Commissions

When your personally enrolled members buys an AdCentral Position, you can get $20 on them.

When your personally enrolled members buys an AdCentral Family position, you can earn $100 on them.

Recruitment Commission Payout

Recruitment commissions are paid through their binary compensation plan structure.

This just means there are TWO teams with TWO legs…

One on the left and the other ont he right.

End of the day, all of the AdCentral positions are tallied up and you are paid on the lesser leg.

Here, every PAIR you have in your binary, a $20 commission is paid out.

There is a maximum of $440 per day.

If the member you sponsor invested in the AdCentral Family position, then it’s $15,360 per day cap.

Team Builder Bonus Payout

If a TelexBit member invests in and maintains at least 10 AdCentral positions, they qualify for the Team Builder bonus.

This is made up of 2% of the revenue in TelexBit.

End of the month, this 2% is split among the members who quality.

Also, there is a cap on this team builder bonus which is $39,600 every 12 months.

Royalty Bonus Payout

This is when you get crowned a king… Just kidding…

The Royalty Bonus is made up with 1% of the sales generated by TelexBit worldwide.

To qualify for this bonus, you must have earned at least 22 of the $20 binary commission payouts over 20 days in any month.

You MUST qualify for this every month.

Cost To Join TelexBit

There is an affiliate membership fee in TelexBit of $50 per year.

If you want to make money in the compensation plan, you must invest in at least ONE $289 position.

TelexBit Review – The Verdict

Everything looks great until I saw this whole ROI thing again…

If you didn’t know this already, TelexFree was a similar business model that was shut down by the SEC in 2014.

What makes this different?

Nothing really…

You see if they pushed more of the retail side to customers and provided these products without promising some kind of ROI…

Then it wouldn’t have been a problem…

These AdCentral Positions is what causing the same issue with TelexFree…

You can’t promise any kind of ROI unless you are registered with the SEC.

And for that reason, this company might face the same doom as TelexFree…

In other words, PROCEED with caution…

I personally wouldn’t join something like this, but that won’t stop being joining anyway lol.

I hope you enjoyed my TelexBit Review and if you have more questions, leave them in the comments below…

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