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You should always read up and learn everything you can about a company before you join in and make a commitment. Especially when money is involved!

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In today’s review, I will talk about the company’s history, their products and their compensation plan.

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The Travel Party Review – The Company

The Travel Party Review

My first thought about this company is that it could be an attempt to revive a past company for a 3rd time.

Launched in 2015 as iTravel Party, the company was headed up by Daniel Butts, CEO and company owner.

Butts has quite a history that goes back to before 2013, when he first started a company called EZ Wealth Formula.

Then, Butts co-founded a company called Rocket Cash Cycler, which was your typical MLM matrix cycler modelled company.

The Travel Party Reviews – The Products

The Travel Party Products

The Travel Party doesn’t have any products or services for affiliates to purchase or sell.

But anyone wanting to sign up as an affiliate with The Travel Party can market the company affiliate membership.

Those fully participating with the paid affiliate membership will get access to the company’s engine for travel bookings.

Those with additional subscriptions will make fee payments that give them access to the “Quick Start Traffic Guide” (QSTG), and the so called “Dynasty Builder” which is a Marketing Mastery Course offered to affiliates.

The products for the VIP affiliate subscriptions are left undefined by the company.

Travel Party Compensation Plan

Affiliates looking to take part in the company compensation plan are required to sign up and invest into the company.

There are 6 Bonus Pools that the company distributes 30% of all affiliate fees paid among:

  • Free Pool
  • QSTG Pool
  • Perpetual Profits Pool
  • Member Pool
  • Marketing Mastery Pool
  • Dynasty Builder Pool

The company is not saying the amount each pool will receive from the 30% collected.

The amount an affiliate pays in fees will determine the amount of shares they qualify for in shares per pool.

Free Affiliates

Those affiliates with the Free membership will only qualify for shares in the Free Pool.

One Free Pool share is earned for sponsoring 3 new affiliates in a month.

Those affiliates with the Paid membership will qualify for shares in the Members Pool and the Free Pool.

One Members Pool share is earned for sponsoring 3 new affiliates in a month.

NOTE: The criteria needed is the same, those affiliates with the Paid membership will get shares in both pools when the affiliate has satisfied the sponsorships necessary.

VIP Affiliates

Those affiliates with the VIP membership will qualify for shares in all 6 bonus pools offered by the company.

  • One share is awarded per three affiliates sponsored each month in the Free, Members pools
  • Payment of a $300 monthly fee unlocks the QSTG pool, with three new affiliates generating one share in the pool each month
  • Payment of a $500 monthly fee unlocks the Marketing Mastery Course pool
  • Payment of a $600 monthly fee unlocks the Perpetual Profits pool
  • Payment of a $998 monthly fee unlocks the Dynasty Builder pool

The Marketing Mastery Course, Perpetual Profits and Dynasty Builder pools do not have qualifications attached to each pool, however affiliates must continue to pay monthly fees.

NOTE: The various pools payments are to be paid consecutively.

VIP Affiliate ROIs

The VIP affiliate tiers require affiliates to pay an extra fee payment, which will be a direct payment to another VIP affiliate in the company.

  • QSTG – Pay $300 to another The Travel Party affiliate and receive $300 from three affiliates who subsequently pay the same $300 fee ($900 a month)
  • Marketing Mastery Course – Pay $500 to another The Travel Party affiliate and receive $500 from nine affiliates who subsequently pay the same $500 fee ($4500 a month)
  • Perpetual Profits – Pay $600 to another The Travel Party affiliate and receive $600 from twenty-seven affiliates who subsequently pay the same $600 fee ($16,200 a month)
  • Dynasty Builder – Pay $998 to another The Travel Party affiliate and receive $998 from eighty-one affiliates who subsequently pay the same $998 fee ($80,838 a month)

Cost To Join The Travel Party

The cost to join The Travel Party as an affiliate could include a free membership or more.

The company offers potential affiliates several options, which are both paid and unpaid:

  • Free affiliate membership is free
  • Paid affiliate membership is $49 a month
  • VIP affiliate membership is $15 a month

For those wanting to fully participate with the company and the income opportunity as VIP affiliates, they must also invest:

  • $300 a month on a Quick Start Traffic Guide subscription
  • $500 a month on a Marketing Mastery Course subscription
  • $600 a month on a Perpetual Profits subscription and
  • $998 a month on a Dynasty Builder subscription

In total, the cost of fully participating will be $2462 monthly with this opportunity. 

Verdict of The Travel Party

Awesome you’ve made to the end of my review, and now I’ll tell you that I do think this company is 100% legit…

The company’s previous history was a start up in 2015, as mentioned earlier, and it was a 2×2 matrix business opportunity that didn’t end well…

The option with the original company was a $199 retail travel-booking membership.

The second try with the company upped the ante and offered a $299 membership with a 4-tier 2×2 matrix cycler model.

And now with the third try, there is no more retail membership to be heard of, instead there’s only the Ponzi/pyramid scam leftover as the business opportunity presented for those willing to invest.

The company will take the fees paid by affiliates and then use them to payout the earned sponsorship commissions to other affiliates.

In this respect, that would make the company fall into the category of a pyramid scam…

Then, adding to this scam is the 3×4 matrix cycler model used by the company, which also makes the company fall into the category of a Ponzi scam…

Company affiliates need to pay a monthly fee per each tier of the matrix model, and that will qualify them to earn an ROI payout on the money invested with the company.

Just the simple fact of affiliates making those monthly payments earn them a ROI payout.

The marketing video states that the products and services packaged together in each tier of the matrix model is just an artificial compliance and the:

“The Quick Start Traffic Guide was designed to give you the tools you need to refer three people to The Travel Party each month.

That is the sole purpose of the Quick Start Traffic Guide.”

The company uses cryptocurrency to help the owner avoid the regulators and to keep them from shutting down his company.

The company is based out Canada, and surprisingly with Butts history of being a scam artist, he is not seen on the radar of the Canadian regulators.

That could be due to the size of Butts’ scams, and the fact that nothing has popped off in a huge way for him, yet.

With any Ponzi/pyramid scam out there, familiar patterns tend to show up, which include the decline of new affiliate sign ups…

And when new affiliate sponsorship slows or dies off altogether, the commissions and ROI earned by affiliates will follow suit.

Those at the bottom of the matrix model will end up paying into a dying company before they realize it and will basically lose their monthly investment with no recourse to getting it back.

When those lower affiliates in the matrix model stop paying their monthly fees, the affiliates above them will stop earning as well, and then they will follow along and stop making monthly payments, causing a domino effect.

My advice? Be careful with this company as you are likely to lose your investment…

I hope you enjoyed my The Travel Party review and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below…

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