This One Question Will Lead You To Failure…


It’s Jesse Singh and today is around 11 pm on a Sunday and I couldn’t go to sleep.

So I decided to write something for all you guys and gals out there and hopefully it inspires you to better yourself.

When I was in network marketing, I always had one common question that was asked…

Do you know what the question is?

Probably not…

People always asked me “How much money can I make”.

Remember ladies and gentlemen when joining a network marketing company or starting your business, it’s not a job.

There is no hourly wage you think you are going to get…

I know we are programmed that way from a young age, but you have to really expand your mind for the long haul.

Anyway, I would always tell them “I don’t know”.

To be honest… I really don’t know.

I have seen people crush it in 90 days and have their first break through.

Then there are people like me who took action consistently for 7 months to have a break through and some might be years.

But it really doesn’t matter once you change your mindset for the long haul.

You know you do something long enough you will get good at it…

Getting good in network marketing or any business means you will eventually start profiting.

A lot of people miss that mark and it’s sad because it could have led them to greatness, but then they throw the “How much money can I make” instead.

Every single human being out there is capable of doing extraordinary stuff, it’s just many people don’t apply themselves.

If they just sat down and focused on their dreams and goals, their live would have been totally different.

This is what I want you to do next…

I want you to write down all your dreams and goals in a notebook with a pen (no computers).

I want you to write down your short term goals and long term and I want you to take action towards them every day.

Remember, imperfect actions beats NO action at all…

Our brains have the ability to correct our actions until we finally target our dreams and goals.

The stuff you are doing while taking action might not seem like a lot, or it doesn’t seem like you are getting closer…

However, you ARE getting closer.

When I bucked down and took action for 7 months, I didn’t know when it was going to happen.

You get thinks when you least expect it…

7 months later, I got my first break through online in network marketing and I never looked back.

Not bad for a car mechanic right?

Now remember when you are choosing a business or network marketing company, you do your research.

There are a lot of WOLVES in SHEEPS clothing out there and you have to watch out.

Companies like Aegea, Revital U and NewUlife are legit…

Then you have companies like Airbit Club and Bitsolives that are pure scams.

Anyway, I hope you got a lot of value from this post…

And it was pretty random LOL.

I also cut a video for you all and I hope it inspires you…

Remember to watch the video all the way to the end because it will inspire you.

Anyway, will start doing more of these random posts instead of doing biz op reviews.

Hope you have a great week ahead and take care!

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