THW Global Just Pull A Bait and Switch, True Agenda Revealed

When I initially wrote about THW Global in June, it talked about how it was going to be better than YouTube and would pay people up to $25 per hour to watch these “better than YouTube videos”.

I didn’t really know how they were going to fund this $25 per hour because I can’t see advertisers dishing that kind of money…


I just found out that the original $25 per hour commission rate was full of crap…

And this company now has nothing to do with “watching Youtube like videos”.

THW Global Bait And Switch

THW Global Recruitment Commissions

I just found out that the main stream of income coming into this company…

THW Global are now charging $995 for “certification” on TOP of the $39.95 per month fee.

This $995 certification that THW Global is selling is the MLM commission qualification allowing members to earn residual commissions in their unilevel compensation plan…

If you don’t know what a unilevel structure is…

  • You
  • Level 1:  Personally enrolled members
  • Level 2:  Level 1’s personally enrolled members
  • Level 3:  Level 2’s personally enrolled members

THW Global has a 10 level unilevel structure and pays the following commissions:

  • Level 1 (personally enrolled members) – 20%
  • Levels 2 to 10 – 4%

Coded Bonuses in THW Global

THW Global generates points when people purchase the $995 and the $39.95 per month level.

  • Certified THW Global affiliate fee ($995) – 20,000 points
  • Monthly THW Global certification fee ($39.95) – 500 points

Roughly 100 points is equal to $1 USD.

These points are given to affiliates through this coded bonus using the same unilevel structure mentioned earlier.

To qualify for this bonus, THW Global members must pay the $995 certification fee and the $39.95 per month fee and must generate at least 5000 points over the last 31 days.

The mount of points given to a THW Global affiliate will depend on their rank:

  • 1 Star Certified – 7.5%
  • 2 Star Certified – 15%
  • 3 Star Certified – 22.5%
  • 4 Star Certified – 30%
  • 5 Star Certified – 37.5%
  • 6 Star Certified – 45%
  • Presidential Certified – 50%

Rank qualification criteria for coded bonuses are as follows:

  • 1 Star Certified – Recruit at least three THW Global affiliates who pay $995 for certification
  • 2 Star Certified – Recruit at least three 1 Star Certified affiliates
  • 3 Star Certified – Recruit at least three 2 Star Certified affiliates
  • 4 Star Certified – Recruit at least three 3 Star Certified affiliates
  • 5 Star Certified – Recruit at least three 4 Star Certified affiliates
  • 6 Star Certified – Recruit at least three 5 Star Certified affiliates
  • Presidential Certified – Recruit at least three 6 Star Certified affiliates

When a THW Global affilaite pays this $995 and signs up for the certification, the coded bonus pays out points to the first coded-bonus qualified affiliate in the upline.

Now this percentage is paid out based on the rank the affiliate qualifies for.

For example, if the first qualified upline affiliate was a 3 Star Certified, they’d receive a 22.5% of the points generated.

The system then checks out higher ranked affiliates to pay out the 27.5% to (50% Max payout minus 22.5%).

THW Global Verdict

This is a crazy bait and switch…

They talked about how they were going to be the next YouTube that pays up to $25 per hour to this $995 recruitment scheme…

It looks like THW Global was luring in suckers for their “FREE” join fee and then throw this in the mix out of the blue…

This is one of the worst things I ever seen when launching a new business opportunity…

Do you think these “FREE” members are now going to cough up $995?

I don’t think so…

Any company that does these bait switches should be avoided at all costs…

It looks like my original THW Global review was right…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this write up and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below…

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THW Global

-Jesse Singh

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THW Global Review - Legit Business Opportunity or Big Scam? - August 28, 2016

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Lana - September 27, 2016

I have invested my whole life into this THW Global and in the interim almost lost my Husband.Clicking clicking and nothing happening !!! All sounded so great in the very beginning now getting more difficult and all the New Rules coming on board each day.Why has the CEO of THW GLOBAL still not made himself and his name public.I have invited people who really need the money and now to find out it is a big possibility they have been SCAMMED is heart breaking and to think I brought them on board.!!! Breaks my heart.I think the Leaders of the Facebook Groups are probably the only people that might make money.Please give me your honest feedback I would love to know

Xarah - October 5, 2016

I joined a few months back because it was free and mostly because i was curious how they want to pay $25 per hour for watching videos. I mean… a dream come true, right?

Now, I’ve decided to research it a bit more and found your site. The last time I did see this $995 but didn’t realize that this was new, and just decided to not go for it. Certification? Doh!

I do wonder if people pay that money and I guess they do because the site is still up and running. Wonder will they actually earn money? We will see in a couple of months.

For them not saying who they are, that’s really a red flag. But then, people are gullible… thanks for the write up, Jesse!

    Jesse Singh - October 6, 2016


    Thank you for commenting 🙂

    Shannon Gawell - November 19, 2016

    They keep extending the time to pay the fees and the commission payout for the Certified IV’s. Today, it is November 21 for calculation of commissions, November 22 for payout. We’ll see. The “free” IV payout is set for November 24, Thanksgiving.
    They also have a “new” income stream. A $59.99 matrix. They want your money but REFUSE to discuss how it works. lol
    Also, I received an email two weeks ago saying they were looking for BILLIONAIRE investors. If you could get one for them, the bounty is $1,000,000. I nearly fell off my chair laughing when I read that one.
    This company is all over the place like a small child with severe ADHD. I am so glad I wrote them off. 😉

      Bapa - November 28, 2016

      This hole company THW IS HALLIARIOUS IAM AMAZING AND PISSED OFF BECAUSE I BELIVED THESE PEOPLE, I am sick and tired of people like this scaming people out of money, getting them all Hight up on this getting paid for viewing videos. Now this viewing payout has been set back till December 16 , I don’t believe shit thes people are unreal

Jatinder - October 25, 2016

According to you we should work in the global company or not

Jatinder - October 25, 2016

Advantage or disadvantage of working in thw global company

    Shannon Gawell - November 19, 2016

    In my opinion, they are a complete scam. I joined in August and built a team of 50 people. I get emails from “the leadership” numerous times a week (NOT THW Global!) encouraging me to spend money. I used to ask them questions but now, they refuse to talk to me because I have not paid anything.
    In my opinion, I would advise against working with this company and find another way to make money online. Good luck!

Dan - January 7, 2017

What i dont get is all the people crying scam and how they say that their life is a mess because of THW… guys get a grip.
First of all, NO business is to be trusted until they have proven themselves, I for one DID pay for the e-learning course however MOST people did not and so what have you lost? Time and time only.
IF you are used to working online then you should know how to manage your time and so your time spent on THW should not have interfered with your “life”
IF you have spent time on this that you feel is a “Waste” then you clearly have not managed your time properly.

Regardless to what happens with THW, the only people who should be complaining at this time are those who have invested some kind of payment.
IF you have been spending time viewing videos AFTER the first payment date came and went then more fool you..
As a leader of a large team and a FB group with over 2.5k members, at the point when payment came and went (before we had any information) we simply tld all of our followers to sit back and wait. WHY would you invest any more time into a business that has yet to prove itself?
All those complaining should find another niche to get involved in (maybe go back to 9-5) as you clearly wont ever be successful online until you can start managing your time properly and understand how this industry works.


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