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Welcome to my Titus Community Review!

Want to join a MLM company, but don’t where to start?

Unfortunately, with many online schemes out there that are masquerading as a good business opportunity, it can be hard to figure out which ones are legit.

You really need good info on the company before making your decision to join.

I know you want your money in good hands….

And research will help you determine if an online opportunity is a scam or not.

In this review, I will help you familiarize yourself with the company history, learn about the company’s products, and the company’s compensation plan…

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Titus Community Review – The Company

Titus Community review

The company is run by CEO Maxim Moneta, who operates the business within the cryptocurrency MLM niche.

Written in Moneta’s company’s biography it’s said that;

He is from Ukraine but has the last five years lived in Stockholm, Sweden, where he has been involved in several startup IT projects.

Assumingly this company is running out of Sweden, although the business seems to be comprised of shell companies in many European regions.

Titus Community is the operating company in the Titus sphere.

The community and networking model is essential in the creation of many distributors able to link online and offline merchants to the Titus Coin world.

The linked companies will join Titus Community loyalty program and offer various discounts and cash backs.

30% of the profits from these services is used to operate Titus Community Ltd and profits are forwarded to Titus Invest Ltd.

Titus Invest Ltd is a holding company registered in Malta, holding the Intellectual Properties and 100% of the shares in Titus Community Ltd.

Titus Invest Ltd is owned 90% by Maddox Business Services Ltd, London, UK and 10% by VIP Coin Sparkassa Financial Union.

VIP Coin Sparkassa is a Swedish Financial Union and as such under control of the Swedish Financial Inspection according to the law (2004:297).

Titus Community Reviews – The Products

The company has no retail products or services to offer affiliates or retail customers.

Affiliates who join Titus Community can only market the affiliate membership.

Here are some network marketing companies that have legit products:

The Titus Community Compensation Plan

Affiliates who want to participate in the company compensation plan are required to invest in Titus Coins:

  • Ambassador JR – Invest €200 EUR and receive 200 Titus Coins
  • Ambassador – Invest €1000 EUR and receive 1000 Titus Coins

When the company affiliates sponsor others who also invest, commissions are paid out to the sponsors.

Sponsorship commissions are paid through 2 levels of sponsorship (unilevel):

  • Level 1 (personally sponsored affiliates) – 15% Commission on invested funds
  • Level 2 – 10% Commission on invested funds

The company affiliates who invest up to the Ambassador level will also take part in the Titan Ambassador Pool

The funds for the Ambassador Pool are accumulated from 15% of the whole company’s invested resources and then shared among all the Titus Ambassador affiliates.

Cost To Join Titus Community

The cost to join Titus Community as an affiliate depends on the membership you wish to invest in, which are:

  • €200 EUR For an Ambassador JR position or
  • €1000 EUR For an Ambassador position

The main difference between the Ambassador JR position and the Ambassador position is the potential earnings through the company’s compensation plan presented.

Verdict on Titus Community

The biggest issue I have about this company is that Titus Coin is not pubically tradeable and is marketed in a way where they say they are better than bitcoin.

So far companies that market themselves like that have never been successful…

They are planning to launch a merchant network of their own in the future where they can start spending Titus Coins through…

However, this is going to be tough because not many merchants will accept companies like this because let’s face it…

These Titus Coin’s are useless outside of the company.

As it stands, you are using REAL money to buy coins that are useless outside of the Titus Community.

Does that even sound smart to you?

What I would do is personally wait until they go public where the Titus coin is worth something…

Right now, it’s nothing more than a ponzi points scheme and I don’t recommend it as it is…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Titus Community review and if you have more questions please leave them in the comments below…

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