Touch Life Global Review – Legit Company or Huge Scam?

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Breaking into the world of MLM can be daunting if you don’t know how it all works…

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I like to consider myself the guide to your MLM experience so that you can make smarter decisions on what to do with your money.

In my review, we will be going over the company’s history, products, compensation plan, cost to join, and then follow it up with a final verdict of my opinion.

So, let’s get started!

Touch Life Global Review – The Company

Touch Life Global review

Right from the get-go, Touch Life Global states that they are a non-governmental registered business from Nigeria.

And beyond that, nothing else…

As far as the website goes, it was registered as on the 28th of July…

And the primary source of traffic comes from Ghana.

But the real mystery of this whole institution is that when I typed in the Nigerian address to find this company, I was redirected to a page with obvious marketing from Alliance in Motion.

It seems like the owner/operator of Touch Life Global might be an affiliate of Alliance in Motion…

If only we could find this mystery person…

Touch Life Global Reviews – The Products

Touch life global products

Touch Life Global has no products or services for retail customers, but affiliates can market the membership.

The Touch Life Global Compensation Plan

Just my luck that the day I was on the website doing my research, the Nigerian compensation plan button seemed to be broken.

So instead I have provided you all with the South African version.

The only difference could be the currency conversion but other than that, no worries about drastic differences.

So please remember that the dollar amounts down below are actually in the South African Rand (ZAR).

Affiliates of Touch Life Global must buy $21 positions in a seven-tier matrix cycler, sized at 2×2 and 2×3.

The 2×2 matrix places an initial affiliate at the top of a matrix, with two positions directly under them with each following affiliate able to sponsor up to two additional people who will continue to sponsor two onwards…

Positions at each cycler tier are filled through sponsorship of new Touch Life Global affiliates.

The commissions for each “cycle” are paid when a matrix is filled, which also ends up pushing the cycle onto a higher tier.

The payments for Touch Life Global’s seven-tier cycler are outlined below:

  • Beginner (positions cost $21) – $10 cycle commission and cycles into Stage 1
  • Stage 1 – $290 cycle commission and cycles into Stage 2
  • Stage 2 – $700 cycle commission and cycles into Stage 3
  • Stage 3 – $4200 cycle commission and cycles into Stage 4
  • Stage 4 – $7000 cycle commission, $25,000 “food stuff worth” and cycles into Stage 5
  • Stage 5 – $9800 cycle commission, $40,000 “food stuff worth” and cycles into Stage 6
  • Stage 6 – $20,000 cycle commission and re-entry into a new Stage 6 matrix

Each Stage from 1 to 6 also has many goods considered to be “commission”, including a water dispenser/ standing fan/ blender for Stage 1, “Hyundai car” for Stage 4 etc.…

I really don’t understand how these can be rewarded to affiliates, but take from that what you will. 

Referral Commissions

Affiliates have the opportunity to earn a referral commission for the Beginner cycler tier when they sponsor affiliates as outlined below:

  • Sponsor two affiliates and receive a $15 bonus
  • Sponsor six affiliates (i.e. fill up your Beginner matrix yourself) and receive a $45 bonus

Matching Bonus

Affiliates an also be rewarded a 10% Matching Bonus when personally sponsored affiliates cycle out of Stages 2 to 6.

If the affiliate is able to cycle out of Stage 4, they themselves have their Matching Bonus increase to 20%.

Yearly Global Bonus

Once the sixth Stage 6 cycle has been completed, affiliates qualify for the Yearly Global Bonus.

What is that? I wish I knew…

Cost to Join Touch Life Global

The cost to join is Touch Life Global associated with purchase of a $21 matrix cycler position.

Verdict on Touch Life Global

Like any other matrix cycle, Touch Life Global is recycling the same old functions we’ve seen a thousand times before as they commit to “improving the lives and standard of living of all its members”.

Let me take you step-by-step.

You buy into the cycle, sponsor others, and eventually get paid to do just that again and again. Most of the money is funneled into the higher cycles.

So maybe don’t get too excited about getting that Hyundai car… chances are it’s extremely hard to even get that far.

The admin, whom we still have yet to meet, could be withdrawing most of the money for all we know.

Once sponsorship dies down, so will the cycles, slowing down until a collapse altogether.

And what else did I notice? The admin also seems to like to keep a lot of their funds attached to uncycled positions.

So, the majority of the people? They lose this large game of snakes and ladders at the end…

Thanks for reading my Touch Life Global Review! If you have a question or comment, feel free to leave it down below!

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