Traffic Powerline Review – Legit Business or Ponzi Scam?

Welcome to my Traffic Powerline Review!

Chances are someone approached you on social media about this company and now you are here to make sure it’s actually legit right?

The good news is your doing your research instead of just blindly jumping into something.

There are so many people that join a scam without even knowing it…

But that won’t be you because I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision.

Find out of Traffic Powerline is legit or a scam!

Traffic Powerline Review

Traffic Powerline Review – The Company

When I checked out the website, I found no information on who actually runs the show…

What I do know is that the Traffic Powerline website domain was purchased on July 4th of 2016, but the registration information was set to private…

Not to worry, I went deeper!

In a recent Traffic Powerline presentation, Pearse Donnely revealed it was owned and operated by Mo Brabus Limited.

When I looked at Donnely’s history, he was the co-director of a company called Mo Brabus.

This was one of those ad credit companies that launched early of 2015.

It promised Mo Brabus affiliates that when you invest $5, you get $6 ROI.

This was paid through a matrix cycler…

Anyway, that’s all I know about the company

Traffic Powerline Reviews – The Products

When checking out their products, it looks like they have no retail products or services…

This just means you have to become an affiliate.

Once you join, Traffic Powerline affiliates can then invest in these “Traffic Packs”.

These Traffic Packs gives you the ability to advertise a website to other Traffic Powerline members.

Traffic Powerline Compensation Plan

There are a few ways you can get paid in the Traffic Powerline Compensation plan.

You can invest in the Traffic Packs which cost $18 and they promise some kind of 100 day ROI.

There is also a little bonus of $6 for every $18 investment made within 24 hours.

There is a small catch…

You must REINVEST 33% of the commissions back into more Traffic Packs.

Referral Commission Payout

When you sponsor someone in this business, you get $1.80 per member who invests in a Traffic Pack.

This is obviously personally enrolled members…

ROI Booster Pack

When you buy a booster pack, it gives Traffic Powerline affiliates the ability to receive up to $3000 monthly ROI.

These Booster Pack ROI’s are from the surplus account…

A maximum of 3 Booster Packs can be purchased and you must recruit at least two members:

  • Booster Pack 1 – Invest in at least 20 Traffic Packs and purchase Booster Pack 1 for $360
  • Booster Pack 2 – Invest in at least 40 Traffic Packs and purchase Booster Pack 2 for $720
  • Booster Pack 3 – Invest in at least 80 Traffic Packs and purchase Booster Pack 3 for $1440

Traffic Powerline Bonus

When it comes to the Powerline Bonus, affiliates can earn up to $296.10 per day.

The Powerline Bonus is made up with a certain percentage of funds invested by Traffic Powerline members downline.

Leader Pool Bonus

Traffic Powerline takes 5% of the invested funds and puts them in this leader Pool as a bonus.

This Leader Pool is split up into 4 equal pools (25% = 5% each).

In order to qualify, Traffic Powerline members must meet these ranks and criteria:

  • Diamond (Recruit two affiliates who recruit two affiliates) – One share in a 25% Leader Pool
  • Double Diamond (Recruit four affiliates who have each recruited two affiliates) – One share in a 25% Leader Pool
  • Triple Diamond (Recruit six affiliates who have each recruited two affiliates) – One share in a 25% Leader Pool
  • Blue Diamond (Recruit twelve affiliates who have each recruited two affiliates) – One share in a 25% Leader Pool

There is another catch, Traffic Powerline members can’t receive more than 10% of the funds…

Cost To Join Traffic Powerline

The actual Traffic Powerline affiliate is free, but you have to invest at least $54 + fees in order to earn in the compensation plan.

When I watched the July presentation of Traffic Powerline, Pearse Donnely did say that “it will take you $54 to get active”.

In other words, you don’t pay the $54, you don’t make anything.

Traffic Powerline Review – The Verdict

When I checked out the July presentation, Pearce Donnely claims that a Traffic Powerline affiliate has the potential to earn $33,984 in 100 days.

The truth is this…

Traffic Powerline is using newly invested funds by affiliates to pay existing ones…

There is no other source of income coming into the company…

If there was, then this wouldn’t be considered a ponzi scheme…

But the sad reality is it is a Ponzi scheme.

Now Traffic Packs do provide traffic, but it’s from other Traffic Powerline members both free and paid.

There is no third party advertiser in there…

Too bad they couldn’t offer real products and services to customers, then it would have been a cool idea.

As of today, Mo Brabus is still going, but it looks like it’s declining hence why Pearch Donnely launched Traffic Powerline…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Traffic Powerline review and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below…

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